Monday, February 12, 2018

Photo Study #35: Thuggery

My first silicone mask had been an SPFX "Thug". 

At that time, there was not the amazing variety of masks and mask makers out there and I really thought it was great.
And at the time it was.

But Rusty and SPFX did not keep up with the times, and I wore my "Thug" less and less. The eyeholes were not cut that well, the fit was loose on my head and the neck was loose as well - every time your turned your head, it wrinkled.

And after much thought, I sold it. 

But I missed that "Thug" look. Basement FX's "Ugly Man" was a great replacement, but I really wanted something a bit more like the original.

So, enter my favorite partners in crime: Bryan Silva and his wife Mary of Studio135.

Bryan's realistic masks are some of the most amazing ones in the market. Overall fit is excellent, eye fitment is superb, and lip fitment is outrageous - you feel like you're being kissed. Plus the extreme attention to detail when it comes to texturing and paintjob truly makes them come alive.

I sent them pics of my old SPFX Thug and asked them to do their "Brawler" in a similar vein. 

And boy, did they deliver.

"Thug II" (still named "Jake" after the stories he's been in) is a splendid re-imagining of the original character. He projects the demeanor of violence kept barely in check, and the head scar (like the original SPFX mask) is indicative of the savage life he lives; I can just envision him in an arm-wrestling contest and after he wins, breaking the opponent's arm - just for the sheer vicious joy of it. He's missing the cauliflower ears and other facial scarring, but all in all, he's all "Thug" all the time.

And if you'll excuse me, I have a few kneecaps to shoot off...

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Mask of Athanor - Part I

"Item number 378: glass vase" Ethan repeated to himself as he removed the stated item from the box and logged it into the computer system late into the night. Ethan Martins had been a curator at the museum for many years but entering in new items into the collection had always been one of his least favorite tasks; today's donations from the McIver estate were no different. The one thing that did peak Ethan's interest in the donation was its history. Mr. McIver had been well-known as a collector of the strange and unusual from the around the world; from East African fertility statues to medieval medical instruments, his collection was vast and unparalleled in its eccentricity.

Finishing up the remaining items from the box, Ethan moved on to the next carton when an item immediately caught his attention. Inside the box appeared to be some sort of mask that looked remarkably like a handsome, young man. Looking for further information on the item in the box, Ethan found a tag that detailed some of its history.

Apparently the mask was created by a noted alchemist in the 1400’s with the alleged purpose to indefinitely retain ones youth, although there was no description as to how this was to be accomplished. Picking up the mask, Ethan was shocked by not just how lifelike it looked, but also how soft and flexible it was, especially for an item over six-hundred years old. Ethan couldn’t help but to stare at the mask longingly. He had spent much of his youth pursuing his career and only now in his upper 30’s had come to the realization that he had missed out on many of life's pleasures. Looking into the handsome face of the mask, he felt a strange sense of envy for its youthful appearance and remembered the tag's description about retaining youth.

Although it went against everything he knew as a director, the young curator couldn’t stop himself from the compulsion to put it on. As he lifted the mask over his head he noticed that it was quite stretchy allowing him to easily pull the neck wide enough to fit over his head. He took one more deep breath before carefully pulling the mask over his face and guiding his feature to match those of the mask. Once everything was in place and he tucked the ends into his shirt he noticed a brief warming sensation and opened his eyes.

Rushing to the bathroom mirror to see his new visage, Ethan was shocked and confused to see only his same old face. "Wow, I must be working too late, I’m hallucinating!" he said as he moved in toward the mirror, but just as he leaned in a bit further he noticed a strange outline under his shirt.

"What the hell?" Ethan cautiously lifted his shirt to reveal what appeared to be the edges of the mask. In a moment of panic and confusion, Ethan stuck his hands under the edges and pulled up. To his horror, Ethan did indeed pull off the mask but the item that was now in his hands was his own face, and the visage he saw in the mirror was that of the mask he originally put on. Once the shock wore off, Ethan examined his new face closely, pushing and pulling at its handsome features, but all signs pointed to it being his face, and the mask that now had the appearance of his former countenance appeared to be merely a mask.

