Monday, October 24, 2016


After nearly a year-long undercover assignment as a black gang-banger, Charlie once again is himself. In order to celebrate, Mateo and he enjoy being with each other again by taking a well-deserved vacation at their uncle's villa in Greece...

Friday, September 16, 2016

Nightshade Blue

Superheroes or just Super-horny bastards?

That was the thought going through my mind when I first looked at the Latex'D site run by the extremely talented (and drop-dead handsome) Kamil Koslovski. Looking at some of the shots, you sort of get the impression "Hmmm...I've seen that before...." and you have - Kamil's stuff is similar to those on - only better.

Two of my buddies enthusiastically recommended Kamil. "Every serious rubberman NEEDS to have a 0.25mm suit" and they were correct. Compared to the 0.40mm or 0.45mm of a regular suit, the thinner latex truly does fit like a second skin with nary a wrinkle as you move.

Reid (who runs the Rubbercanuck blog) did have some words of advice - it's probably better off getting a two-piece suit, and probably safer in the long run to NOT get a face entry. He had purchased a version and - let's face it - the combination of that small entry hole and the amount of stretch needed to slip your whole body in - is going to wreak serious havoc with the seams sooner or later. In his case, sooner. Several of his seams popped and it was too far gone to try to repair.

I have yet to get over my apprehension of a neck-entry suit - I'm always afraid of being unable to get it off easily and tear it. My version - in "nightshade blue" - is a two piece suit with separate hood, socks and gauntlets. 

Kamil currently does not make gloves, nor toe socks - and although the latter would be nice, the former (at least by me) is truly missed - and my only (semi-serious) complaint. I love the feeling of tight rubber on my hands and the thought of a fine layer of latex between my fingertips and the rest of the world. Hopefully, as word of his fame spreads, he will branch out into more and more items. 

So without further ado ... the suit:


I also ordered the leggings with a front and a back sheath. While Latexd does have off-the-shelf items, you really need to go the custom route for the absolutely perfect fit. The measurement process is ... rigorous ... to say the least, and the best thing is that if any measurements seem a little strange, you can definitely expect an email asking for a remeasure and clarification - customer service and satisfaction is the number one priority here, and the end product shows that dedication. The old adage of "measure twice, cut once" applies with Kamil, and the results are spectacular.

I also ordered a latex thong in the same color - I wanted the ability to give at least the appearance of some modesty when I wasn't *ahem* "fully engaged" and this little accessory worked out perfectly.

This is my first purchase here, but definitely not my last - many thanks to Steve and Reid for making the suggestion and to Kamil for producing such amazing suits!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Maelstrom - Someone Else Ago...

Location: Unknown
Date and Time: Unknown

I woke up dizzy and unsteady. I had no idea where I was or what had happened to me; I didn't even know what day it was. The last thing I remembered was being at the station gym and drinking a bottle of water. "Ah musta been drugg'd..." Blearily, I made out my wrist enclosed by a heavy steel manacle that was chained to the wall and I was laying on a cot with a thin, hard mattress. "Wat da fuq iz goin' on??..." With a start, I realized my voice was much deeper and I was drawling my words. I reached up to feel my face and encountered the heavier brows, wider nose and thicker lips of a black man. My head was completely smooth and I was buck naked; my body was completely hairless and my ink - my alpha/omega and my lion - was gone.

"Glad you iz finally awake... Ah musta misjudg'd how much ov dat knockout juice Ah put inta yo' water..." Sarge - in his current Nubian state as 'Rico Landry' - was sitting backwards in a chair with his massive arms crossed over the top and a sardonic grin on his dark face.

"Wat da hell did you do tah me, Sarge?"

Rico got up. He was wearing nothing but a pair of low-cut briefs; his massive tool - enclosed by the heavy steel c-ring - made an obscene impression through the thin material. "Ah gave you da chance tah do wat you wuz told - now Ah took it outta yo' handz. Missin' dat last 'Nitiation wuz da final straw wiff you showin' up da next day az sum beat-up, cock-hungry Latino boy. Yo' face, printz an' teef been chang'd. Agin. You check 'em out in NIBRS o' NCIC, you gonna find a felon wiff a crim'nal record longer d'an yo' arm. 'Charlie Hawke' don' exist no mo'. Even hiz DNA recordz iz gone." I was speechless.

Landry loped over to a table on the other side of the room. On it was a bunch of molds - face, hands, teeth ... and a shotgun.

"Dat wuz you. A white cop." He picked up the weapon, cocked it, and then took aim at the head mold.


He pulled the trigger and the fiberglass and plaster exploded into shards and powder. He then proceeded to destroy every item on the table. I was in shock.

"Now, dat wuz Zack's backup set. Ah gotz da master copiez inna safe place. You ain't goin' t'be a white boy agin 'til Ah feelz like it. An' Ah smash'd yo' masta moldz frum yo' las' transfo'mation too. Ain't no way back fo' you wiffout me."

I swore at him. I called him every name under the sun. The fucking sonofabitch had gone completely mental.

Rico ignored me. "You gonna do ev'rythin' Ah tellz you. An' any time you diss me, you iz gettin' a mark agains'chu. Sevven iz da magic numba." He ticked off his fingers. "One fo' yo' upper teef. One fo' yo' lowerz. Yo' right foot. Yo' left. Yo' hands. Fin'lly, one fo' yo' face... if dat happenz, Ah destroy ev'ry one ov dem masta moldz afta Ah putz all ov dem onna muscle-puppy frum da Greasetank an' slit hiz fuckin' throat. Ev'rybody gonna think you iz dead - includin' Mattie - an' you gonna get sent upta Attica remainin' da felon you iz. An' by da way, 'Skunkmelon. Chickadee'..."

Ah felt dizzy fo' a minnit. "Wat wuz dat?"

A bright grin spred 'cross Rico's dark face. "Insurance pol'cy. Ah jus' kicked in sum pos'-hypnotic commandz. You cain't talk 'bout yo transfo'mation wiff nobody dat didn' know you usta be a white boy. An now... you cain't even talk like a white boy no mo'. Even if'n you tries. You kin only speak like a unedumacated ghetto rat. Plus, ovva da nex' few dayz, you gonna fin' you cain't even think like da white cop you wuz - itz gonna be natural fo' you tah react like da violent black thug you IZ."

Ah curs'd even mo'. Fuuckk... da shit comin' outta mah mowff wuz all-reddy mo' coarse.

"How long you gonna keep me dis way?"

Rico shrugg'd hiz shouldas an' grinn'd. "Mebbe a few weekz... mebbe a few monthz... mebbe a year...  mebbe mo'... who knowz? An' by da time Ah feelz like lettin' you shif' back, you ain't gonna wanna do it. Ah nevva unnastood da power trip bein' a muscle-brutha an' a felon wuz 'til now. Ah iz doin' you a favor. You gonna realize dat soon enuf..."

He paused. "Wat's yo' D'partment ov Co'rectionz ID?"

"98P284. Shee-it!!" Dat rolled right outta mah mowff an' it wuz like a door open'd in mah haid. Ah r'member'd dat day in da courtroom when Ah got convicted fo' da first time. It wuz fo' GTA. Ah r'member'd ev'ry detail frum da color ov da DA's tie tah wat da court officerz look'd like. Ah r'member'd da prison  cellz Ah wuz in, da guardz beatin' da shit outta me, an' otha bruthas too. An' how Ah got off on all da ruff prison sex. All in frightenin' Techni-color detail. Ah even r'member'd livin' in da projectz an' all da detailz ov growin' up bein' black.

Rico saw da shock on mah face. "Yeah, you gotz all da memoriez a Nubian thug shood hav now, wiff da onez belongin' to Charlie sorta shoved off to da side."

He sat back down. "Ah tol' you Ah want'd Ray-Ray back, an' dat's wat Ah x'pect. Ah wanna seez dat ovvaconfident, cock-hungry black muthafucka back in ackshun an' Ah wantz you t'be doin' ev'rythin' you did befo' when you wuz a brutha. Dat includez da home invasions, da kidnappin's an' da rapes... plus all dat forc'd, back-alley hardcore sex. You needz tah get yo' hands real dirty, too - so you gonna be doin' shit like robberiez an' assaultz. Jus' like da onez you got convicted fo'..." He wink'd. "Plus da human traffickin'... dat wuz sum fine work you did wiff dem white trash muscle puppiez..."


"Yeah, Ah foun' out 'bout dat. Ah all-reddy tol' Mattie dat Cap axed fo' you tah go deep undacovva az Ray agin. He didn' like it, but he unnastood. An' dat's da firs' thing you gonna do ... anyone wantz tah know why you iz a brutha agin - you AXED fo' it. You wuz sick ov bein' a white boy. You WANT'D it. You NEED'D tah be a brutha agin. Unnerstand?"

Ah nodded.

He unlock'd da shackle 'round mah wrist. "Good. Zack haz gotta do da dye job on you an' add yo' ghetto ink back onta yo' skin. Afta dat, we gonna fit you up wiff steel plugz an' leather an' we headin' ovva to da Greasetank." He grinned. "We gotta celebrate 'Ray-Ray Johnson' bein' back!"

Ah looked at mah hand. "Warez mah weddin' ring?"

