Monday, August 15, 2016

Locker room art

Archie Brandt (currently transformed into the black thug Donte McIntyre) decided to have some fun with the rest of the fellas at the Four-One. So, one night after the third shift had left the locker room, Donte put up this poster:

It got a lot of laughs, but the amount of man-on-man action with the tranformed muscle-bruthas tripled after it got put up...

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Video Study #5: The Superhero from Metamorphose Masks

I am following up my photo review of Yves Gravelle's mask with a video review. You can see the eye and lip fitment for yourself - extremely well done.

Unlike his "Soul Man" mask, the "Superhero" is cut tighter and I did not need any padding. The mask has the most well-developed pecs and traps I have ever seen on a mask, yet it is comfortable to wear. I had asked Yves for a bit of a more villainous cast to this mask, and let him develop the character - I love what he did with the eye scar and the facial hair.

The character of "Yvgeny Umaskaya"  (and no pun intended with the last name!) is a perfect fit to this new face - as the former head of the Malina (the Ukrainian Mafia), he fits in perfectly with my other bad guys!


Monday, August 8, 2016

Photo Study #29: Ukrainian Muscle - Evgeny Umaskya

One of Lucio Giambi's most trusted lieutenants, Yvgeny was a Ukrainian crime boss in his own right. Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control or comprehension, the stone-cold killer's life was saved by the young American crime lord. Yvgeny emigrated to America and uses any means necessary to restrict access of the Russian Mafia to Lucio's current or future businesses.

This is the "Superhero" mask developed by Yves Gravelle of Metamorphose Masks. I had initially been a little put off by the mask as it looked a little too rough around the edges to really be a superhero (again, I can't help but think of Henry Cavill in "Man of Steel" as a comparison).


But a villain... now, THAT'S a perfect use for this mask, and hence the back story. Yvgeny will be making an appearance in a story to come, so stay tuned!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Photo Study #28: The Unbearable Redness of Being

I've been wanting to get a red latex catsuit for a while... A long time ago, there was a guy on one of the now defunct gear fetish sites that had slipped one on and was OBVIOUSLY having a wonderful time. Then recently, I came across this pic:

which made up my mind to go for it. My regular "go-to" places such as STR and Spexter did have the latex in the correct color, but not the zippers - which was a big disappointment for me.

So I went on ebay and found a vendor called "Aqualatex." I had previously bookmarked a Green Lantern suit from them and contacted the firm to ask if this could be done. The original picture had been photoshopped to remove part of the shoulder zips and make it look like a single piece suit, but the folks there decided to do a standard shoulder-zip with attached gloves and socks. We would also do a separate mask with a long neck to hide a portion of the zippers.

The mask has very small (almost micro-perf) pepperpot eyes and nostrils only - I wanted this to promote more of an "alien" look. I also got a 4-way zipper at the crotch should I feel like ordering a pair of sheath shorts later on.

I also decided to get a matching gasmask for the suit. Surprisingly, even with just the nostril holes, breathing through the gasmask was quite easy. 

My final purchase to complete the look is a pair of red rubber Converse high-tops! Can't wait to get them!