Sunday, July 8, 2018

Il volto dell'Italia

CreaFX is a silicone mask maker based in Italy, and I've been intrigued by their masks for a while now. Two of the things that made me hesitant however, were two of the most important things in a mask - ears and eye fit.

From the pictures I had seen, the ears looked a bit... unformed... and the eyeholes always seemed to be cut a bit too large.

I was also warned that the mask is thin - about half the thickness of a CFX mask. Supposedly, this makes the mask more flexible on your face. After my experience with the Asian mask from RealMaskMaster, this sort of set off some warning bells, but I figured, "If it's a tighter fit, it should be okay."

The tipping point was some pictures of the mask being worn by the guy who runs the "Adam Chang" page on Facebook. It really looked good as far as the eyeholes went. So I contacted the company and placed an order. I also asked if they could possibly reduce the size of the eyeholes.

This was also my first purchase from Italy, and I was surprised that there was some customs duty on it. Not a lot - about $31USD - but I've never had to pay duty on anything from overseas before - Germany, Austria, UK, China, etc.

When I opened the package, I was very surprised at how light the mask was. It was thin - probably as thin as the RealMaskMaster - but definitely had a more substantial texture to it.

And then I tried it on.


The eyeholes were too big on the outer edges and the ears appeared to be a little too low and a little too forward. I can't believe that I just wasted money on another poorly made mask. And because it was so thin, I had also had CreaFX hair it as I was afraid my regular hair guy could pull it out of shape. Good money after bad.

Now, this was when I got home from work and was a bit sticky from the commute home. At that point, I was figuring to put it on sale and take a loss. With the Euro exchange rate, there would be no way in hell for me to recoup my purchase price. So for the sales photo shoot the next day, I washed up right before, put a little bit of talcum in the mask and put it back on.

What a difference a clean, dry face makes!

The mask being as thin as it is requires a bit more fiddling on the face to get it just right. Heavier masks (Immortal, CFX, Realflesh, Metamorphose, Studio135, Evolution, ShatteredFX - basically all the North American manufacturers) have a tendency to settle onto your face immediately with a minimal adjustment necessary. The "Frank" mask also has an adjustable nose bridge (much smaller than the other manfacturers' ones) so again, more fiddling is required to get a decent fit.

I will be the first to admit that ear sculpting is one of the hardest things in designing a mask, but the ears here don't lend themselves on being seen in their altogether - you really need a wig on this mask to disguise them a bit. With the ear issue resolved somewhat; the eyes were much better, but still could have been cut smaller on the outer edges - see the area in red below...

Quality of the hairing was good, but not great. I guess I'm spoiled rotten with my hair guys here. I send them reference pics and I get exactly what I asked for. Or better. Here, I sent CreaFX some specific pics for a very short-cut beard stubble, and I was informed that they couldn't go that short, but would make it as short as possible.

The eyebrows and beard were done well, but not 100% of what I was looking for. Also, the sealing on the beard is a few generations back from the North American process. Here, the hair is kept longer on the inside, steamed flat, and then a thin layer of silicone is used to produce a smooth surface on the inside. The CreaFX mask left a very short bit on the inside without any smooth sealing. This has the potential to become very itchy, but thankfully, the hair used in the "Frank" mask did not do that.

The bib on the mask is also very small. You can get away with the collar button and one button open on a shirt. Because of the thinness of the mask, however, there is a tendency when you move your head forward and down that you will get some minor wrinkling.

To summarize, here are the pros and cons of the CreaFX mask

  • Well made
  • Well painted
  • Well seamed/flashed
  • Nose is good with a small, adjustable bridge
  • Lip fitment is good. About 7/10 on the Silva scale 
  • Mask thinness does not subtract from a well-made feeling. Actually a bit cooler to wear.
  • Fit around the face and head is very good

  • Ears could be little better placed, but can be adjusted to look okay. Ear design is still below North American standards. The necessity of wearing a wig is higher with this mask
  • Eyeholes are definitely too big. They need to be reduced by about 2mm on the outer edge. Judicious adjustment of the mask to place the ears helps fix (but not remove) the eyehole issue in conjunction with adjusting the nose bridge.
  • Short bib can produce some neck wrinkling. 
  • Requires more "fiddling" once on to achieve a realistic look

Overall, I'd give this a 7.5-8/10.

But this is not up to my expectations and I'm selling it.


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Photo Study #36: Night of the Comet

It all happened the night of that falling star. When the young'uns brung home some of them dark green shiny stones we didn't think nuthin' of it... that is, until the cattle starting gettin' sick ... first, they fell over and couldn't barely breathe ... then them sores came. Big, big, bloody sores all over them. Never healed up, but they did. Weren't the same neither... mean as the devil and stronger than God himself. We had to put them down - but it was hard - damned hard. Them cattle was our lifeblood; killing them was gonna destroy us as well, but we had to do it.

