Saturday, May 27, 2017

In For A Penny, In For A Pound - Cash

"You look a little green around the gills, Cash… you absolutely sure you want to go through with this? No harm, no foul…" The dark-haired artist gave the police officer a concerned look as he gently stroked the powerful shoulders.

Cash Ingraham shook his head, then wryly smiled. "Just nerves, Zack… what should I do first?"

Zack Gauthier chuckled. "Well, stripping naked is a good start…"

Ingraham pulled his t-shirt over his head and then sat down to remove his sneakers and socks. He then shucked down his jeans and jock; he noticed with  embarrassment that he was hard. And starting to leak.

Zack caressed the muscular torso. "Do you use Crawford's cream as well, or are you naturally this smooth?"

Cash shivered at the gentle touch. "I use the cream. I never had much to begin with, but haven't had to use any in the last six months. Nothing's grown since then."

Zack nodded in satisfaction. "I want you to understand that everything that we're doing here today is permanent… but completely reversible. Once you get Converted into a black man, you are going to stay that way until you - and/or Rico - decide otherwise. Let me explain the process for you. We're going to remove the hair from your face and head... and whatever else is on your body... and basically put it to sleep - and you'll get artificial replacements in line with your new ethnic makeup. You'll get your features, fingerprints, teeth and footprints modified, your eyes recolored and your voice altered."

"In addition, you'll be getting some artificial memories to help the process along - these will make you react and respond more in line with the man you'll become, rather than the man you were before the Conversion."

Cash gulped, but nodded his agreement.

"So - let's start. Have a seat and let me buzz off your hair." Zack wrapped a barber's cape around him and turned on a pair of industrial clippers. The policeman felt the vibration of the shaver on his skull and watched as clumps of brown hair dropped off of his head and onto the floor. In a few moments, Zack stopped; he put aside the clippers and picked up a large container of lemon-scented cream.

"This stuff is going to remove your hair and put the follicles into the resting stage. They won't grow again until I re-treat the skin with the counter-agent." Zack first spread Vaseline over his eyelashes and then smeared the thick cream over the non-existent stubble on his head and continued the process on his face and neck. He also covered the other man's smooth crotch and pits with the material as well. The transformation artist twisted a timer to 30 minutes. "Once this rings, go into the bathroom and wipe it off with a damp washcloth first, and then take a shower. Use the facial and body scrubs to get your skin nice and smooth to take the dye evenly."

* * *

Cash left the industrial bathroom with a white towel wrapped around his waist; his prong had grown even larger and more painfully engorged when he saw his completely smooth, hairless (and browless) self in the mirror; it was tenting the front of the thick, plush material as he came back to Zack. On a tray were two hypodermic needles.

"I'm going to give you two shots now. The first one is going to loosen any inhibitions and amp your sex drive. It's also going to make you more sexually demanding and versatile…" He chuckled. The other shot is going to sort of knock you out for a little while - not more than 60-70 minutes. This is going to let me set up the mental aspects of your Transformation which I'll activate once we're all done with the physical parts of the process. So far, so good?"

"Uh-huh. Let's keep going."

Cash sat down and Zack wrapped a rubber tube around his upper arm and pulled it tight. "Make a fist and squeeze…. Ahhhh... good." In a few moments, a vein popped up.  The artist grabbed one of the syringes from the table and slid it into the waiting vein. After a few moments, Cash felt a flush of heat sweep through him, but not much else. "This next shot is going to put you into a extremely suggestible hypnotic state. You probably won't exactly remember what we'll be doing from now on. Ready?"

Cash nodded and Zack inserted the second needle into his arm. He removed the rubber tube from the powerful arm and walked around to massage the muscular shoulders. "Relax, Cash. You're so tense. You're going to really enjoy the finished product…. how are you feeling?"

"OK… a little hot… and sorta slightly lightheaded…"

"Close your eyes for me, bud…" The hazel-green eyes closed and he took a deep breath and let it out.

"Okay, Cash - first thing is set up some safeguards for you, for me and the guys at the precinct. As long as you are a black man, you will no longer be able to respond to your given name of 'Cash Ingraham' … you will only respond to the name 'Jackson Thomas' or any of its variants. You also will be unable to sign your original name in any recognizable fashion to any legal document or check unless you are completely alone.  This is so you can write out bills and stuff. You also will be completely unable to discuss your Transformation with anyone except me and the other guys at the Four-One. Lastly, if you are arrested or detained  by any law enforcement official in any capacity, it will be impossible for you to state who and what you used to be before your Transformation - your sole expressible identity will be that of the black man you will become in a short time. You okay with this?"

"Yeah…that makes sense..."

"Excellent. In addition, as long as you are 'Jackson Thomas', you will have all the memories of your former life available to you, but they will feel a bit disjointed; sort of like they belong to another person. And they do - they belong to a white guy named 'Cash Ingraham' - not YOU - a black man named 'Jackson Thomas'. You also will think and comprehend at the same level you do now, but you will speak with an ethnic dialect, with coarser language that's in line with a lower-quality education and a non-commissioned military background. You will be able to speak as a white police officer you were when you are in your NYPD uniform, but that ability will become less and less acceptable to you the longer you stay Converted.  You with me so far?"