Rico made a cluckin' noise. "Ah tol' you... 'Charlie Hawke' don' exist no mo'. You gonna be 'Rayshawn Johnson'. You ain't married; you got a rich, white boy who cain't get enuf ov yo' big, black dick up hiz ass. You get dat ring back when you iz a white man agin - whenevva dat happenz..." He lick'd hiz thick lipz. "... IF dat evva happenz..."

Ah haul'd off an' punched 'im in da face. Rico stagg'r'd back an' rubbed hiz jaw. "Ah guess Ah d'serv'd dat. You get dat one on da house... But if you EVVA hit me like dat agin, you iz going straight tah Attica..."

Da two ov us head'd down a hallway. Ah realiz'd now dat we wuz in Zack's warehouse. We pass'd a mirror an' Ah stopped tah look at mah new self. Ah look'd like a fuckin' handsome mix'd race thug wiff a gigantic horsecock an' a pair ov huge low-hangin' ballz. Zack  musta mess'd wiff mah junk too... Mah eyes wuz a deep brown-black. D'ere's not a trace ov me left... even mah tats iz gone. Ah alwayz gotz a rush frum seein' a diff'rent face in da mirror. But Ah alwayz knew dat new face wuzn' really ME. But dis face look'd so fuckin' proper. Ah fondled mah junk. "Fuucckk... dis ain't so bad..." Ah wuz shocked at wat came outta mah mowff.

Dat got a chuckle outta Rico. "C'mon... we gotta finish you up... even if you iz one goddamn HOT light-skinn'd nigga right now dat needz breedin'..."

He put hiz handz on hiz hipz. " 'less you wanna stay dis way. You kin walk outta here right now. I got 'nother ID fo' you as 'Rodell Cummings' - same crim'nal record, but 'chu ALSO gotz a long his'try ov mental illness. Alwayz thinkin' yo' identity wuz stolen an' you really be sum-one else. Ah jus' needz tah say da magic words an' you iz gonna fo'git you evva WUZ a white man. An' dat'll be perm'nent. Ain't no big deal fo' me tah grab 'nother white boy frum da Four-One an' make 'im inta a brutha... you knowz how long da waitin' list iz..." Dat scared da shit outta me an' Ah hurried tah catch up wiff him.

We got inta Zack's lab an' he wast'd no time in gettin' me up on da blockz an' da dye onta mah skin. Rico left da room. Ah looked at da serious white man gettin' ready to make me a Nubian agin. "Zack, how could you let 'im do dis tah me? How could YOU do dis tah me? You knowz wat almos' happen'd da las' time..."

He look'd away. "I didn't have a choice, Ray. I... All I can say is that you'll understand in good time..." Mah nose wrinkled az da dye settl'd onta mah skin. It smell'd diff'rent frum befo'. "Zack, iz dis da same stuff? It fuckin' stinkz..."

Da dark-haired artist shook hiz haid. "We're using an artificial melanin isomer. It's based on a self-maintaining nanotech technology. This material is what has given you permanently brown-black eyes and a deeper voice and will give you permanently dark pigmentation until a specific counteragent flushes the nanotech out of your system."

Afta five coatz, Ah wuz wearin' Ray-Ray's choc'late brown skin agin. Zack put da blowerz on an' once Ah wuz all dry, he did da touch-up on mah pucker an' mah feet. He hand'd me a heavy, hinged c-ring. "You'd better put that on now." Ah wuz all-reddy stiff an' wrapp'd it 'round mah junk. It felt good tah clamp dat piece ov hevvy steel 'round mah cock an' ballz - an' Zack hand'd me an Allen wrench tah close it. Den he had me stretch out onna table az he start'd tah add da tats. Mah cock wuz so hard now it hurt an' Ah wuz dribblin' pre-cum az Ah watch'd mah skin gettin' cover'd wiff da black tribalz. "This is the same formulation as the skin dye - it'll never break down without the specific nanotech contra-agent."

Zack took 'bout two hourz tah add da ink back onta mah body, an' it wuz so mind-blowin'  tah seez dem tats crawlin' up an' down mah arms agin . Fuucckk... Ah missed d'ese... Rico had cum back inta da room by da time Ah wuz done an' gave 'im a thummz-up. Afta dat, Zack sat me in da makeup chair. "We're going to add head and facial hair this time..."

"And you iz getting a nose ring."

"WAAT????!!!!" Ah start'd tah climb outta da chair.

Rico shov'd me back. "Dat's fo' makin' me do dis tah you. For dissin' me when Ah tol' you Ah wanted Ray back an' you wouldn' lissen." He turned tah Zack. "Put inna captive bead ring. Eight gauge. No sense wastin' time goin' troo all dat stretchin'..."

Zack rubb'd sum stuff inside mah nose. "Ray... I just applied a topical to reduce the pain and cut down on the bleeding, but it IS going to hurt. Take a deep breath and count to three. Big exhale on 'three' for me, okay?"

Ah did. Da sound ov mah nose crunchin' wuz worse'n da ac'ual pain. Zack slipp'd in a big steel ring an' used sum tool tah lock it in. Ah sneezed an' Rico nodd'd wiff a smile on hiz face. "Lookz good on you. Jus' like a prize bull - which you iz." Ah reached up tah fondle da metal hangin' unda mah nose - it wuz thick an' d'ere wuz a ball in da center ov it.

Zack follow'd up wiff puttin' da artifishul hair on mah haid an' face. Ah felt a qwick, sharp pain all ovva when he gave me an 'lectric shock tah lock da stuff inta place.

"One mo' thing..." Rico wuz mixin' sum JB-Weld an' seal'd up da screw-hole ov mah c-ring. Da surface wuz all smooth now - d'ere wuz no way tah even seez dat d'ere wuz evva an openin'. "Dat's not comin' off neither..." Ah couldn' help it - mah cock swell'd even bigger wiff da thought ov mah junk perm'nently locked in metal - Ah grinned. "Looks good dat way, Rico..." Shee-it - an' Ah couldn' wait tah get leather'd up neither...

Once dat wuz done, Ah got t'seez mahself in da full-length mirror. Dis wuzn' no disguise dis time an' it wasn' temp'rary... da white man Ah usta be - 'Charlie Hawke' - wuz really gone. Ah wuz a real black felon now 'til Rico decided Ah wuzn' no mo'. Ray-Ray Johnson smirk'd back at me in da mirror. Welcum back, muthafucka... itz 'bout time... Ah strok'd da buzz'd fade-cut on mah haid - it wuz ruffer an' curlier d'an mah ol' silky black hair, an' da razor-cut l'il 'stache an chin hair looked so fuckin' fierce on mah dark-skinn'd face.

Befo' we went inta Zack's leather workroom, Rico bent me ovva a table, lubed me up an' shoved a thick metal plug up mah ass. Den we got inta jockz, chapz, harnessez an' bootz. We helped each otha put strapz 'round our wristz an' bicepz. We stood side by side an' Ah couldn't help but smile at da reflection in da mirror. You iz one fuckin' HOT muscle-brutha... Shee-it - Ah'z even talkin' t'mahself like a ghetto rat now...

* * *

The Greasetank
An Hour Later

Da two ov us got tah sex club an' we stripp'd outta our warmup suitz. Once we hit da main flo', Ah realized dat Ah hadn' been back at da club since Charlie got married, Fuucckk ... less'n hour gone by an' Ah ain't even thinkin' ov mahself as dat white boy no mo'... Mah cock wuz all-reddy throbbin' in time tah da techno music az Ah look'd at da hard-core sex actz goin' on alla 'round me. Ah rubbed mah package troo da leather pouch ov mah jock. Ah guess Ray-Ray - me - wuz nevva really gone - he wuz jist buried real deep. Waitin' tah come back. Mah eye caught a Latino muscle-puppy in nothin' but a posin' strap an' a pair ov boxin' boots. Dat's one nice ass.... Ah licked mah lips. Dayumm... Ah gotta breed.

Two guyz wuz goin' at it on da main stage. Bowff wuz HUGE white muscle-boyz wearin' combat bootz an' nuthin' else - da one wiff a shaved haid wuz skullfuckin' da otha one wiff a mohawk. When dey wuz dunn, Rico grabb'd me by da harness an' pull'd me up da stairz tah take d'eir place. Ah look'd 'round at da flashin' lightz, feelin' da music pound an' da jumbotron screens showin' da two ov us an' smil'd. Fuucckkkk... Ah want'd tah show off...

Rico's hand grabb'd da back ov mah haid an' pull'd me close. Hiz lipz clos'd ovva mine an' he snak'd hiz tongue down mah throat. Ah grabb'd hiz ass an' did da same tah him. We fought like dat fo' a while 'til we bowff wuz outta breath. Shee-it - felt so good t'be a brutha agin...why did Ah fight so hard agins' it...??? Hiz hand clamp'd ovva mah jaw.

"Bend ovva da sawhorse. You gotta get bred."

Ah hesitated; Rico grabb'd da back ov mah neck. "Ah sed... BEND OVVA!! You wanna go fo' yo' firs' mark all-reddy?" He gave me a push an' Ah did wat Ah wuz told. He kick'd mah feet apart an' yank'd out mah plug. Ah hated da feelin' ov bein' empty, but dat didn' las' long. Rico pull'd off hiz pouch an' lubed up hiz cock 'til it wuz gleamin', an' shov'd it inta mah ass in one thrust. He grabb'd mah hipz an' rode me hard az da crowd cheer'd 'im on. Ah felt hiz cock swell in mah gutz an' he threw back hiz haid an' scream'd az a gusha ov cum fill'd mah ass. He pull'd out - wiff mah hole drippin' hiz juice - slamm'd da plug back in, an' slapp'd mah ass tah git up.