Gazing into his new handsome features, Ethan couldn’t help but feel a certain arousal. He had never been this good-looking before - even in his youth - and the thought of now having this face caused an exquisitely painful pleasure in his suddenly too-tight briefs. Even his eye color had changed; his previously dark brown eyes were now a pale moss green. That must be what this guy's eyes looked like as well...

"Damn! I am one sexy fucker!" Ethan proclaimed as he could no longer restrain himself and unzipped his pants. The curator had never felt arousal like this before; of course, he had never felt this sexy before. Looking down at his engorged penis, he felt as though it was bursting at the seams, aching for release. Ethan grasped his dick and furiously jacked off while admiring himself in the mirror, finally ending in pure ecstasy as thick streams of cum landed in the sink below.

"Fuck…" Ethan panted, as he regained his footing. Only after a brief recovery did he reach the moment of clarity needed to comprehend the magnitude of the situation. It quickly dawned on him that he needed his face if he wanted to have a life; this new face of his had no history, no money, no home.

Looking back at the mask in the form of his old face, an idea popped into this head. Does it work both ways? Ethan was willing to give it a shot as he took the mask and once again pulled it over his head. Once again, he felt the brief warming sensation and looked into the mirror to see that the image of his old face was gone but the mask edges had returned. Putting his hands under the edges and lifting up, he sighed in relief as he saw his original face once more and the handsome young face was once again a mask. Ethan picked up the mask and put it into his bag The museum won’t miss one piece from the collection... he mused as he headed to his car.

Driving back to his apartment, the formerly committed curator could barely believe he had done something so impulsive and illegal, but the feeling of wearing another face was just so erotic he was willing to risk everything to have it. And do it again. And again. It was only while pulling into the driveway that he remembered his roommate was home.

"Shit! I can’t let Jeff find out about the mask." Going up to the door, Ethan was sure to be as quiet as possible so as not to alert his sleeping roommate. He turned the key and walked through the door only to realize his worries were unfounded as he saw his young roommate splayed out across the couch, out cold from what one could only assume was a night of heavy partying based on the strewn clothes and empty beer bottles lying about.

Although he originally had reservations when the 23-year old personal trainer had answered his ad for a roommate, Ethan felt a certain attraction to the lively energy Jeffrey Leris gave off, not to mention a great appreciation for his good looks... he could easily have been a model if he wanted to. Seeing the attractive personal trainer passed out now with his shirt up, Ethan found it hard to resist taking a long look at his perfect features and smooth, powerfully-muscled body. It was then that a devilish thought crossed his mind, Could I use the mask on Jeff…. and then me... to have his face?

After staring for a few more longing moments, the horny curator decided he had already thrown caution to the wind so many times tonight, why stop now. Ethan took the mask out of bag and went over to his sleeping roommate. Giving Jeff a couple of hard shakes to make sure he was out, he decided to go ahead with his plan. Pulling the sides of the mask with his hands, Ethan gently slipped the mask over Jeff's face as he made a few brief moans while the mask engulfed his head. Seeing the mask work from the outside was a mesmerizing experience as the face of the mask quickly faded away to be replaced by Jeff's familiar handsome features. Ethan then grabbed the edges of the mask and gently lifted it off of his roommate's head to reveal the face of the mask now on the sleeping man, and Jeff's face now lying in his hands. His hands quivered and penis swelled as the thought of wearing Jeff's young, handsome face atop his mature, hairy physique drove him wild.

The increasingly aroused man ran to the bathroom so he could watch and savor every movement as he put on the mask. Once he was done placing the mask and felt the familiar warming sensation, with a touch of trepidation, he removed the mask that now bore his resemblance and revealed the perfect face of Jeff underneath. Ethan stared at himself in the mirror for what seemed like ages admiring his newly acquired face, when another idea came into his head, If it’s this hot for me to be wearing Jeff's face on my body, how hot would it be to have my face on Jeff's body too?