Cash muttered. "Yes, Zack…"

"You're doing real well, Cash… real well. So… all of these things will take effect when you hear me say the words 'Superman', 'Empire' and 'Avocado' in that order. Hearing those words will also open some additional memory pathways in your mind and those pathways will be activated when you hear a trigger phrase. That trigger phase is going to be implanted as well. When I tap you hand three times, you are going to open your eyes and forget everything I've told you until you hear those three special words. We're done." He tapped his hand three times and the hairless patrolman opened his eyes.

"That's the hypnotic taking effect. C'mon - follow me."

Cash stood up and paced after Zack as the two men moved deeper in to the warehouse. The artist opened a door to another, smaller, dimmer room and ushered the naked police officer in. The room contained two chairs, a padded bench, a computer and a large white machine that looked like a giant pair of binoculars.

"Have a seat." Cash sat in front of the machine, while Zack attached several electrodes to his now-bald skull.

"Cash, I want to you push your face into the eyepieces of the machine and try not to blink. You're going to see a lot of colored lights and patterns. When the machine shuts down, you can lay on the couch over there and take a nap, okay?"

The other man nodded and followed the directions. Cash settled himself in the chair and pressed his face to the padded area surrounding his eyes. A kaleidoscopic brightness filled his field of vision, strobing in different and varied patterns. The patterns slowly increased in intensity and speed, and the patrolman's eyes followed the intricate dance of  light.

"Wow…That's really pretty…" He murmured.

"That it is…" Zack watched on the computer screen as the artificial memories were compiled, formatted and transmitted through Ingraham's optic nerves directly into his brain. The sensors he had attached onto the other man's head were showing the synaptic activity increase as the memories were assimilated. In a short time, he would continue the physical process of converting the white cop into a black criminal.

* * *

Cash woke up. He found himself in a darkened room on a padded couch. There was some electronic equipment in the room with him, but he had no idea how long he had been asleep or for that matter, how he had gotten here in the first place. The last thing he remembered was Zack giving him the shot and the rest of whatever had happened was a blur. He pushed himself into a sitting position, and rubbed his eyes. His slightly rough fingertips encountered the perfectly smooth skin of his face and scalp and he marveled at the sensation. At that moment, the door opened and Zack stepped in, a broad smile on his stubbled face.

"Enjoy the nap?"

The patrolman chuckled. "How long was I out?" He stopped in shock at his newly deeper voice.

"About 45 minutes. I took care of some of the easy stuff while you were unconscious. Ready to continue?"

"You bet!" He stood up and his towel dropped to the floor. He threw it over his shoulder and sauntered naked out of the room, his cock hardening almost instantly as he hungrily watched Zack's tight rower-clad ass move in front of him.

* * *
The two men returned to the main area of the large warehouse where a number of massive, boxy machines were placed. In addition, a large table took center stage, with the back half of a head mold on its surface and the matching half suspended above in a framework of gears and chains.

"I tinted your lashes while you were asleep. I also put the eye dye in as well. We need two final applications to get the right intense brown-black you need. Sit down and tilt your head back."

Cash complied and Zack pulled down the lower eyelid and instilled a drop in each eye.

There was a slight burning. "Close your eyes and count to sixty." After that, Zack dabbed the excess fluid from the other man's eyes.

"We're going to do you footprints first." The artist pulled on a pair of rubber gloves that had a shiny metallic gleam and proceeded to rub a thick cream into the other man's feet. Shortly after, the skin took on a waxy and pallid hue. Zack wheeled over a large box and opened the hinged top to show two molded footprints inside. "Step right in, bud…"

Ingraham slipped his feet into the box and settled his toes into the appropriate positions. Zack closed the top and pressed a few buttons on the side. Cash felt a pressure build up on his skin that was just short of painful. That pressure remained steady for about fifteen minutes, during which time Zack instilled the final set of eye drops. The pressure dropped and quickly released. Zack opened the box and motioned him to remove his feet.

"They don't look any different…" The skin was back to it's normal healthy color.

Zack grinned. "But they don't match the prints on your birth record any longer…"

Hands followed a similar process. Finally, it was time for the facial remolding. The transformation artist slathered the cream all over his face, scalp and neck. Once the substance had done its work, Zack motioned Cash onto the table and helped lay his head comfortably in the mold.

"Hey! This is soft!" The mannequin-like face expressed a faint semblance of surprise.

"Nope, that's fiberglass and plaster. It's your head that's soft now. I'm going to put some tubes in your nose to assist with the remolding and let you breathe during the process. You're going to be in complete darkness for about twenty minutes as the restructuring takes place. I'll be right here with you, so don't panic." Zack turned a large wheel and the upper mold slowly descended, covering the policeman's face until the two pieces met.