We wuz bowff grinnin' at each otha. It wuz amazin' bein' a black man agin...

We bowff got offa da stage an' Rico gave me 'nother hard kiss. "Hav sum fun, Ray... Ah'll catch up wiff you later."

Ah cruis'd da club 'til Ah foun' dat muscle-puppy Ah seen when Ah came in. Ah grabb'd hiz ass an' he gave me a big smile when he saw da bulge in mah leatha pouch. "C'mon... a boi like you needz a good deep-dickin' frum a brutha..."

Ah lock'd 'im inta a sling an' Ah decid'd tah fuck 'im senseless. Ah wuz mad az hell dat Rico made me like dis wiffout mah p'mission, an' yet... Ah wuzn' 'xactly unhappy neither. Ah wuz pretty ruff wiff him, an' he start'd tah cry out an' struggle. Dat piss'd me off. Big time. Ah slapp'd 'im an' den Ah lub'd up mah arm an' shov'd mah fist up hiz chute. By dis time, he wuz screamin', but Ah laughed. Ah wuz enjoyin' bein' Ray-Ray agin an' tearin' open hiz ass. Ah bore down an' Ah watched as mah dark forearm an' den mah elbow disappear'd inta him. Alla sudden, he quiet'd down; Ah wuz watchin' him an' da look on hiz face wuz enuf fo' me tah keep goin'. "Yeahhh... you likez mah arm inside ov you, huh???" Ah squeez'd mo' lube onta mah arm an' soon mah deltoid wuz restin' on hiz ass-cheekz. Ah tickl'd hiz insides an' start'd tah pull out. Da Latino muscle-puppy cried out when mah hand lef' hiz hole; he wuz dribblin' blood, cum, an' lube outta da mocha ass ov hiz when Ah got a kiss on da back ov mah neck.

"Ah heard you wuz back..." It wuz Adrian. Ah turn'd 'round an' gave mah fav'rite fuck-buddy a deep kiss.

"Ah saw you an' Rico on da screenz." He wuz grinnin' frum ear tah ear. "Bidness ain't been da same wiffout'chu, Ray. We gotz a lotta pent-up demand..." He laughed. "Now Ah knowz where you learn'd tah fuck an' fist da way you do..." At dat point, he notic'd da nose ring. He finger'd it an' lick'd hiz lips. "Shee-it.... dat ring is HOT, bro..."

Ah grinned. "Yeah. Ah know.  Rico made me da brutha Ah iz." An' you nevva gonna know how true dat fact really be...

He wuz fondlin' mah cock an' it wuz all-reddy gettin' stiff agin. "Ah seen Benjie 'round here sumplace tonite... Ah know he gonna be glad you back too..."

Da Latino in da sling wuz cryin' now. He wuz beggin' me tah fill him up agin. Ah gave Adrian a grin. "You wanna piece ov hiz ass befo' Ah fist 'im agin?"

Hiz thick lipz twist'd inta a grin. "Ah wanna piece ov YO' ass. Wat 'bout it? Lemme fuck you an' den we kin switch an' you kin fist me like las' time?"

Ah unlock'd da slave-boy an' watch'd him limp away. Ah climbed inta da sling an' gave Adrian a wink. "Soundz like fun! Yank dat plug outta mah ass an' fuck me 'til Ah cain't r'memb'r mah name!!"

* * *
We lef' da Greasetalk wiff Benjie 'round three 'clock in da mo'nin' an' Ah wuz limpin' frum da ass-poundin' Ah took frum Adrian. Rico pull'd upta mah 'partment buildin' an' turn'd off da ignition. "Pack sum clothez an' stuff an' get yo' ass back down here. You gonna be livin' wiff Benjie frum now on."


" 'Cause livin' wiff Mattie ain't gonna help make you da brutha you wuz. An' b'cause Ah sed so. Unnastand? Git yo' restraintz an' shit too. An' yo' screw dildo."

Ah wuz upset but excited when Rico sed dat. Dayumm... even afta a few hourz mah haid wuz all-reddy fuck'd up bad. Havin' mah muscle-brutha partner agin on patrol caus'd lotz ov complicationz... even tho Mattie knew 'bout da needz ov da guyz at da Four-One, havin' daily back-alley sex wiff him made me feel guilty. But now dat Ah wuz one ov Zack's "speshul" black thugz agin, it wuz diff'rent - Ah couldn' wait tah hav dat kinda sex az soon az possible, an' az often az Ah could. An' afta tonite, Ah couldn' wait tah start brutalizin' unsuspectin' white boyz agin neither.

Ah went in troo da service alley 'ntrance an' took da freight elevator upta mah flo'. Ah saw mah wallet wuz diff'rent an' all da ID cardz belong'd tah me - Ray - not Charlie. Even mah phone wuzn't da same. Shee-it. Ah open'd da door an' quietly clos'd it.

"Amor?" Mattie musta been dozin' on da couch. Waitin' fo' me. "Sergeant Reardon told me... Madre De Dios!" Ah could tell he wuz shock'd an' upset by mah lookz. But Ah also saw dat bulge growin' in hiz yoga pantz - he wuz just az excit'd by mah transfo'mation az Ah wuz.

Ah couldn' tell 'im nuthin' if'n we wuz evva gonna be t'gether agin. "Yeah, Undacovva assignment, Mattie. No contactz o' noseplugz dis time. Ah iz a REAL black man now. Got mah face an' printz chang'd agin an' mah eyez dyed. Dis operation iz too risky tah git caught out bein' sumpthin' Ah ain't."

Ah paused. "Cain't stay here, neither..." He got even mo' upset. "Itz safer fo' you... Ah gotta pack sum shit an' leave. Rico be waitin' fo' me downstairz in da truck..."


Ah open'd mah mowff an' nothin' came out. Mah haid didn' wanna make mah mowff move. Fin'lly Ah sed it. "Sarge. He be 'Jericho Landry' now. 'Rico'. Shee-it... it wuz hard tah even mention da word 'Sarge' when Ah wuz talkin' 'bout him now...

"How long do you have to stay a black man?"

"Ah dunno. Don' know 'xactly wat Ah gotta do yet." 'Sidez doin' stuff Ah wuz convict'd ov in mah crim'nal record. Ah put mah spare uniform an' da clothes an' da bling Ah wore befo' as a brutha inna garbage bag. Ah also put in sum boots an' a pair ov worn-out Timbalands.

Ah took Mattie in mah armz an' gave 'im a deep kiss. Mah cock wuz rock-hard agin. "Landry kin wait. Lemme suck yo' dick an' rape yo' ass 'fore Ah go." Mattie finger'd da ring in mah nose. "Damn, that's so... carnal... Ray." Even he wuz thinkin' ov me as as da muscle-brutha Ah wuz an' not as hiz husband da white guy no mo'. Dat got me even mo' excited. Ah kept kissin' him as we back'd inta da bedroom. Den Ah stripp'd. He wuz su'priz'd at mah leatherz.

"Yeah... We went tah da Greasetank tah get me back in ackshun..." Ah put a dark hand b'tween hiz pecs an' push'd him onta da bed. Den Ah grabbed a bottle ov lube an' slick'd mahself up. Ah pull'd off hiz pantz, hoist'd hiz legz onta mah dark shouldas, an' ramm'd mahself inta hiz chute.

Ah wuz even mo' brutal wiff him d'an Ah wuz wiff dat Latino muscle-puppy, but Mattie luvved it. An' it jus' felt right treatin' 'im dat way. Afta all, dis wuz mah white boy who got off wiff ruff black thug sex. He wuz clawin' da sheetz an' screamin' in Greek when Ah unload'd a gusher ov cum up hiz ass. He wuz still gulpin' in air when Ah knelt down 'tween hiz legz an' swallow'd hiz thick cock down mah throat. Ah gave him da massage ov hiz life an' scrap'd mah teeth along hiz shaft; he wuz screamin' agin an' 'xploded down mah gullet. Ah swallow'd more'n a bucket ov hiz jism an' den lick'd 'im clean. Afta that, Ah put mah warmup suit back on an' left wiff da garbage bag ovva mah shoulda.

* * *

When Ah got back tah da truck, Benjie wuz swallowin' Rico's horsecock. Dey wuz in da front seat, wiff Benjie bent ovva sidewayz. Rico groaned az he unload'd hiz spunk an' Benjie sat back up wiff a smile on hiz dark face.

"Wat took you so long?" Afta dat suckin', Rico wuz at least inna good mood.

"Ah hadda say goodbye tah Mattie."

He grunt'd. "Put yo' shit in da back an' get in." Ah did an' we pull'd away.

* * *

We stopp'd in fronta Benjie's 'partment. Rico turn'd 'round an' put out hiz hand. "Gimme  yo' keyz." Ah did an' he gave me a diff'rent set. Benjie got outta da truck an' Ah followed wiff mah bag. "Ah'll seez da bowff ov you t'morrow at second watch." He pull'd away an' me an' Benjie head'd upta hiz (now our) place.

Ah flopp'd down onta da couch. "Shee-it..." Ah put mah haid in mah handz.

"Ah guess dis wuzn' x'actly yo' choice huh, Ray?"