The newly invigorated man stared down at the mask of his face and his aching 8 inch penis and decided to follow this rabbit hole all the way down. Returning to the sleeping man on the couch, Ethan once again placed the mask over the personal trainer's head, only this time as he removed it, it was his face left on the younger man, with the mask back in its original state. He leaned in, examining the details of his mature, rugged face on Jeff's  young, sleek body. "You know, from this angle I guess I’m not too shabby-looking myself..." he muttered to himself, getting more aroused the longer he lingered "...sort of a rugged, Daddy look, so different from this jock body".

Overwhelmed by the sexual tension building up, he went in for a kiss, forcing his tongue past the ever so familiar and inviting lips. To his surprise, as if by reflex, Jeff seemed to reciprocate as he explored the younger mans mouth with his tongue. As he continued, Ethan could hear his roommate eek out an occasional high pitched moan that drove him even more wild. Finally, pulling away, the now painfully aroused man could now see what those moans had meant; Jeff was now sporting a hefty rock hard cock of his own. Swept up in the moment, he unbuttoned the sleeping mans jeans and released the 9-inch cock they had barely contained. Ethan began to slowly stroke Jeff's cock with his hand, watching the unconscious flickers of pleasure play across his own face, now being worn by Jeff.

"Goddamn, this is so hot!" he muttered as plunged down on the cock with his mouth, taking in as much as he could while watching Jeff's entire body pulse with pleasure. Moving faster and faster, he pushed his gag reflex to the brink as Jeff moaned louder and louder, his breathing heavy and fast.

Suddenly, Jeff's eyes shot open. "WHAT THE FUCK??!"  he shouted as he pushed the man wearing his face off his dick, and ran to the bathroom locking the door behind him.

Ethan followed after, "Dude it’s OK, It’s me - Ethan - I’ll explain everything just don’t freak out!"

The response from the bathroom was less than what he had hoped for as he heard a loud scream, "Guess, he looked in the mirror..." Ethan remarked under his breath. "Listen Jeff, I found this mask in the donations at work.  It lets you swap faces with someone... I’m sorry I used it on you without your permission and took advantage of you, but I promise it’s not permanent and we can swap back right now if you’ll just open the door."

It appeared that Ethan's plea fell on deaf ears as he heard nothing but silence from the bathroom for several minutes. Just when he was about to walk away, the door cracked open "You are sure it’s not permanent?"  the voice from the bathroom inquired.

"Yes, I promise you, we can change back right now..." the familiar faced man retorted.

The door opened. "Well… let’s not be too premature, I think you were in the middle of something..." Jeff commented, shooting Ethan a sly smile with his own face, as he exited the bathroom.

"Holy fuck, that’s hot!" Ethan replied, as he grabbed Jeff and pulled him into a deep kiss. This time there was no question as Jeff clearly reciprocated, diving his tongue deep into Ethan's mouth before pulling him away and shoving his face onto his waiting cock.

Ethan's eyes watered as Jeff thrust deeper and deeper into his waiting maw, "Damn, it’s like I’m face-fucking myself!" Jeff screamed as he increased his speed.  The young faced man with the burly body could hardly breathe as the personal trainer's cock continued to pound his throat faster and harder; with every thrust, his Adams apple bulged, pushed out by the forceful entry of the giant member.

Just when he thought he was about to pass out, Jeff's hips stopped with his dick still buried deep in the mans gullet. "OH, GOD!" he moaned as Ethan felt pulse after pulse of piping hot cum slide down his esophagus. With his head finally released, Ethan fell to the floor gasping for air. He was only barely able to catch his breath when he felt a hand grip his engorged member, "Now it’s your turn, stud!" the man wearing his face coyly whispered in his ear.