Zack moved over to the control console and the two halves sealed together with the hiss of hydraulics. Zack watched as the pressure gauge slowly rose to 15 pounds per square inch and leveled off. He then returned to the table and took Cash's hand in his own. Zack gasped at the bone-crushing grip and used his free hand to gently stroke the prone man's heaving chest. Slowly the panicked grip's pressure decreased and the breathing evened out, but the dark-haired artist continued to trace gentle designs on the slabbed pecs and washboard abs as the process continued. Finally, a buzzer sounded and a green light flashed atop the console. Zack watched as the pressure gauge's needle dropped and then the two halves unsealed. He withdrew his hand and used the wheel to separate the blocks.

"Damn, that felt like Ah had mah haid inna vise…" Cash shook his head in amazement as an gentle ethnic drawl had been added to his deeper voice. He reached up to feel the results of Zack's transformation; his brow ridge definitely felt thicker, and his nose and lips had gained a new fullness as well. That must be where the accent is coming from.

Zack smiled at his new creation. "You did. Just like Uncle Fester! Next step is darkening your skin!"

* * *

"When are you gonna lemme see da new me, Zack?" Cash's skin had received the nanotech dye and he was sitting in a modified barber chair as the artist airbrushed the coloration to the strip of his feet that had been covered by the platform. The former white policeman was no more; in his place was 'Jax Thomas' - a light skinned, hard-looking black man. The Converted Nubian was incredibly handsome, but still looked a bit … unfinished… due to the fact he had yet to receive any of his artificial hair. Jax wore a thick steel c-ring which he had slipped onto his equipment after the coloration had fully dried and his dark-skinned hand was now idly stroking his massive erection as the artist continued his work.

"When you're all done, bud. We still need to complete a few more things before you can see yourself. I want you to get your first impression with the total package. Did you tell AJ you were doing this?"

He grinned and shook his head. "No, Ah didn't.  Ah'm gonna surprise 'im Monday at roll call. Ah'm gonna surprise everybody at roll call!"

"Be right back." Zack jogged around the corner and came back holding a small box. With a flourish, he opened it to show a pair of solid black contact lenses. Jax gave him a puzzled look.

"Wat are those for?"

The artist grinned. "Well, I said I didn't want you to see yourself until I was done, and it's come to a point where I need you in front of a mirror. I don't want you scrunching your eyes closed, and I don't want you to peek… so blackout lenses."

"You are one sneaky bastard, Zack…." Jax couldn't help but smile at the other man's inventiveness.

"Lean back, handsome - and open those beautiful dark eyes wide for me…" The artist reclined the chair and the black man settled himself into the cushioned back and headrest. He saw a dark circle approach his face and then blinked as it was placed into his eye.

"Feel okay?"

"Yeah - doesn' even feel like there's anything in mah eye…"

"Good. Sit still." The process was repeated and Jax was now in complete and utter blackness.

"Can you see anything?"

He grinned sightlessly at the other man. "Not a damn thing, you sonofabitch…"

Zack kissed his forehead and shifted the chair back into an upright position and wheeled Cash a short distance, then stopped.

"Hair next!" With that, the dark-haired artist began to smooth some cool lotion over the seated man's face and scalp.

"Wat's that?"

"It's a magnetic suspension. The artificial hair is going to drop into your empty shafts and this stuff helps guide it in."

Jax felt something soft, smooth and stretchy being pulled over his scalp; several times it was lifted up and readjusted - the same process occurred on his upper lip, jawline, browline and throat.  After a few minutes, he felt an overall itching sensation across all the areas Zack had rubbed with the lotion. He reached up to scratch, but the other man moved his hand away.

"Damn … that stuff feels like it's pokin' me…"

"That's the nano-fins aligning into the follicles." He pressed a metal cylinder into each of Jax's hands and wrapped an elastic band over the back of each. "You're going to feel a little shock - that's going to anchor the hair into your face and  head. On three. One … Two … THREE!"

"OUCH!" The newly converted black man felt a brief, sharp pain on his head, face and throat.  Zack removed the cylinders from his hands and the next sensation he felt was a hot, damp sponge rubbing gently on his face and head.

"I'm removing the gel that held the hairs in place before they got anchored. Once I clean you up, we've got one more step to go, and then we're done."

* * *

"OK, Cash … stand RIGHT there… and relax…" Zack had guided the sightless man under a large metal arch and pulled down two elastomer bracelets connected to cables. He fitted them in a crosswise fashion onto the muscular wrists and stepped away to make some adjustments on another computer console a few feet away. Jax suddenly felt some tension on the bands and allowed his arms to rise to shoulder level.

"A large portion of you fellas love getting extensive inking now, so you are standing in a computer-controlled tattoo station. Just like your skincolor, the tats won't be coming off until the counter-agent is applied, but I've found it's easier for the subject - YOU - not to have to hold your arms up and get worn out. You feel okay?"