Ah shook mah haid. "Nope. Ah woke up wiff mah featurez chang'd all-reddy. Den Rico sed sum wordz an' Ah had all da memoriez ov growin' up black an' bein' arrest'd an' servin' time an' shit..."

Benjie nodded. "He dunn almos' da same wiff me. But Ah went wiff 'im tah Zack's place an' Ah wuz awake all da time. Ah gotz da magic wordz too."

"He had da moldz ov mah ol' face an' printz all lined up. He blew d'em apart wiff a shotgun. He sed he gotz da only copiez left. Hidden. Rico tol' me Ah iz on probation. If'n Ah don' do ev'rythin' he wantz me tah do, Ah gets a strike. Sevven ov d'em an he gonna grab some muscle-puppy white boy, put mah features on him, slit hiz throat an' d'stroy da moldz. Ev'rybody gonna think dat Charlie iz dead an' Ah'm gonna stay dis way fo' da rest ov mah life. In Attica. He made sure Ah got a long crim'nal record an' two strikes all-reddy."

"Fuuccckk... dat's intense... Ah got da same type ov record too... plus outstandin' warrantz..." Benjie stripp'd off hiz jacket an' pantz, jus' leavin' hiz leatherz.  He sat down nex' tah me an' lick'd hiz thick lipz.

"When Ah wuz a brutha befo' - near da end - Ah wuz 'Benjie' up here..." Mah partner point'd tah hiz shiny, bald haid. "... on da inside, but Ah need'd da dye an' da contacts fo' da outside. But Ah iz comfo'table now, Ray... took me a coupla weekz tah adjust tah da RE-ALITY ov bein' a gen-u-wine black man. An' a crim'nal. Wiff no goin' back. Itz all good. Ah don' need tah be 'Tony McLaren' no mo' - dat part ov mah life iz ovva now... bein' dis way iz wayy mo' real."

He strok'd mah thigh an' even afta all da ackshun Ah had tonite, Ah start'd tah git hard agin. Benjie rubb'd mah crotch. "Ah'm sorry you hadda go troo dat, Ray... but Ah'm glad you iz back... Ah miss'd you. Fuckin' you when you wuz white wuz good, but when you wuz a brutha, da sex wiff you wuz mind-blowin'..." 

He laugh'd. "Ah can seez you feelz da same way..."

Ah stood up an' peel'd outta mah clothez too. We wuz in jus' our leatherz now. Ah grabb'd mah partner an' gave 'im a hard kiss. Our tonguez fought fo' control an' we fin'lly broke 'part when we need'd tah breathe. We bowff laughed. Ah smil'd inta hiz brown-black eyez.

Benjie unsnapp'd da pouch an' mah thick nine inchez wuz all-reddy drippin' jizz onta da floor. He fondl'd da heavy c-ring 'round mah junk an' den he notic'd da missin' screw-hole.

"Yeah, Rico made sure dat Ah cain't take dat off... he put JB Weld inta da openin'."

"Dayumm... dat's so fuckin' HOT, Ray... dat an' dat nose ring..." Mah handz wuz playin' wiff hiz ass-cheekz an' twistin' da plug in hiz ass. "Ah wantz you tah fuck me hard... real hard..." He strok'd mah horsecock an' Ah felt like Ah wuz ready tah explode.

Ah kiss'd him agin an' smil'd. "Letz git on da bed befo' Ah cum all ovva da floor..."

* * *

Afta a real intense fistin' an' fuckin' session, we got inta da shower t'gether an' soap'd ourselves down, kissin' each otha all da time. Jeezus, dat felt so good. We got out an' dried off; Benjie pull'd out a big jar ov Hyperlube an' hiz screw plug den got down on all fourz.

"Twis' dat dildo inta mah ass, Ray..." He turn'd hiz haid tah look at me. "Rico sumtimez stopz in da middle ov da night tah check up. If'n Ah ain't set up right, he getz piss'd. Firs' an' las' time dat happen'd, Ah got a video ov him breakin' one ov mah moldz." Benjie paus'd. "He broke da onez fo' mah upper teef." Ah rubb'd da lube onta da plug an' put sum up hiz ass. Den Ah start'd tah twis' it inta mah partner. He wuz breathin' hard as Ah screw'd it inta him an' he let out a deep sigh when da only piece left outside hiz ass wuz da metal ring.

"Did'chu bring yours?" Ah nodded an' got down on mah handz an' kneez. Benjie went inta da livin' room t'get da plug outta mah bag an' repeat'd da process wiff me. Ah grunt'd in pain da last few inchez befo' dat monster wuz all da way inside me agin. He help'd me stan' up an' Ah lean'd 'gainst da wall.

"Sorry, bro... you ain't had one ov d'ese up yo' ass fo' a while??"

Ah shook mah haid. "Itz all good, Benjie..." Ah gasp'd an' doubl'd ovva az mah gutz cramp'd, gettin' used tah intruder. "Jus' gotta get used tah havin' mah ass plugg'd all da time agin..."

We wen' inta da bedroom an' mah partner took out two eyeless rubba masks. "We gotta wear d'ese too. Plus ball gagz..." He rubb'd sum lube on hiz haid an' pull'd it on. Den he push'd da gag inta hiz mowff an' buckl'd it shut. Ah pour'd sum lube inta mah mask an' rubb'd it 'round so da inside wuz nice an' slick. Ah pull'd it ovva mah haid an' felt 'round fo' da gag. Ah push'd it inta mah mowff an' fasten'd it tight. Da cumpleet darkness wuz amazin'ly soothin' - Ah laid down an' felt roun' fo' Benjie. Ah spoon'd inta him wiff mah arm drap'd ovva hiz body an' Ah drift'd off tah a deep sleep...

* * *

... only tah wake up tah wat sound'd like a siren goin' off in da room. Ah sat up, complet'ly outta it - den Ah realized dat Ah had gone tah sleep wiff da hood an' da gag. Ah took 'em off an' look'd 'round. Benjie wuz all-reddy outta bed an' gave me a big white grin.

"Wiff dat hood on, you needz sumpthin' real loud tah wakez up..."

"Hrrmmmph..." Ah got down on da flo' an' twist'd da screw dildo outta mah gutz. Ah hated da feelin' ov bein' empty an' couldn' wait tah fill mah ass wiff sumpthin else.

"C'mon, Ray - letz git reddy. Da guyz at da precinct gonna be shittin' d'eir pantz when you walkz in da door."

T'anks tah Zack's new way ov makin' bruthas, we didn' hav'ta shave o' do any ov da stuff like puttin' in contactz o' usin' da voice spray. Afta we wash'd up, we horsefuck'd each otha an' den put da heavy steel 'on-duty' butt plugz inta our asses. Da bowff ov us got dress'd in compression tees,' tight jeanz an' Timbalands an' head'd out da door fo da Four-One.

* * *

When we gotz tah da locker room, ev'ryone wuz cumpleetly shock'd. Ah wuz thinkin' wat Rico had sed 'bout me b'havin' da way Ah wuz befo', an' it wuz suprizin'ly nat'ral tah act da part ov a cocky black thug agin. Dani wuz da firs' brutha tah congratulate me. Ah gotta deep kiss an' Ah hiss'd in pleazure az he twist'd da stem ov da plug in mah ass.

"Shee-it, Ray... glad you back!" He touch'd da nose ring and lower'd hiz voice. "Rico iz gonna let you wear dat?"

"Well, Benjie convinc'd Charlie tah take a leave ov absence..." Ah grinned an' den spoke in da same quiet-like tone. "He da one dat put it in..."

Jax came ovva an' ran hiz handz ovva mah ink den grabbed mah junk. "How long you gonna be here, nigga?"

Ah laff'd az Ah put da piece ov tape wiff  'Johnson' ovva 'Hawke' on mah locker. " 'Til Ah feelz like lettin' Charlie cum back... an' DAT could be a fuckin' long time..." Bein' wiff a bunch ov nekkid muscle-bruthas (an' now bein' one ov dem, too) got mah sex drive crank'd up tah near explodin'. Ah eyed sum ov da white baby copz... Ah gotta breed agin...

Like most ov da guyz - bruthas o' not - Ah slipp'd a leather harness ovva mah chest 'fore Ah put on mah uniform, an' headed in fo' roll call. Rico wuz talkin' tah Sergeant Namisato an' dey look'd like dey wuz havin' an argument. Den Namisato gave out da assignmentz fo' da day; Benje an' me didn' get any. Once he wuz dunn, Rico came tah da front.

"Now dat Hawke iz outta da picture..." He gave da guyz a wicked grin. "Johnson an' Cantrell gonna be on speshul duty - you ain't gonna be seein' much ov dem no mo', but dey iz alwayz ready fo' sum heavy-duty ass rapin', cock-suckin' an' fistin', plus 'Nitiation duties."

Donte pull'd me aside az he wuz leavin' da room. "What da fuq happen'd tah you?" Hiz eyes wuz blazing an' Ah could seez he wuz angry an' scared tah death at da same time. Ah also saw Rico lookin' at us - Ah couldn' let 'im do nuthin' tah Donte an' Ah didn' wan' 'im tah bust any ov mah moldz. Ah sed loud enuf fo' him tah hear us. "Bro, Ah jus' got sick n' tired ov bein' a white boy. Ah miss'd bein' a brutha. Ah axed Rico tah let me cum back an' Ah iz real happy he sed Ah could..." Ah paus'd an' spoke lower.  "An' Charlie ain't comin' back... Ah iz stayin' dis way..."