Releasing his roommate's dick, Jeff walked over to the couch where he laid back, spitting into his hand and rubbing it over his inviting hole. Ethan rushed over to the taunting man, grabbing his ankles and positioning himself to enter his waiting ass. He began teasing the man's hole, circling with the wet tip of his penis as he leaned in for another deep kiss. As their lips touched and their tongues began to move against each other, Ethan suddenly thrust in, causing Jeff to scream in pain only to be muffled by their tight embrace.

As the rhythm of his hips continued, the pain quickly turned to indescribable pleasure as the older man's massive cock pressed itself against the younger man's prostate harder with every thrust. With the movements growing faster and faster Ethan knew he was getting close, "God, you’re so tight! I’m gonna burst!" he growled in Jeff's ear.  It was only then that the violent rocking of their entangled bodies came to sudden halt as with one last forceful push, Ethan let out a loud moan and released a torrent of cum deep inside Jeff's ass.

"Jesus Christ, that was amazing…" Jeff panted as he tried to come out of his daze. He only barely got the words out before he was silenced by a soft kiss. The two embraced each other, both exhausted from the experience, before quickly falling asleep and dreaming of all the pleasures the future held for them.

From time to time, I like to invite guest writers to contribute here... and I'd like to welcome my buddy Dennis to the blog! 

Dennis has an amazing imagination and intellect, rivaled only by his hot-as-fuck looks and body. This is his first story here, so please give him (and me) some feedback on how you liked the tale, and some ideas on what you'd like to see happen to Ethan and Jeff next.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Photo Study #35: Well, that SUCKED...

I had been looking closely at a number of Asian masks that are made in China, and I finally decided to pull the trigger when a buddy of mine posted a picture of himself wearing one.

Not bad, at all. I thought. But it took a bit of work to even place an order. That should have been my first clue. First off, the seller generally only uses WeChat. My buddy was able to give me an email that was used for paypal, and I finally got a conversation going with the vendor. We discussed what I wanted, what the price would be and the approximate timeframe for delivery.

It arrived exactly on time, well packed in a carton within a carton, with a foamy-type headform and a wig!

I was impressed. The hairpunching was beautiful (I had asked for eyebrows, a stache and a goatee). The paintjob was well done too. It was well matted, with a few very faint veins and a decent texture.

Then reality struck.

First off, the mask is very, very thin. We're talking half the thickness of a CFX or Studio135 mask. 

Fitment was horrible. The mask core must have been made for a larger head/neck (or was never reduced) because even with foam padding, it did not fit properly. Eyes were terrible; the edge of the eyeholes are not tapered, and combined with the poor cut, sort of hung loosely on the face with a sizable gap on the lower lid area. 

Lip fitment was non-existent. I think the combination of the oversized core and the very thin material contributes greatly to the poor fit. Neck wrinkling was present with or without a foam insert around the neck. Bib was very small.

Flashing (how the seams are smoothed and polished) was probably a 7/10. The head portions were better than the neck.

Ears did not fit well and had a very obvious, completely circular hole. The hole was not well placed, either.

I figured that sunglasses would help. NOT. Gradients definitely did not help in hiding the poor eyehole fit, but again, if you're getting an Asian mask, you want to see the eyes!

Reinforcement of the hair punching on the inside was mediocre. I'm assuming that the eyebrows were dip-punched, but there was no visible hair on the inside of the mask. The mask was reinforced around the mouth with stretch-mesh, but it looked like it was just laid on. It was raised and there was no silicone seal over it.

This is definitely going to get sold. And I know now where NOT to purchase masks again.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Endings and Beginnings ...

As 2017 comes to a close, the opening monologue from the fourth season of "Babylon 5" seems particularly poignant...

It was the year of fire, 
the year of destruction,
the year we took back what was ours.

It was the year of rebirth, 
the year of great sadness, 
the year of pain, 
and the year of joy.

It was a new age.

It was the end of history.

It was the year everything changed.

So on behalf of all the officers of the Forty-First precinct ... for those who have been Transformed into something more than they were...

and those who have been through the Process and emerged enhanced and tempered by the experience...

and those waiting for the chance of a lifetime...

A very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a wonderful, healthy, and Happy New Year!