Some of that sickness must've gotten to us as well, as we was burning them carcasses. Harry Johnson was the first and the same thing happened to him. Soon as the weakness left him, he was like a raging bull - killed his entire family, left his homestead and came into town. Slaughtered fifteen people before someone threw a torch on him and he lit up like a tar-soaked rag.

It spread to the rest of us ... and now I'm the only one left. I'm stronger than 20 men now, and fast as a blaze of lighting. I can see sharper than a hawk even if'n I don't have no eyes left. And I can see just as easy in complete darkness. But I know I'm damned to Hell for the things I've done. The madness left me after a few weeks, but it was replaced by a hunger for human flesh that got worse and worse. Only thing that's left of a town of 200 people is a pile of gnawed bones. I locked myself up in jail, hopin' that the good Lord would put me out of my misery and let me die, but I just ripped the steel door off its hinges when a black rage came over me.

I don't know what I'm gonna do - I can't control myself no more and the next town - full of people ...  full of MEAT - is only two weeks away by horse... I can probably get there now in a day or so...

* * *
Something about the "Crater Face" by Immortal Masks just called out to me. I'm not generally a monster person, but this definitely was one I wanted to get.

I also somehow got a 1800's western vibe when I decided to do this shoot, hence the sepia tintype look of most of the photos.

Paint job is gorgeous, and overall fit is excellent. Fit across the bridge of the nose is amazingly comfortable, and lip fitment is excellent. Can't really say anything about the eye fit as it doesn't have eyes per se...

This is my FIRST Immortal, but I'm sure it won't be my last! Here are some pics without the sepia and tintype effect as well, just to show off the detailing and paintjob.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Pinup Boys

Gregg sighed as traffic slowed and stopped ... again.

"Fuck it. I'm getting off at the next exit. We'll take the service road to the Queensboro Bridge..."

* * *
The van pulled into a gas station. Eddie Ramos got out and stretched as the photographer filled the tank. The young Latino rolled his neck and could hear the 'pop' of the bones realigning themselves. He had enjoyed his day "playing hooky" from the Four-One and being Transformed from his previous existence as the black-haired and blue-eyed police officer 'Charlie Hawke'.

"Greg!!" The dark-haired photographer turned around to be embraced by a tall, powerfully built man in a tank shirt and jeans.

"Uncle Rod! What are you doing here?"

"Same as you. Filling up before I head to the station." Eddie noticed the Maltese cross on the shirt over a well-developed pec and the large gasmask and helmet tattoo running down a powerful arm. Fireman.

"Johnny! Eddie! This is my uncle Rodrigo Torres! He's a Fire Captain. This is Johnny and Eddie - we were doing a shoot out at Westbury Gardens. Traffic was so bad, I just got off at the next exit I could." The men shook hands and the fireman gave both younger men a knowing grin as his eyes traveled over their well-developed physiques. And lingered on their bulges before moving up again.

"Having fun, I see... why didn't you stop by the station? You could have gotten some great shots there as well..." He gave Eddie another lascivious look. "We definitely have some gear for Eddie..." and chuckled as he winked at the smaller man. "...though we may be hard-pressed to find anything for this pipsqueak here..."

Johnny laughed. "Greg, let's do it. We're not going to get back into the city until late anyway, so what's another hour or so, right?"

"You've got a point." He turned to the older man. "You up for it?"

Rodrigo nodded. "As long as we don't get a call..."

* * *
Greg followed his uncle's car to the firehouse. It was a large brick building, and the firefighters on duty were as handsome and as well-muscled as their captain. Several were in the process of washing one of the large vehicles - the men were half naked and gleaming with a combination of sweat and suds.


"C'mon fellas! Let's get you kitted out!" Greg remained behind to set up the equipment and began chatting with several of the firemen on duty; obviously he was extremely well-known to them given the level of physical intimacy between them.

The captain moved over to the side of the building where the bunker jackets and pants were hung up. He moved through the rack and picked out a bottom and a top for the powerfully-built young Latino.

"Those should fit you fine - a little on the loose side to show off for Greg..." He looked down at the young man's sneakers. "Eleven and a half?"


The fireman grabbed a pair of boots and a helmet. "Put those on." Eddie stripped down to this thong and sat down to slide on the bunker pants. Rodridgo stopped him. "Take off everything, son ... " He grinned. "...the pics will look better that way... plus the fellas here like showing off, too... Greg does an 'unofficial' calendar with them every year."

Then he turned to Johnny Kane. And shook his head. "You're just not big enough to be one of our firemen, stud... let's see what else we can do for you..."