"Goddammit, Ray..." He shook hiz haid in disgust an' left. Rico wuz grinnin' frum ear-tah-ear. Dayumm... Ah actu'lly b'leev'd wat Ah sed tah him.

Mah dick wuz leakin' jism an' Ah knew Ah couldn' wait no longer... it wuz Breedin' Time... Ah grabb'd one ov da rookiez on desk duty an' we went inta da alley behind da station. Ah fuck'd hiz ass ovva a dumpster an' fill'd hiz gutz wiff mah seed. Den Ah wip'd mahself clean wiff hiz shirt an' went back in tah seez wat Rico want'd me an' Benjie tah do.

* * *

Dat wuz da las' time Ah saw da inside ov da Four-One - or wore a po-lice uniform.

Now dat he had da pair ov uz, Rico got uz jobz doin' part-time road work fo' da DOT. We alwayz had time tah slip away an' horse-fuck each otha in an alley o' sum empty buildin'. We also got sum cheap fake ids frum Rico since me an' Benjie had long crim'nal recordz (an' Rico tol' me we bowff had a numba ov outstandin' warrantz) an' we didn' wanna git caught an' arrest'd. Da constant 'xposure tah da smellz ov sweat an' dried cum frum loadz ov half-naked guyz on da work detailz, wiff d'eir bodiez gleamin' in da hot sun wuz messin' wiff mah haid an' makin' me mo' inta da ovvasex'd brutha Ah wuz now.

We didn' work ev'ry day neither - Ah spent sum dayz at da Greasetank, runnin' wiff Adrian an' scoutin' fo' white boyz tah b'come slavez. Ah got a sick rush frum doin' dat agin, an' wiffin a few weekz, Ah had all-reddy pick'd out sev'ral an' started breakin' 'em in. Afta six weekz, da firs' one got nutt'd an' deliver'd tah hiz new owner. Ah got 'bout eighteen thouzand dollas fo' him.

Ah fuck'd Mattie 'least once a week in da beginnin' - Ah hadda do it on da down-low so Rico wouldn' fin' out. Dat sorta made it mo' excitin' fo' me - mo' like it wuz a real rape. An' Mattie want'd it 'xtra ruff too 'cause Ah wuz a brutha. But Ah hadda see 'im less an' less 'cause Ah couldn' control mahself wiff him - Ah wuz treatin' 'im like sum dirt-trade fuckboi frum da Greasetank an' not like Charlie'z husban' -  Ah felt he d'serv'd sum level ov r'spect dat Ah jist couldn' give 'im no mo'. Ah fin'lly hadda stop seein' him when Ah fuck'd 'im senseless in one ov hiz warehousez an' az he wuz lyin' on da flo', Ah wuz thinkin' how proper he'd look all hairless wiff no ballz an' a piercin' troo hiz big dick.

One night, afta Ah came home frum a real ruff day breakin' up asphalt, Ah realiz'd dat Ah had complet'ly adjust'd tah mah new life - jist like Benjie. Ah didn' know if Rico wuz evva gonna lemme change back inta a white man, but at dis point, Ah didn' wanna an' Ah didn' care no mo'.

An' Rico's threatz tah smash dem white-boy moldz frum mah ol' life didn' scare me no mo' neither... fuuuck... da wors' thing Ah could think ov wuz wakin' up an' bein' a white man agin. Da memoriez ov bein' 'Charlie Hawke' wuz fadin' mo' ev'ry day - mah memoriez ov alwayz bein' black - da way Ah shood be - wuz da only onez dat made sense tah me now.

Ah wuz happy - Ah wuz livin' large wiff Benjie an' hangin' wiff da otha thugz at da Greasetank an' doin' thingz dat turn'd mah crank dat also brought in a lotta cash. Da three ov us (me, Benjie an' Rico) still went tah da Four-One'z 'Nitiations - it wuz fuckin' HOT seein' new bruthas bein' made (an' getting tah breed an' fist dem black asses an' suck dem new dark horsecocks) an' wonderin' how long dey would be Nubians, o' wind  up stayin' 'new an' improved' az muscle-bruthas like uz. Ah did sorta miss seein' wat dey look'd like 'fore dey got juic'd an' transform'd but dat really didn' matter - alla us knew dat becomin' one ov Zack's "speshul" muscle-bruthas wuz da best thing dat could evva happen tah a white boy - an' da fact dat we all wuz crim'nalz wiff warrantz kept dat excitement at a fever-pitch all da fuckin' time.

Thanx tah Rico, Benjie an' me had our pick ov musclecopz an' transform'd bruthas tah slake our nevva-endin' need tah breed; an' thanx tah Adrian an' our reps wiff da Resnikovs, we had our pick ov anyone at da sex club too. Breedin' wuz like a drug - it made me feel like Ah wuz on top ov da world; an' gettin' bred by Rico 'least once a week made me wanna do anythin' he axed me. Dat wuz mo' impo'tant d'an anythin' elz fo' me now. Ah still had sum r'gretz 'bout Mattie - but Ah figger'd he wuz better off wiffout me da way Ah wuz now. He wuz SAFER - dat wuz fo' damned sure. Ah knew dat da Vet wouldda been slicin' off hiz ballz sooner o' later if'n Ah kept fuckin' him.

Ah also hadda lot mo' time now tah hit da gym, an' Ah did; Rico tol' me tah get inta 'beast mode' - so Ah got back on da steroidz an' HGF fo' a while. Ah put on 'bout fifteen poundz ov muscle an' grew 'bout an inch o' two... Ah wuz almos' az big az Benjie an' Rico now; an' even mo' shredd'd - you could lose a fuckin' knuckle in mah eight-pack. Lookin' at mahself in da mirror, Ah swear tah God dat mah horsecock got bigg'r an' thick'r too; Afta all, Ah wuz givin' it plenty ov workoutz in ev'ry hole Ah could...

An' da crimez Ah wuz committin' - da robberiez, da shakedown'z, da theft'z an' da kidnappin'z - dey wuz givin' me a rushin' mind-fuck all da time. It wuz amazin' how good Ah wuz at doin' dis stuff - but Ah had da rap sheet tah back it up an' mah own 'xperience frum befo' too. Dat marksman trainin' me an' Benjie took when we wuz white wuz a real bonus too - more'n once, we smok'd a crew ov otha thugz dat wuz takin' bizness away frum da Resnikovs - an' it felt so fuckin' right tah blow dem away an' watch 'em bleed out in fronta us.

* * *
The Greasetank
Many Months Later

Ah drew da scalpel down an' finish'd openin' up da ballsac ov da slave on da table. One by one, Ah roll'd out hiz nutz, tied 'em off,  an' snipped dem out; da Vet stepp'd up an' started da prep tah r'move da excess skin; he wuz such an artiste - an' by da time he wuz dunn, you wouldn' be able tah tell da boi on da table evva had ballz tah start wiff.

He patt'd mah back. "Nice work, Ray... you're getting quite good at this."

Ah gave 'im a big grin. "Thanx, Davey... Ah likez finishin' wat Ah startz." Ah had all-reddy r'moved alla hiz hair an' hiz ripp'd an' shredd'd body gleam'd wiff a fine coatin' ov oil an' sweat; he stunk ov fear an' excitement, knowin' dat he fin'lly wuz wat he want'd t'be... wat Ah made 'im wanna be... a nutt'd slave - a piece ov prop'ety dat wuz gonna be owned by sumone else. 'Vicente' got hiz slave inkin' ov "Propiedad" 'cross hiz shouldas, an' at da buyer'z request, Jack had ink'd a sunburst 'round hiz belly-button an' a thick arrow at da small ov hiz back pointin' down tah hiz now-hairless pucker. Diz wuz mah fourth white boy Ah had brought in, an' da secund one Ah nutt'd mahself.

"What's happening to this one?"

"He goin' tah Venezuela. Got a drug lord wantin' a muscle-boy fuck-slave." Da Vet gave a nod an' kept on workin' tah sew up da skin. He al'redy got da thick, perm'nent ringz in hiz cock and nipz befo' losin' hiz ballz.

Ah left da platform an' got a round ov clapz frum da guyz dat had a front-row seat fo' da nuttin'.

"Nice job, Ray."
"Another good-lookin' slave, bro.."
"I gotta get me one of them boyz..."

In da back ov da room, Andy DaVinci wuz leanin' 'gainst da wall wiff one boot'd foot tuck'd undaneath 'im; Andy wuz a twenny-sumpthin leatherman - wiff long, lean musclez like a dancer an' heavy blackwork tatz 'round hiz shouldas an' intacostalz. He wuz wearin' a tight pair ov leatha pants, twenny-eyelet bootz an' a harness ovva his pecz. He wuz also strong az fuck. Ah got a big grin on hiz beard'd face az Ah came ovva an' pull'd him inta a deep kiss. He wuz da only guy  - an' da only white boy - at da Greasetank Ah had normal sex wiff - nothin' ruff; jist holdin' onta our hipz an' ridin' each othaz prongz az we kiss'd; besidez Rico, Adrian an' Benjie, Andy wuz da only guy Ah'd bottom fo'...

"Enjoy da show, bud?" Ah hadda tilt up hiz chin tah seez dem deep green eyez ov hiz unnerneath da brim ov his Muir cap.

