Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Holiday Message From Mateo

So on behalf of all the cops transformed in dark-skinned ghetto thugs, guardian spirits with more than a little bit badboy thrown in, Ukrainian crime lords, cocky fighter jet pilots,  amoral (and sinfully handsome) Indian mobsters, and rubberized studs in all colors....


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Imitation is...

... the sincerest form of flattery...

For those of you unfamiliar with Polo Polo Pluto, he is one drop-dead handsome Asian rubberman who happens to own his own shop and models his wares for all to see (and drool over).

I was particularly impressed with his "Pisces" suit and wanted to get myself a copy. Unfortunately, he is not selling outside of China at the moment, and I really didn't feel comfortable opening up an AliPay account (somehow, giving my bank information to an Alibaba subsidiary did not inspire the warm fuzzies for me.)

So I reached out to the folks at Aqualatex and asked if they could do a similar suit. I also didn't quite feel comfortable with the zip-over bondage gloves that covered the regular gloves. They could... within limits. The color scheme, for example. Since they only offer toe socks in black, I was constrained to what I could do for the suit.  

Other than that, they did an outstanding job. I went with a metallic bronze and black combination and as with their red suit, it fits great! I was getting a military vibe with this type of suit, so I had also added some hash marks in metallic gold onto the right sleeve. Unfortunately, gold on bronze doesn't show up so well... I wish they had asked me about it... nevertheless, I love the suit and love how it feels!

Monday, October 24, 2016


After nearly a year-long undercover assignment as a black gang-banger, Charlie once again is himself. In order to celebrate, Mateo and he enjoy being with each other again by taking a well-deserved vacation at their uncle's villa in Greece...

Friday, September 16, 2016

Nightshade Blue

Superheroes or just Super-horny bastards?

That was the thought going through my mind when I first looked at the Latex'D site run by the extremely talented (and drop-dead handsome) Kamil Koslovski. Looking at some of the shots, you sort of get the impression "Hmmm...I've seen that before...." and you have - Kamil's stuff is similar to those on - only better.

Two of my buddies enthusiastically recommended Kamil. "Every serious rubberman NEEDS to have a 0.25mm suit" and they were correct. Compared to the 0.40mm or 0.45mm of a regular suit, the thinner latex truly does fit like a second skin with nary a wrinkle as you move.

Reid (who runs the Rubbercanuck blog) did have some words of advice - it's probably better off getting a two-piece suit, and probably safer in the long run to NOT get a face entry. He had purchased a version and - let's face it - the combination of that small entry hole and the amount of stretch needed to slip your whole body in - is going to wreak serious havoc with the seams sooner or later. In his case, sooner. Several of his seams popped and it was too far gone to try to repair.

I have yet to get over my apprehension of a neck-entry suit - I'm always afraid of being unable to get it off easily and tear it. My version - in "nightshade blue" - is a two piece suit with separate hood, socks and gauntlets. 

Kamil currently does not make gloves, nor toe socks - and although the latter would be nice, the former (at least by me) is truly missed - and my only (semi-serious) complaint. I love the feeling of tight rubber on my hands and the thought of a fine layer of latex between my fingertips and the rest of the world. Hopefully, as word of his fame spreads, he will branch out into more and more items. 

So without further ado ... the suit:


I also ordered the leggings with a front and a back sheath. While Latexd does have off-the-shelf items, you really need to go the custom route for the absolutely perfect fit. The measurement process is ... rigorous ... to say the least, and the best thing is that if any measurements seem a little strange, you can definitely expect an email asking for a remeasure and clarification - customer service and satisfaction is the number one priority here, and the end product shows that dedication. The old adage of "measure twice, cut once" applies with Kamil, and the results are spectacular.

I also ordered a latex thong in the same color - I wanted the ability to give at least the appearance of some modesty when I wasn't *ahem* "fully engaged" and this little accessory worked out perfectly.

This is my first purchase here, but definitely not my last - many thanks to Steve and Reid for making the suggestion and to Kamil for producing such amazing suits!