* * *
Greg smudged a little bit of dark makeup on Eddie's face and then stood back to look at the results.

"Niiice... we're going to have some great shots here. Give me a serious look..."

"Perfect!!!" The other firefighters shouted encouragement and whistled in appreciation as Eddie posed for the camera. The muscular young Latino could see from the bulges in their shorts that they were as enthusiastic as he was about the shoot. Maybe we can get a little action with some of these guys before we leave...

The photographer continued snapping, as Eddie moved around the interior of the station. Greg motioned him to move towards the fire engine.

"Great, Eddie! Great! Now, take off that jacket and slide those suspenders off your shoulders..."

"But these pants are gonna slide off, Greg ..." He looked around at the other men in the station, who were grinning back expectantly at him.


One of the other fireman laughed. "Go ahead, bud! Ain't nothing we haven't seen before in the showers ...  or stretched over the rec room table!"

The catcalls increased in volume as the bunker pants slid down and exposed his smooth, muscular ass. Eddie chuckled and grew stiff as the encouragement amped up.

"Hey! Keep that serious face on... Yes!!! Keep it up!" The camera kept going. Several more shots were taken with Ramos posing with only bunker pants and helmet; with these, Greg allowed him to show a bit of a shy smile.

"Perfect!!! Now, let's get some with Johnny..."

One of the firefighters spoke up. Frank Delvano had intense brown eyes surmounted with thick sculpted brows and a razor-cut stubble on his chiseled face.

"We don't have anything small enough for him, Greg. I'm the smallest guy here..."

Another fireman piped up and fondled his crotch. "But not where it counts, Frank!!"

Frank chuckled and continued. "... but we can do some semi-FDNY shots of him..."

Greg quirked an eyebrow. "Hmmm ... show me..."

* * *
"Wider stance, Johnny ... perfect!" The smaller model shifted his feet and looked into the lens. Greg fired off a number of shots. Kane was leaning against one of the white emergency vans doing a front double-biceps pose using his knotted shirt as a way to tense his arms and increase the size of his guns.

"Dog shots next... Jeez, why didn't I think of that???" Johnny pulled on a pair of jeans and Greg sprayed the model's body with some vegetable oil spray. Once he was satisfied with the gleam coming off the muscular body, he added some darker makeup to smudge both Kane's face and torso. The model held out his arms and gave a whistle.

"Harriet! Time for hugs!"

At that, a large pit bull puppy - nearly fully grown - gave a happy bark and jumped into his arms, joyfully licking his cheeks.

"Ooomph!!! You're heavier than you look!" Kane laughed and wiped the slobber off of his face and rearranged the dog in his arms.

Frank laughed - "She's a complete mush and still thinks she's a puppy... always wants to be on someone's lap... rub her stomach and she'll go completely still..."

Greg chuckled as well. "Okay, you two - give me some nice pics!" The camera whirred as model and mascot posed with pics. Johnny stroked the thick neck. Harriet turned her head and gave him a happy squeal, a big smile splitting her muzzle. Kane laughed and held her closer, giving her a kiss on the top of her head.

* * *

"Frank, you're amazing! You've got a fantastic eye!"

The firefighter grinned. "I try. I've had good teachers... being in your annual calendar for five years running has given me some idea of what gives the viewer a boner..."

Johnny was stretched out in the partially-filled vintage tub at the firehouse - he was soaking wet and wearing only a t-shirt that had become translucent on his powerful physique; he stretched it down to cover his package as he grinned at the two men. "After being out in this weather, being in a tub feels like heaven...."

"These will look great with the other bathroom shots of you and Eddie!" The camera kept shooting as Greg moved around the tub, capturing different angles and different patterns and planes of light on the prone porn star.

"Plus, it's a great way to cool off!" Eddie had stretched himself under the shower and let the cool water play over his naked body; despite the temperature of the water, he was engorged and swollen with lust. Greg spun around to take pictures of the naked young Latino as Johnny stepped out of the tub and began to dry off. After a few more minutes of shooting, the photographer motioned Eddie to towel off and get dressed as well.

He pulled Frank into a strong hug. "Thanks for the inspiration! It's about time we headed back to the city - the traffic should have lightened up by now. I have to work out with Uncle Rod when I can get all of you studs together for next year's calendar!"

* * *

I was thinking of a firehouse photoshoot in the original entry, but I felt that I was starting to lose myself (and the story itself) in the weeds, so I cut it out and finished up.

I did, however, want to explore the situation, so I figured I'd do an "add-on to the add-on" for that story.