He strok'd mah face an' hiz fingas trac'd roun' mah lipz; he look'd sad. "These nuttings make me queasy, Ray... I wish you'd stop doing them. I know these guys are getting castrated willingly, but still..."

Ah kiss'd hiz hand. "Ah don' nut nobody dat don' d'serve it, Andy. B'lieve me - dey iz betta off like dis... dese muthafuckas cain't hurt no one, no mo' ..." Mah new slavez wuz all cocky, young snotnoz'd white boyz dat had hi-pric'd lawyers git dem offa chargez like rape o' homocide. Dis iz wat dey d'serv'd, an' Ah wuz da one ta make sure dey gotz it.

At dat point, anotha leatherman came inta da room. He wuz almos' az big an' shredd'd az me - an' wuz wearing chapz an' a vest. He saw Andy an' me t'gether an' pull'd him outta mah armz.

"C'mon Andy, let's fuck." Hiz hard eyez bor'd inta mine, darin' me tah do sumpthin'. Shee-it, he'z a cop. Da two ov dem lef' da room inna hurry. Ah wuz piss'd an' about tah go afta dem, when Rico yank'd me back; Ah hadn' seez him come inta da room.

"Dat wuz a great job, Ray." He pull'd me close. "Tonite'z da nite. Operation Blindspot iz on."

* * * 

Afta sum monthz ov bein' black agin, Rico 'xplain'd da reasonin' b'hind makin' us da way we wuz by force. Firs' off, he fel' da power ov bein' a brutha firs'hand an' knew dat nuthin' wuz better'n dat. Like he sed, it wuz a gift - an' now Ah 'preciated wat he did fo' me. Nex', he seen how much money da Resnikovs wuz makin' wiff mos' ov d'eir peeps bein' fuckin' assholez. An' careless. We wuz doin' all d'eir real dirty work fo' dem, we knew da bizness better, an' we wuz mo' prepar'd an' wuz smarter - we wuz da onez dat d'serv'd all dat cash. An' mo'.

Frum mah own 'xperience, da threatz ov breakin' yo' moldz an' havin' sumone takin' yo' 'o-riginal' iden'ity an' bein' kill'd wuz enuf - 'nitally - fo' a cop tah behave 'til da "Nubian mindfuck" set in. Plus, havin' dem fake memoriez an' da crim'nal record wiff dem warrantz wuz da extra push ta guarantee dat happenin'. Once da mindfuck wuz cumpleet, dem threatz wuzn' need'd no mo' - NOT bein' a black felon wuz enuf - goin' back tah jist bein' a reg'lar white man wuz like dyin' a slow death. Rico had planz fo' mo' guyz frum da Four-One tah join uz az bruthas an' d'en go troo wiff killin' off our ol' idenities; we be set wiff new livez az rich, fuckin' thugz. An' da fuckin' po-lice didn' hav a chance catchin' us - 'cause we knew ev'rythin' dat dey did. Any trubblemaka'z would get "da treatment" frum Zack an' b'cum a brutha an' join up - o' wind up bein' sum dead black o' blatino gang-banger dat nobody miss'd.

Adrian an' da Resnikovs didn' hav a clue - we wuz so involv'd in d'eir work - an' so d'pendable an' trus'worthy - dat dey couldn' even 'magine we wuz takin' ovva. Afta all, we wuz only unedumacated black thugz tah dem...

* * *

We met up wiff Benjie in one ov da back corridorz. He open'd a bakpack an' took out an H&K VP9 wiff a silencer fo' each ov uz. He also took outta pair ov PTT phonez an' gave one tah Rico.

"Ah'm gonna go down tah da video room. Ah got loopz tah install inta da cameraz tah make it look like da corridorz iz empty. When you getz mah signal, you head inta da officez an' smoke da Resnikovs - unnerstand? Any questionz?"

We bowff nodded. "Wat if anyone getz in da way?"

Rico gave uz a cold grin. "Git rid ov 'em too. We gonna be r'placin' da managemen' wiff "speshul" bruthas we cain trust anywayz..."

* * *

Benjie an' me tuck'd da gunz inta da back ov our leatha jockz an' slipp'd inta a side room d'en lock'd da door. Mah partner'z face wuz lit up wiff excitemen' an' he pull'd me close an' gave me a deep kiss.

"Dis iz it, Ray ... fuucckkk ..." He wuz grinnin' frum ear tah ear. "Inna coupla hourz, we iz gonna be runnin' dis place!"

Ah strok'd hiz face an' smooth haid an' look'd inta dem hansum dark eyez. "Yeah, but we ain't dunn yet, Benjie. We gotz tah be careful an' move fast when we getz da signal frum Rico. Don' take no chancez an' don' think too hard 'bout da body count... if'n it movez, shoot it. 'kay?"

"You got it, bro."

* * *

We wuz deep-kissin' each otha an' fondlin' da plugz in our buttz when da phone crackled an' Rico'z voice sed "Now." We broke off, open'd da door, an' head'd down da hallway tah da Resnikov's offices wiff da gunz in our handz.

We wuz lucky dat we didn' cum 'cross nobody az we crept down da corridor. Ah tapp'd da numbas on da keypad an' open'd da heavvy steel do'. Ah swung left an' Benjie mov'd ahead.

Time slow'd down... Vadim - d'eir errand boy - look'd up frum his desk when da door swung open an' smil'd. Afta all, Ah wuzn' no stranger. Mah gun cough'd an' he got two bullits in da haid befo' he could open hiz mowff.

Dmitri's room wuz da firs' do' on da right; Bejie swung in an' da younga Resnikov look'd shock'd ta seez da near-nekkid, muscular black man wiff a gun. He got two in da chest an' slumped ovva hiz desk.

Ah mov'd down tah Arkadiy'z room at da end. Hiz do' wuz shut; an' Ah kick'd it open an' drop-roll'd to da side az da shotgun built inta hiz desk went off went off wiff a "BOOM".  Ah brac'd mahself onna chair an' put a bullit 'tween hiz eyez.

Benjie stepp'd inta da room wiff hiz gun danglin' an' gave me a thumbs-up. It wuz dunn. Dey wuz dead ... an' it had all happen'd in less'n five minnits. Ah stood up an' look'd at Arkadiy'z dead body.

"Ah gave Rico da all-cleer."

"Did'chu get Dmitri'z access card, Benjie? Rico'z gonna need hiz an' Arkadiy'z fo' gettin' into da vaultz..."

"Shee-it..." He jogged outta da room. Ah got up an' push'd Resnikov's body back inta da chair and fel' 'round fo' his wallet. Ah foun' it an' start'd riflin' troo it - Ah seen 'im uze it once - an' Ah knew dey look'd like Black Amex cardz. Ah couldn' fin' it. 

SHEE-IT!!!! Calm down, Ray. Con-cen-trate. Da muthafucka wouldn' let dat card outta hiz sight... Ah took alla da stuff outta hiz wallet agin an' laid dat shit on da desk. When Ah gotz tah hiz Visa card, Ah realiz'd it fel' funny - 'xtra thick-like. Ah rubb'd it ruff 'tween mah fingaz an' a seam open'd up at da end. Ah peel'd it back an' Ah grinn'd when Ah saw da dark plastic.

Ah chuckl'd. "Dey wuz right when dey sed 'Black iz beautifull'..." Ah gave it a kiss an' tuck'd it inta da pouch ov mah jock.

Benjie ran inta da room. "Ray! RAY! Ah cain't find da fuckin' card!" He wuz outta breath an' panickin'. "Whatta we gonna do?"

"Dey wuz camouflagin' da cardz, bro. C'mon... let's get Dmitri'z..." Ah strok'd hiz back an' he shiver'd az we went back down da corridor.

* * *

Da room wuz a mess - Benjie had ripp'd out drawerz an' toss'd da contentz out lookin' fo' da card.

"Warez hiz wallet?"

"Ah think itz ovva d'ere..." Mah partner point'd tah da furthes' corner ov da room. "Dat's where Ah looked firs' - didn't find nuthin' an' threw it aside..."

"Fuucckk..." Ah walk'd ovva an' squatt'd down tah look fo' it. "What color wuz it?"

"Dark brown."

Afta a few minnitz, Ah found it. " 'C'mere you l'il fucka, you..." Dmitri had it hidd'n in a reg'lar Amex sleeve, but it wuz easy tah find once you knew wat tah look fo'. Ah straighten'd up wen Ah heard footstepz in da corridor. Ah quik'ly tuck'd it inta mah pouch nex' tah itz partner.

Mah heart stopp'd when Adrian Weaver stood in da doorway.

He took one look at Dmitri'z dead body an' leap'd fo' Benjie. Mah instinctz kick'd an' Ah made a flyin' tackle tah stop 'im. We wound up all tangl'd on da flo' an' inna second, we wuz up an' fightin' fo' our livez. We wuz bouncin' off da wallz, chokin' each otha an' tradin' punchez; Ah knew Ah hadda finish 'im off; we wuz movin' 'round so fast dat Benjie couldn' git a cleer shot.

A lucky jab tah hiz temple stunn'd 'im... d'en Ah gave 'im an uppercut dat snapp'd hiz haid back an' laid 'im flat. Ah wuz breathin' hard when we heard bootz - lotsa bootz - in da hallway. Adrian wuz lyin' at mah feet an' strugglin' tah git up. He groan'd an Ah grabb'd hiz haid an' gave it a pow'full twis' - Ah heard hiz neck snap an' let hiz dead body drop tah da flo'.