"Nevva felt better, Zack…"

Jax heard a slight whirring, then felt multiple, feather-light points dance across his torso, arms and neck. The process was slow, but extremely relaxing and the captive man was glad of the supports holding up his powerful arms. He must have dozed off standing up; he stumbled as Zack was removing the wristbands; the utter blackness he was experiencing obviously hadn't helped him from falling asleep.

"Are we done?"

"We are … take my hands." The transformation artist guided the newly-made black man back to the modified barber chair and reclined the back once more.

"Eyes wide…." He removed one blackout contact, then the other. Jax blinked as his vision was restored and his surroundings came back into focus. He looked down at himself.

"Mutha ov God…" Amazingly detailed blackwork crawled down his powerful arms; similarly detailed inkings covered his slabbed pecs and framed his washboard abs; another elaborate tattoo sinfully highlighted his crotch.  He stroked his arms and chest and reached down to stroke his tool that had swelled to gigantic proportions within the steel c-ring.

"C'mon, stud - time for the big reveal - mirror's around the corner…"

* * *


I was speechless. I stared at myself in the tailor's mirror and my darker-skinned hands reached up to feel the new features of my face; there was a small scar under my right eye which added an incredible amount of sinister character to the new me. My skin was a light brown; my features were strong, arrogant and more than slightly cruel. My short curly black hair was cut in a severe tight fade, and I had well-trimmed, razor-edged stubble on my cheeks and throat. I felt the thin mustache on my upper lip and trailed my fingers across the ink on either side of my neck. I turned to see further incredibly-detailed  tattoos on my back; the letters "ESC" in large gothic script spread across my shoulders with a pair of charging bulls beneath it. Right above my ass, the year '1985' in Roman numerals crawled across my tight waist to nearly connect with the blackwork running down my serratus muscles and obliques. The detailing was beautiful - it also had the patina and slight edge softness of work that had been done some time ago.

"Ah cain't bee-leeve it … " The blazing lust that had been building within me erupted. I stroked my tool and pumped myself in the mirror, watching a hypersexed, heavily-inked black man grin back at me. Suddenly, I threw my head back and screamed as load after load of silvery cum exploded from my cock and splattered the mirror from top to bottom.

I leaned heavily against the mirror's frame, gasping for breath. I glanced sidelong at the dark-haired artist. "Dayummm…. That wuz da best jerk-off Ah evva had…"

Zack grinned. "Another satisified customer, huh?"

"Oh hell, yeah. This is incredible, Zack. Ah nevva thought it would be like dis…"  I continued to stroke my body while grinning at my "new and improved" self in the mirror.


I turned to the other man.  "Superman. Empire. Avocado."

I swayed on my feet and my brows knit in confusion. "Whoa… Ah felt real dizzy fo' a minnit … Wat da fuq jus' happen'd?"

"I just kicked in the mental safeguards. Who are you, again?"

"Jax Thomas…" I  paused at what came out of my mouth without thinking. "Shee-it!!!"

"As of right now, you are completely unable to respond to your original name. You are also going to speak like a low-life felon as long as you're out of uniform, and you can't talk to anyone about your Transformation except me and the other guys at the Four-One. Also, if you're not careful and get arrested, you can't tell anyone who and what you used to be. The only 'you' is who you are NOW."

I shook my head. "Dayumm … dat iz summ wikkid shit you dunn tah mah haid…" I paused at how my language and cadence now perfectly matched the man in the mirror. I shook my head in amazement.

"By the way, what's your name, rank and serial number?"

"Oh, sweet Jeezus…" I leaned heavily against a chest of drawers as a flood of memories washed over me - all in absolutely frightening detail.  I remembered every event of my childhood in Detroit  and growing up black; I recalled my years in high school playing football and the chance I had to join the Marines. I flashed back to boot camp; I remembered my deployments in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan; I relived  my court martial - and my time spent in the military prison at Camp Pendleton - and finally my dishonorable discharge. I remembered people, sounds - even scents - of my life as 'Jax Thomas' - and my life as it was now - doing personal security work for the criminal elite and contract killings for the highest bidder.

"Fuucckk … I'z a goddam hitman…" I couldn't believe it.

Zack was grinning from ear to ear. "Rico said you deserved something special, so I went out of my way to make you the perfect criminal inside and out."

"Ah 'preciate dat …" I was still  horny as hell and stalked over to the black-haired artist. I trailed a finger down the crevasse between his muscular pecs and gave him a wicked smirk. "An' lemme show you 'xactly how much Ah mean dat…" I grabbed a bottle of lube off the shelf and pushed him over the chest. I pulled down his rowers, covered my horsecock with a thick coat of Gun Oil and rammed my tool up his chute.

He gasped as I breached him; I gripped his trim waist as I started a punishing rhythm of jackhammering his ass. The dark-haired white boy moaned in pleasure every time my massive tool connected with his prostate. White boy??? My God... this conversion was absolutely terrifying in it's perfection....

"You get off onna nice, deep dickin', huh??"

"Oh, hell yes ... oooohhhhh, Jesus Christ... you guys certainly know how to fuck a guy's brains out..."