At dat point a bunch of SWAT copz burs' inta da room. Dey wuz dress'd all in tactical black wiff gogglez an' body armor - da two in front wuz pointin' d'eir rifles d'rectly at da bowff ov us. Dah bright red laser spotz wuz dancin' on our chestz.

Da guy on da left wuz screaming: "GET ON YOUR KNEES! GET ON YOUR KNEES! NOW! HANDS ON YOUR HEADS! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT" We bowff got down an' follow'd hiz 'nstructionz'. Anotha SWAT boy came 'round an' cuff'd uz. D'en we got haul'd up an' pushed outta murder scene.

* * *

Da club wuz swarmin' wiff SWAT copz; we wuz dragg'd inta a room an' da door wuz lock'd b'hind us. Dey had wrapp'd plastic bagz 'round our handz an' uzed duc' tape tah seal 'em shut. Ah look'd at Benjie an' let out a deep breath.

"Well bro, we iz dunn. Dis iz our third strike. Our printz be on da gunz; we gotz residue on our handz an' when dey run our printz an' seez who we iz, we iz goin' tah prison." Ah shook mah haid. "An' no matta wat we say, we cain't prove we ain't who NCIC o' NIBRS sayz we iz... thanx tah dat deep condishonin', we cain't even talk 'bout Zack'z transfo'mation..."

Even wiff da situation we wuz in (o' mebbe b'cause ov it), bowff ov uz wuz rock-hard an' leakin' pre-cum. Ah lean'd 'gainst one ov da wallz an' motion'd Benjie tah cum ovva. Ah start'd tah kiss 'im an' he press'd hiz thick lipz 'gainst mine. Our horsecockz wuz grindin' 'gainst each otha in our leathas az our tonguez forc'd d'eir way inta our mowffz. Inna few minnits, Ah groan'd az Ah felt mahself spurt a load ov cum inta mah pouch. Mah partner did da same.

He laugh'd. "Well, Ah cain't say we didn' hav a good time, Ray. But we definitely gonna be da top dawgz in Attica..." Ah saw sum cum dribble down hiz leg. He eas'd hisself inta a chair an' smil'd az da butt plug push'd isself inta hiz prostate. "Gimme a lap dance, bro..."

Ah settl'd onta him an' hiz leatha-covva'd cock ramm'd 'gainst mah own plug, doin' da same wiff me; we start'd grindin' an' kissin' agin an' didn' realize sum people came inta da room until summone clear'd d'eir throat.

Ah look'd ovva Benjie'z shoulda tah see Rico (now dress'd inna pair ov jeanz an' a tank), Zack, Cap'n Morgan an' two otha guyz. One ov dem wuz almos' bald; he had a real sour x'pression on hiz face an' a mean glint in hiz eyez. Fuuuccck... dat's a Fed... Da otha guy had hiz hair trimm'd medium-short an' had a large scar runnin' 'cross hiz forehaid an' down hiz eye socket. He wuz built like we wuz - big an' muscular - an' wore hiz dark blue silk shirt real tight an' half-button'd tah show off hiz body.

"Zhese are zhe two?" He hadda Russian accent - even heavier d'an da Resnikovs - an' Ah felt sick. We ain't goin' ta prison, we gonna get smok'd right now... Rico fuckin' USED us...

"Uh-huh. Git up." Rico came ovva an' took off da plastic bagz an' r'mov'd da cuffz. We wuz bowff rubbin' our wristz when da baldin' guy spoke up.

"My name is Paul Gardner - FBI. West Coast Division. I want to thank you both for your ... assistance ... in removing the Resnikovs from the scene." He gave uz a tight smile. "We realize that given your previous criminal backgrounds, it was a considerable effort to convince you to be involved in a law enforcement operation. Jericho here approached the NYPD and they tipped us onto the situation."

We look'd at each otha. He don' know we uzed tah be copz? O' white boyz? Fucckkk... we might az well play along an' seez wat happenz. Mebbe we wouldn' be goin' tah Attica afta all...

Gardner kept speakin'. "Arkadiy and Dmitri were involved in brokering fissile..." At da look on our facez, he clear'd hiz throat. "... radioactive materials into the country to make atomic bombs. That was something that posed a very grave threat to national security."

"Dayummm... Ah knew dey wuz involv'd in a lotta evil shit, but man... dat wuz really fuck'd up..."

"Of course, all of the felonies that you were involved in during this period are going to be... um, overlooked, but I want to stress that those activities will NOT be ignored a second time if you are CAUGHT doing them again. Are we clear?"

Benjie an' Ah nodd'd.

The Russian clear'd hiz throat. "I want to introduce Yvgeny Umaskaya,,, he is going to be assuming control of this operation..."

"After a bit ov house-cleaning, so to speak..." He smil'd, revealin' perfec' white teef. "I vant to provide zhe same intense operations as my predecessors, plus give my illegal businesses a good vay ov laundering money from zheir operations - none ov vich involve any radioactive materials. Zat is bad for business. And for everyone."

Mah eyez got big at dat statemen', an' Gardner saw mah re-ackshun. "That's right. We're replacing one set of Russian mobsters with another. I used to be much more of a Boy Scout, but sadly enough, I realized that the world doesn't exist in black and white any longer. Very often the people whom we considered scum before are actually the good guys and the so-called upstanding citizens are not... it's just very fortunate that we have such a high grade of criminal to work with here..."

Zack spoke up. "It's always a pleasure helping you out, Paul... but if you'll excuse us, I'm sure that Rico, Ray and Benjie here have some unsuspecting white boys to assault and rape..."

"Get out of here, Gauthier... and please thank Lucio for me. Once again, you and yours have pulled our nuts out of the fire. I don't know what this country would do without  you."

He wav'd hiz hand az da five ov uz left. At da end ov da hallway, Rico push'd uz inta anotha room an' pull'd da door shut. Benjie slamm'd him 'gainst da wall. Hiz nose wuz flarin' an' he wuz mad az hell.

"Why da fuq didn' you tell uz wat wuz goin' down?"

"Ah couldn'. Same way you couldn' talk 'bout yo' transfo'mayshun, Ah couldn' tell you da truth. It wuz impo'tant fo' da Resnikovs... an' Adrian... an' you... tah b'leeve you wuz 'xactly wat you wuz - ovvasex'd street-wize bruthas wiff long crim'nal recordz who wuz willin' tah do anythin' to anyone fo' da money. You not only hadda act da part, you hadda live da part. Ah'm sorry Ah had tah treat you da way Ah did - bowff ov you - but Ah didn' hav any choice, either."

Cap'n Morgan spoke up. "This whole 'Exchange Program" of yours was an brilliant idea, Ray. Along with Namisato's inspiration of giving you criminal records, it's providing us an amazingly rich resource of ready-to-go felons that we can always bring online for operations...." He wink'd an' grinn'd. "Undercover or otherwise... this venue is perfect for developing and enhancing those capabilities spelled out in their rap sheets... and the uptick in the COMPSTAT numbers is a fully acceptable consequence."

Fuuucckkk... da guyz dat b'came bruthas an' got inta da real bad shit wuz worth d'eir weight in gold now... an' it looks like it ain't gonna be a one-time operashun neither...

 Zack put hiz hand on Morgan'z shoulda. "You want to give them the release words, Tanner?"

"Of course. Easter. Glock. Mustard."

I felt the same short, dizzying sense of dislocation when Rico - no, Sarge - had began the transformation process those many months ago.

Cap turned to Benjie and me. "You're aware that Zack does a good deal of work for Salvatore Giudice, but the organization based here is just part of a more extensive, worldwide network. There are people and parts of it that operate outside of the law in their own self-interest, but far more often than not, those interests are for the best reasons in the long run. Yvgeny doesn't need to be aware of Zack's transformation services; Paul was made aware of the process with Reardon here, but he's not volunteering any information either. We also made sure he's not exactly certain if you two are actually African-American felons or not."

"Iz dat who dis 'Lucio' iz, Cap?" Christ... was that the guy at my wedding?

Zack nodded and grinned. "I have to do a little more work on Rico here. Since we designed him to look almost like Adrian, he's going to go the rest of the way and assume Weaver's identity for a while to ease Yvgeny's transition, then 'disappear'.

"My brother is going to do a post-mortem interrogation on Weaver's corpse and we'll provide that information to Adrian version 2.0 here..." Cap paused. "After nearly a year since being converted forcibly into black gang-bangers, I'm sure you two must be more than ready to become yourselves again. I can speak for the entire Four-One that we've missed you both."

I pursed my thick lips. "Ah guess. Itz gonna be an a'justmen' not bein' a brutha no mo' ... any mo'..." It felt good to be able to actually speak and think in normal English again, although my diction wouldn't improve much until I had my own lips back. "Ah've gotten so comfo'table bein' me - Ah mean, 'Rayshawn Johnson' - dat Ah don' know wat itz gonna be like bein' white agin, Cap. Da detailz ov mah old life are really hazy now, Sir..." My memories of being 'Charlie Hawke' didn't feel as credible as Ray's implanted ones - it was almost like I was going to be slipping into another fake identity... previously, I was a submissive, cock-hungry latino hustler and this time, I would be a young white cop, but the "real" me was the unrepentant and murderous black felon I was now.

"You two are going to need some time to decompress and readjust. Take all that's necessary. No questions asked."

"And no expense spared, either..." Zack grinned. "Lucio is picking up the tab."

"Wat's gonna happen when 'Adrian' leaves fo' good, Sir?"

"Altschuler will  take over as his replacement. He's been requesting to undergo the Transformation permanently, so we're going to allow it. With the concomitant criminal history, implanted memories and deep conditioning to prevent any exposure of the process. 'Dannell Stewart' will be the new manager here. I'm sure Yvgeny and he will get along quite well."

Sarge spoke up. "Mah truck'z outside. Letz get da hell outta here an' ovva tah Zack'z. We got sum transfo'mationz tah git dunn..."

* * *
Zack removed Ray's hair first. I held onto two electrodes while a short, but intense jolt retracted the nano-anchoring fins on the artificial hair shafts. He then applied a smooth gel which quickly hardened into a thick, rubbery consistency; he then lifted the hair from my face, brows and head. It was unnerving to see the dye come off my body; the extensive tats and the dark skin disappeared to be replaced by my original skin tone and the two detailed inkings on my now more-massive deltoids. The nose ring came out next, and I was shocked to find myself missing it.

I stared at the man in the mirror - a hairless, black-featured thug with lightly tanned skin - and at some level, regretted no longer being the cocky Nubian lowlife I had been for these many, many months. I actually wouldn't have minded looking like this version of Vin Diesel for the rest of my life...after all, there was something to be said about being a drop-dead handsome light-skinned black felon... look at Jeffrey Meeks...

The eye color change was equally unsettling - Zack put in some drops and I watched as my nearly black irises melt away to reveal my original dark sapphire eyes; he sprayed some cinnamon-flavored fluid down my throat and within minutes my voice had regained it's low tenor register.

"Ready for the remolding?"

"Yeah, Ah guess. Cain't be goin' out lookin' like dis, right?"

Zack pursed his lips. "At some point, I think we can arrange for a limited-time transformation to 'Ray' again... but lets see how things turn out..."

The dark-haired artist then applied the plasticity compound to my hands and feet and clamped on the molds. Dental plates were next and finally, the material was applied to my head and face and I settled myself onto the table as the front half of the mold that would re-create 'Charlie Hawke' descended and darkness enveloped me.

* * *

Zack's Warehouse
Several weeks later

It was a full three weeks before I stopped being startled by my new (or rather, my original) reflection in the mirror. Benjie - no... Tony... felt the same way. We were staying with Zack as we readjusted to our previous existences - and minus the constant adrenaline rush of being Nubian thugs one arrest away from a life in prison. Despite the fact that we were no longer the black gang-bangers we had been, both of us still felt more comfortable wearing the plugs in our asses and cocks as well as the bling in our ears and on our hands and wrists. My wedding band glinted gold among the shiny steel of my other jewelry. Our hair had started to grow back again, and we both were sporting short, dark fuzz on our heads.

Sarge - now Adrian's doppleganger - had come in with Bobby Altschuler yesterday. That now-former cop had been transformed back into the oversexed muscle brutha 'Dannell  Stewart' earlier in the week, and the treatments he received last night made the changes to his appearance and DNA permanent; he had received the implanted memories as well and the conditioning assured he would never be able to vocalize the changes wrought on him to anyone but us. Dani was overjoyed with becoming a Nubian once more (and for good this time) and being the new manager at the Greasetank. As before, he possessed an extensive criminal record, which was the perfect complement to his new position.

After the incident with myself and the snuff film, Dani had calmed down considerably and I agreed with Sarge and Cap that he'd make an excellent addition to the S&M venue. The three of us - Dani, Tony and myself - had celebrated his good fortune by a heavy-duty session of sucking, fucking and fisting that had left all of us sore, exhausted but content. We had fallen asleep on the large platform bed together and continued our escapades in the showers before inserting our plugs and heading down this morning. Sarge had been Reverted back to his old (white) self as well; just bald as a cue ball for the moment.

Tony and Zack had gone out to get supplies for tonight's Initiation. I was nursing a second large mug of coffee when Dani sauntered in. He was wearing his leathers already: a bulldog harness accented the massive slabs of his pecs and shredded six-pack and the black leather jock-pouch was already stuffed to overflowing. Slouched white socks peeked above some well-polished Corcorans, and as he passed me to pour himself a mug, I saw the button of the massive metal plug pressed tightly against his dark pucker. A light coat of oil gleamed on his dark skin.

"What's on your schedule today, Dani?"

The newly re-minted black man stretched. His dreds draped over his shoulders as he rotated his neck and I could hear the vertebrae 'pop' with the movement. "Ah'm headin' ovva tah da Greasetank afta Ah work out. Yvgeny an' Ah wanna look at expandin' out sum ov dat empty space fo' some mo' playroomz."

He gave me a toothy white grin. "Dat Russian iz one vig'rous fucka... we bowff cain't get enuf ov each otha... What'chu gonna do?"

"More of the same. Work out some, relax. Go out to lunch. Walk around a bit." Zack was adamant about the importance of getting back out in public as a white man and getting back to doing everyday activities like shopping and interacting with people as my previous Caucasian self. I hadn't been back to the Four-One since my Reversion, and tonight would be the first time I would be seeing the guys again as a white man and police officer.

He sat down across from me. "You seen Mattie yet?"

I bit my lip and shook my head. "I still don't feel comfortable in my own skin, Dani. That's a laugh, isn't it? I was a hard-core black thug for so long, it just feels wrong being white again." I twisted the gold ring on my finger. "I... I don't want to be with Mattie until I feel better about myself. At least I'm not thinking of him an a prime candidate for castration and enslavement any longer..."

His large dark hand firmly grasped my squared jaw. "Heart-tah-heart time, Charlie. It ain't gonna git easier da longa you wait. Bein' wiff yo' husband is da best way tah get back tah feelin' you iz you agin. Ray-Ray iz alwayz gonna be a part ov you now, bro... same way Bobby still alwayz gonna be a part ov me. But dat don' mean Ah cain't enjoy da life Ah hav. Same goez fo' you."

I sighed. "Thanks for the advice, Dani. I'll give him a call today." The dieseled black felon got up and tipped my head back for a deep kiss. He gave me a wink and sauntered out of the kitchen.

He was right. I pulled out my phone and dialed Mattie. After two rings, he picked up.

"Hello?" He sounded cautious.

"Mattie? It's... Charlie..." There was a hushed expectancy on the line.

"It's over, Mattie. The undercover operation. I'm back. I'm me again." 'Me' still felt more like Ray-Ray than Charlie, but to a lesser extent. "I was wondering if... if I could stop by and take you out for lunch? Uncle Nick's, maybe?"

"Of course! Let me clear my calendar! Are you alright? You don't sound quite yourself."

"I still don't feel quite like myself. Yet. It's been a few weeks since I've been a gang-banger, but I want to see you... and hold you in my arms again." I was feeling more like his husband by the minute.

"You can't imagine how long I've been waiting to hear your voice again, Amor! Dios, I've missed you every minute of every day. It was hell not knowing where you were or if you were even alive! Where are you?"

"I've been at Zack's - recuperating. It's been slow. And it hasn't been easy. I'll see you by twelve?"

"Perfect! Oh, Charlie... you've made me the happiest man alive! At last, I'll have you in my life again!"

I felt warm all over. "Same here, Mattie. See you then. I... I love you."

I hung up the phone and let out a sigh of relief. Then I grinned. I got up and stretched; as I did, I felt the heavy plug in my ass shift and my steel-shafted cock twitched as it thickened as the ball at its tip rubbed against my suddenly tight rowers. I guess I won't need these any more. I headed up to the bedroom to remove the steel and get dressed to meet my husband.

* * *

It’s funny how things stick in your mind. I had read a Star Trek novel called “Killing Time” in 1985 where the Romulans use time travel to alter reality in order to prevent the Federation from ever being created. What happened, however, was that the Federation was created in any event, but by the Vulcans instead of Humans. The USS Enterprise became the VSS ShiKahr; Captain Kirk goes to sleep and wakes up as Ensign Kirk, a drug-addled ex-convict that has only been aboard for a day.

This was the underlying theme for the “Maelstrom” story arc. Some events and occurrences become so impressed upon the fabric of reality that they cannot be removed – only changed to a greater or lesser extent. The changes wrought upon Charlie in “Something Wicked This Way Comes”; the whole raiding and destruction of the Greasetank and the human trafficking ring, the interactions between Adam Howell and Andrew DaVinci - was something that could NOT be eradicated from the main “reality” of my secondary world – they had changed form, but still, they HAD TO occur.
Ah'm fuckin' HOT an' Ah know it!!!

As with the other stories involving this type of transformation, one of the hardest areas was developing (and maintaining) the ghetto patois of Zack Gauthier's "speshul" thugs. My goal (and I hope it was accomplished) was to have the reader appreciate the language de-evolution, but still be able to understand what was being said. Sometimes, the spelling of certain words did not follow what I wanted them to sound like; hence, little tweaks here and there where some words were less "thuggier" than others.

Adam Howell and Andrew DaVinci make a guest appearance in this story; these two were also featured in the AU "Something Wicked This Way Comes" - and I am working out some story lines in my head to bring these two together. Adam, of course, is still an ATF agent; Andrew may be an optician or optometrist - I have yet to self-approve his back story.

So stay tuned... and once again, thank you all for reading the stories here and visiting the blog!