I laughed at that. "Yeah, dat we do..." I wonder if he meant the other guys at the Four-One or muscle bruthas in general... but at this point it didn't overwhelming need to breed his ass was all I could  think about. I kept up the whipsaw motions until I felt my nuts churn again and I exploded within him. My vision started to go black at the edges with each load of cum I pumped into Zack's guts. I stopped counting after four. Finally, I was spent. We both were. I pulled out and gathered the white boy in my arms and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

"C'mon Zack - we iz goin' upstairs an' rest up a bit..." I threw him over my shoulder and patted his ass as we climbed the stairs to his loft.

* * *
A Few Hours Later

I unlocked the door to the apartment and stepped in. I had taken the subway back from Zack's place and I couldn't believe how aroused I had gotten by the none-too-furtive sexual looks I had garnered; between the thick metal c-ring I was wearing, the lack of A/C in the subway car and the rape fantasies that swirled around my head looking at the handsome muscle puppies that were eyeing my half-naked and inked body, my cock was hard as a steel I-beam and was making an obscene bulge in my snug jeans.

"CASH?? Izzat you? Jeezus fuckin' Christ..."

I spun around to see AJ sitting up on the couch. Except for a pair of beat-up Corcorans and his own thick steel around his junk, he was buck naked and staring at me in absolute shock.

"Mah name iz 'Jax Thomas' now, AJ ... glad you likez wat you seez... By da way, how da fuq did'chu get in??"

He tsked. "You forgit alreddy dat Ah wuz convict'd fo' burglary? Ah jus' pick'd da lock... Ah figured Ah would cum ovva an' give mah fayv'rit white boy a good ass rapin', but dat lookz like it ain't gonna happen no mo'..."

AJ jumped off the sofa and ran his dark hands down my inked arms. I was wearing a loose string tank and a tight pair of jeans with a baseball cap backwards over my head. I pulled him close and gave him a rough kiss then proceeded to strip. God, I couldn't wait to get naked... If this was one of the effects of that shot Zack gave me, I couldn't wait to see what else it was going to do... Everything came off except my own boots. There was just something absolutely carnal about a naked man in combat boots and a cock ring... even more so when he was a brutha.

"Jeez ... you iz so fuckin' HOT as a Nubian, C-Jax..." His ebon horsecock was hard and dripping... as was mine... and he pulled me close so our tools were pressed tightly against our cut and jacked rock-hard abs.

"You likez it?" His hands cupped my ass and kissed me again.

"Ah luvz it! You wuz so right 'bout becummin' a brutha!" I fondled his butt and felt for the button of his plug. He moaned as I twisted it within him.

"Ah wouldn' mind havin' dat piece o' meat up mah ass..." I kissed him again. "But letz make dis an okayshun tah celebrate... me becummin' a black man an' all..." I gave him a wicked grin.

"Git summ pantz on... Ah gotz an idea..."

The two of us pulled on some shorts and I grabbed a go-bag filled with lube and other items before we left the apartment. As a cop, Cash had been given a key to the freight elevator, and 'Jax Thomas' was taking full advantage of that right now.

We waited until the elevator clanked up to my floor and once we entered, I pressed the "B" button. "Where we goin' ?" AJ was nuzzling my neck and I had one hand around the back of his head and the other down the seat of cutoffs.

"You'll see..."

Finally, we got to the basement and I motioned my partner to follow me through the overcrowded and dusty maintenance room until we got to a large, metal door. I took another key out and opened it to the service corridor behind the building. At 4am, the alley was dead quiet; the brick walls were dimly lit with a combination of a few service bulbs and streetlights from the far end of the alley that led onto the street. I started to strip.

AJ looked surprised. "We gonna do it out HERE?"

I chuckled. "Yeah ... didn' you lissen when Benjie an' Daaron wuz sayin' dat backalley sex wuz da best??"

"Ah did ... Shee-it ... you really gettin' inta dis qwik, ain'tchu??" AJ pulled down his pants and grabbed a bottle of the lube. He gave me a hungry look and before I knew it, I was in a wrist lock - my arm was twisted up and around my back and my face was squashed against the brick wall.

He licked my ear. "Yo' ass iz MINE, Jax... you iz nevva gonna forgit to-nite's butt-fuckin'..." With that, he rammed all nine inches of his horsecock up into my chute. Obviously, AJ had been holding back when we were together before; now that I was a black man, there was a new sense of urgency and ferocity in his pounding of my ass. All throughout the rough sex, he kept me pushed against the wall and kept twisting my arm in rhythm with his thrusts. The constant pain was getting me more amped than I had ever been before.

"Fuucckkk!!!!" He screamed into the night as he pulled me into him and I felt my guts fill with the hot warmth of his seed. He let go of me and pushed me away. I stumbled and almost fell into a pile of trash cans. Furious, I spun around to see AJ grinning like a madman with his hands on his hips. He grunted as he pulled the plug out of his ass and laid it on top of a dumpster. He motioned me over to him.

I stalked over to the young thug and grabbed him by his jaw. "Time fo' me ta fuck you BLIND!"

* * *

I spun AJ around and grabbed a pair of cuffs with rubber grommets that had been in the bottom of the bag. Before he knew it, the street-hustler had his hands latched behind his back and I pushed him hard onto a large Rubbermaid trash container.

"Jax, bruh ... wat you doin' ta ..." He started to rise up and to turn around and look at me.

"SHUT DA FUQ UP!!" I roared and slammed him back onto the rubbery top of the container. I slathered my tool in a thick sheath of lube and grabbed the cuffs like a handle; with one powerful yank, I impaled him balls-deep onto my cock.

My partner screamed as he was split open and I used his arms as a lever as I rode him mercilessly. I was experiencing a massive sexual high as I violated him; undoubtedly it was due to a combination of Zack's chemical enhancements, his psychological reprofiling and the sheer thrill of raping someone in a public place - nevertheless, I continued to jackhammer his innards until I came within him - from the force twisting my balls and the time exploding inside of AJ's guts, I must've spewed a load that was even larger than the one that had covered Zack's entire mirror with cum. My head had been thrown back as my seed flooded his core; out of the corner of my eye, I caught a flash of light from the darkened building above me. I pulled the both of us - my horsecock still embedded up his ass - into the shadows and looked up - a light had come on a few stories above us and the window opened up to display the angry mien of a bald-headed old man.

If you don't want to be seen, don't move. I remembered that mandate from my Special Forces training. With a start, I realized that that came from Jax's memories, not those belonging to my previous identity.

AJ was panting like a dog as I clapped my hand over his mouth. "Quiet, AJ... don' move..." The old man continued to look down into the service alley, but we were invisible; after a few minutes, the window closed and soon after, the light went out again. I waited a good ten minutes before I pulled out and slammed AJ's butt plug back into his ass. I picked up our clothes and the two of us headed back inside.

Once I locked the door to the street, AJ spun around, fury in his dark eyes. "Wat da FUQ wuz you thinkin', Jax? If'n dat ol' man call'd da cops, we coodda got arrested! Dis ain't Four-One territory!!" He began cursing me - the more foul-mouthed he got, the bigger the grin on my face became.

Finally, he ran out of steam and started to chuckle.

"God-damn, dat wuz da bes' sex Ah evva had!" AJ was grinning at me as he caught his breath. It was so arousing... and so appropriate... seeing a powerfully built, naked black man in restraints. He looked down at my cock; I was hard as a rock and leaking... again.

"Yeah... me too." I gave him a long, deep kiss. "But da fact it wuz you made it even mo' speshul..." The risk of being jailed did the same for him; I pulled some baby-wipes out of the bag and cleaned myself off. I put our clothes in a pile on the floor and gently pushed AJ onto his knees. "Suck me off, bruh... Ah gotz all horny agin frum da rush ov nearly gettin' caught..."

The young thug smiled as my horsecock approached his lips. He opened wide and I slipped my thick rod down his throat. Holding his head lightly in my hands, I thrust gently in and out until another gusher of cum spilled out of me.

AJ licked a bit of silvery jizz off the corner of his mouth. "Dayumm... dat wuz so fine... noboddy fucks like you do, Jax..."

"Flatt'ry getz you ev'ryware, AJ..." I stepped behind him and unlocked the cuffs from his wrists; then I helped him up. I noticed that he was sporting another raging hardon as well. I threw him the cuffs and put my wrists behind my back; he didn't waste any time fastening them onto me and pushing me down into a similar position.AJ lubed himself up and I licked his thick head and shaft as he slowly pushed it into my mouth and down my gullet. He took his time as well, and after several minutes of slow R&B thrusts, a thick load of his seed scalded my throat. After he pulled out, I sat back on my heels and grinned.

"You taste like chikken...."

We both laughed. My partner helped me to my feet and we proceeded through the dusty room and back to the service elevator. By this time, night had passed and the early morning sun was up. He gave me another wicked grin. I was still handcuffed.

"Letz see if we can getz back to yo' 'partment nekkid wiffout gettin' caught!"

* * *

The following night, AJ brought me to the Greasetank. I had known about the hardcore S&M sex club, but I had never gone there; Charlie (as Ray-Ray) had "discovered" it, and now, a lot of the fellas - Converted or not - frequented the place on a regular basis.

Courtesy of Zack, I was dressed in a pair of tight leather codpiece pants with a hidden zipper between my asscheeks; my steel-shod junk made an obscene bulge that the snap-on pouch was barely able to contain, and a leather "300" harness accented my shoulders. AJ was in a bulldog harness and an overstuffed leather jock; we both had our black Corcorans polished to a mirror finish.

The club was an absolute revelation to me; as AJ explained the magnitude of sexual perversions available within the venue, I felt myself grow even harder. He trailed a dark hand across my jaw and a finger stroked the deep crease between my pecs and down the mesas and valleys of my six-pack. "Ain't no limitz here, Jax ... hav summ fun an' Ah'll catch up wiff you later..."

And I did ... I raped my first anonymous white boy that night - I  bent him over a wooden cube, my hand on his neck  - and just rammed my tool up his ass and pumped until I came.

I did another guy completely encased in black rubber - that was a complete and total mindfuck as I held onto his trim ebon waist and watched as my horsecock thrust in and out of his sheathed asshole. My sexual abilities (and drive) were indeed unbelievably amped - I skullfucked three Latino muscle puppies and the amounts of cum that exploded out of me could have filled a gallon jug.

Finally, I needed a break; I strode over to one of the bars to get something to drink. The barback came over and gave me a hungry smile. He was in a leather vest and white jock. I gave him an equally wolfish grin and ordered a Courvoisier. After a short time, I felt a finger slide down my sweaty back and I shivered in pleasure as AJ stood next to me.

"Havin' fun?" He grinned. During my own escapades, I had seen my partner bound into a sling with a long line of heavily-muscled alpha males waiting to get a piece of his ass.  I had been surprised to feel a twinge of jealousy (instead of outrage) at the scene, but now given my own primal lusts, I understood completely how his appetites needed to be satisfied.

I took a sip of  my drink. "Dis place iz fuckin' AMAZIN', AJ!! Ah cain't b'leeve it! Shee-it ... Ah cood stay here da rest ov mah life!"

He grinned. "Yeah... da Greasetank iz da best. Ain't no otha place in da city ta git yo'self off da way you needz it..."

"Dis yo' firs' time here? Looks like you wuz really gettin' on wiff dat rubbaboy..."

A deep voice spoke from my other side. My mouth dropped open as I stared into Rico Landry's grinning face. "... an' dat's some fine lookin' ink you iz wearin'... wat's yo' name?"

Wait... that's not Rico. The face was slightly wider and the lips and nose were a slightly different shape as well. This guy also had a tat on his elbow. The man quirked a dark eyebrow.

"Wat's da matter? Lookz like you jus' seen a ghost o' sumpthin..."

AJ chimed in. "Hey Adrian!! Ah miss'd you at da sling-stayshun... I wuz hopin' t'get dat monsta cock ov yo's up mah ass to-nite..."

Adrian? AJ laughed. "You gave Jax a shock - dat's all. You an' Rico look like bruthas..."

It was Adrian's turn to chuckle. "Ahh... mah evil twin... you know Rico?"

I nodded. "Mah name'z Jax. Jax Thomas."

"Adrian Weaver." The other man was dressed in tight leather chaps and a body harness whose main strap disappeared into a bulging leather jockstrap. He continued giving me a hungry once-over and his face broke out in a wide, white smile as he caught me examining his crotch.

He pulled me into a hard kiss as his hand wrapped around my head. "Let's go an' fuck. Dat ass ov yo's iz makin' me crazy..." At this point, I was swamped by waves of white-hot lust and my only thought was getting his massive black prong up my ass. Adrian's dark hand wormed it way down the front of my leathers and squeezed my junk. "... an Ah cain't wait t'get dat snake ov yo's down my throat neither..."

* * *

AJ and I were both limping badly when we got to the station house on Monday. I was greeted with numerous hoots and catcalls - in addition to deep kissing from the other bruthas that involved a good amount of tonsil hockey - as I put a piece of masking tape with "Thomas" over the name on my locker. I got even more attention as I stripped and my extensive ink was visible. I was wearing my harness as well.

Benjie ran his dark hands down my flanks. "Shee-it ... you iz one handsum muthafucka...." He raised a dark eyebrow.

"Jax." I answered the unspoken question.

"... 'Jax Thomas'... Day-umm... dat's one sexy fuckin' name too..." He pulled me into his arms licked my ear. His hand trailed down my back and squeezed my asscheeks. I groaned as his fingers found the button of my ass plug and started to twist it. I did the same with him; we were both ready to run into the showers and fuck ourselves senseless when I was suddenly pulled off of him and was spun around to find myself facing a pissed-off Rico Landry.

Dark brows shot up from his green-hazel eyes and his bearded face split into a wicked grin. "Fuucckkk. Zack really did you good..." I was spun around again and given a hard shove. "Inta mah office... NOW!!!"

When I hesitated, he gave me another shove and turned his head to the other men in the locker room. "Git yo' asses reddy fo' roll call!!"

* * *

Rico shut and locked the door after himself and whistled as he gave me once-over. I grinned and flexed. "You like wat you seez, Rico??" In only two days as a black thug, my behavior and attitudes had already undergone a considerable transformation; if I had still been a white man, being dragged buck naked into someone's office would have been a major cause of embarassment - now, I enjoyed having as little (or no) clothes on as possible, and showing everything off. My steel-ringed horsecock was swollen and painfully erect at the situation. And at seeing Rico.

The massive thug shook his head and grinned. "Dayumm... dat's all Ah can say... frum da way you iz walkin', looks like you had a ruff weekend...AJ fuck you bowlegg'd???"

I chuckled. "Yeah. You cood say dat... AJ an' me gone to da Greasetank an' had a lotta acshun goin' on too..."

He walked around me. "Zack sed dat you don' hav an offishul crimin'l record - jus' yo' dishonorable discharge an' lotz ov speck-u-layshun 'bout wat you doin' now..."

"Well, Ah been doin' lotz ov evil shit since Ah got outta military prison... jus' no one cain ackshully proove it wuz me..." In my mind, I ticked off the dozen or so people I had killed in the past twelve months...

Rico chuckled, but then grew serious. "Dat's good ta hear. You gonna be gettin' lotz ov cash now..." He laughed at his pun. "Jus' r'member one thing, bruh - watevva you make, Ah getz ten percent. Ah'm da one dat LET you b'cum a brutha, an' Ah'm da one dat cain put enuff evidence t'gether ta send you ta Attica fo' da res' ov  yo' life if'n you fuck wiff mah cut."

" 'Course, Rico... Ah woodn' be da man Ah iz now wiffout you..." This was another indication of the totality of my transformation - I saw nothing wrong about my committing heinous criminal acts and getting paid for them; I saw nothing wrong with his demands and even less wrong with my response to his shakedown.

Rico stripped off his shirt to reveal the thick leather harness that most of the officers and all of the Converted black men now wore under their uniform. His accented the powerful, deep chocolate musculature of his chest and the large central ring had a leather strap that descended and disappeared into his duty pants. "Stretch yo'self ovva dat desk..."

I was horny as hell and did as instructed; Rico grabbed the button of my plug and pulled. I yelped as I experienced a moment of pain as the 3-inch steel sphere was torn past my sphincter. God, I hated the feeling of being empty.

"You ain't gonna be empty for long..." It was like he had read my mind. He placed the plug on his desk and opened a drawer to remove a large bottle of J-Lube. He began pouring it onto his arm until it gleamed in a thick, shiny coat of clear goo. He then proceeded to rub more of the lube onto my pucker and squirted a dollop up my chute.

"Jus' one mo' thing ta do b'fore you getz in yo' uniform fo da firs' time az a Nubian..." With that, he cupped his thumb and fingers together and rammed his fist up my ass.

* * *

"Fuucckkkk!!!!" The pain was mindbending. Even at my own Initiation, I hadn't been fisted. Rico's hand twisted inside of my guts, stretching me to painful proportions. He laughed. "... you gotta proove you gotz wat it takes t'be a brutha, Jax..."

I wept in pain and pounded my fists on the desk as the black leatherman began pushing more and more of his massive arm into my body. Waves of agony spiraled higher and higher; my assring stretched beyond comprehension as I felt Rico's fingers moving deep within me. Each advance of his arm and digits shattered my vision with lightning bolts of pain - but I held onto the desk; I knew I had to prove myself to him. I knew Jax Thomas had to prove himself to him.

Suddenly, the pain stopped. One minute it was there, and the next, a massive wave of pleasure broke over me. I had never been violated like this, and now I was enjoying every second of it. God... I wonder if this is what drug addicts feel after they shoot up...

"You iz doin' fine, Jax... real fine... Ah got mah arm upta mah elbow in yo' guts right now... you want me t'go all da way?"

I did. Jesus Christ I did. "Yeah... go fo' it Rico..." I panted. "G-Go fo' it..."

There was a pause as he added even more J-lube to his arm and then the process continued. My assring burned as the intrusion resumed, but I wanted nothing more than to feel Rico's entire massive arm buried in my guts.

After what felt like an eternity, I felt the edge of his harness on my asscheeks. I had done it - Rico's right arm was fully within me.

The thug kissed my neck. "All in, Jax. You likez it?"

It took a minute for me to gather enough breath to speak. "Yeah, feelz amazin' Rico. Ah cain't beeleeve alla yo' arm iz inside me..."

He began to pull out. The sensations of his withdrawal were as exquisitely agonizing as his entrance. Finally, his fingers left my ass and I was left with an incredible feeling of loss and emptiness. My breath caught in my throat.

"You want summ mo', Jax??" His lubed hand was stroking the ink on my back.

"Yeah, boss. Fill me up agin. Ah don' jus' wantz it... Ah NEEDZ it."

I felt his fingers on my hole again. "Glad ta oblige..."

* * *

As usual, the best laid plans always go astray. I had planned on doing a two-parter in this story arc, but Cash's experiences as Jax Thomas needed a bit more detail than I expected.  

Far be it from me to have my readers suffer an overlong installment!  

So, the two parts became three. The last part is about 65% done in my head and about 30% in outline form. There are some new plot twists here that I think you'll enjoy (and some astute readers may guess some of them already) and they also will be some new ground for me as well.

It's almost halfway through 2017 already - and I can't believe I've been writing since 2007... All I can say is "Thank You!" for being here and following my stories. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them.

Stay tuned for the third and final installment - "In For a Penny, In for a Pound - Mortal Sins"

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