I never get tired of looking at Raciel Castro (aka "Eddie Ramos") and the always sultry Johnny Kane!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Club Sabroso

Benjie had given me some pills before I went to bed, and despite the body aches I had from the beatings at the Greasetank, I quickly fell asleep with his dark arms around me and his horsecock up my chute. I woke up the next morning - alone in bed - and stretched. Surprisingly, I felt much better and to my amazement, much of the bruising was already gone; the remainder was in the yellow-green-light purple stage of healing. I still had a pretty dark shiner, though.

I got up - stiffly - and shuffled into the bathroom. Despite the circumstances, I grinned looking into the mirror - I marveled at the new process Zack had used in turning me into the Latino slaveboi 'Eddie Ramos' - other than my blue eyes, everything that had made me 'Charlie Hawke' was gone; my facial features had been remolded, my own ink was gone, my skin was now a medium-light mocha brown, my fingerprints had been changed, and even my teeth were different - my old self wouldn't be coming back until Zack put me through the Reversion process. I washed up, showered, styled my short, damp hair with some gel and left the room with just a towel wrapped around my waist.

Benjie was eating a bowl of cereal when I walked into the small, dingy kitchen and my partner gave me a bright white grin on his dark face. He was naked except for multiple steel cock rings and a cap pulled backwards on his head.

" 'Mornin' stud ... yo' bruises don' look dat bad in da light... How you feelin'?"

"Better than I thought. What did you give me last night?"

He quirked an eyebrow. "You don' wanna know. Sumpthin' dat Rico an' me sellz on da street fo' a lotta money. You hungry?" He went to the refrigerator and took out some orange juice. The silvery end of his buttplug gleamed between his muscular glutes.

"Starving." I sat down and poured some cereal into a bowl. He tipped my head up and gave me a kiss on the lips.

"Ah 'preciate wat you dunn fo' Dani, but dat wuz fuckin' stoopid, Eddie. You cooda got killed las' nite an' no one wooda known. Did'chu tell Mattie wat you wuz doin'?"

Eddie, not Charlie. I felt more like the naive Latino hustler I appeared to be rather than the cop I had been. I guess that was coming through loud and clear.

"I told him some of it, but not about the snuff film. And not about the Transformation. I didn't want to worry him."

He grunted. "Yeah. Disappearin' fo' good woodn' worry him none, huh??"

"I know. It was stupid. But I had to pull Dani back from the edge. No one else could do it. The other bruthas at the station begged me to turn him around. I think it worked."

"Ah hope so. But it ain't yo' fault Dani turned out t'be one crazy nigga. We got secund watch t'day, so's you gotz sum time tah git yo' shit t'gether. Rico iz fuckin' mad az hell at'chu fo' missin da 'Nitiation las' nite... 'tween him an' Mattie, Ah woodn' wanna be you right now."

I crunched my cereal. I was more afraid of Mattie at this point than I was of Rico... Sarge. And that was saying a lot. Since his own Conversion into a Nubian criminal, Sargeant Jamie Reardon wasn't the same man. Everyone was terrified of him.

"By dah way, Zack stopp'd by early dis mornin' wiff sum stuff fo' you. He sed you shood lookit ovva befo' you goez inta da stayshun t'day."

Despite the bruising, I was horny as hell. "Thanks for taking care of me last night, Benjie. And letting me stay here..." I reached out and stroked his powerful, dark-skinned arm. "You up for some action?"

Benjie stood up. His massive horsecock was already hard and leaking. He rubbed his steel-shod tool and gave me a lascivious once-over, licking his thick lips. "Mmm-mmm-mmm... you iz one HOT fuckin' bottom-boi now... an' you don' look more'n seventeen neither... Yeah, Ah wanna fill dat jailbait Latino ass ov yo's agin wiff mah man-meat bad... real bad..."

I pulled off the towel; I was achingly erect as well. I put the glasses and bowls in the sink and stretched myself gingerly over the table.

* * *

After getting pounded by Benjie, my ribs ached and I had flopped back on the bed to recuperate. My partner had gone out to get some lunch for us before we headed to the precinct. There was a large bubble envelope waiting for me on the living room sofa. I eased myself down and tore it open. In it were several envelopes, a few pairs of contacts and some eyedrops. I slit the envelope labeled, "Open Me First" and started to read.


Given the beatings you experienced last night, I'm not comfortable Reverting you back to yourself for at least two weeks - which means you're going to need some additional ID and cards for a while. They are in the envelope labeled "Additional Info". I've also included a couple of pairs of brown contacts for you. They aren't as dark as your "Ray-Ray" versions had been, but dark enough. While you don't have to use them, I'd advise that you do to avoid any undue attention when you're out in public.

Also, since you're going to be a Latino for a while, I'm going to also ask you to do one more thing for me, the guys at the Four-One and yourself. While you were out cold, I implanted some artificial memories for your Latino alter-ego in case your "investigation" needed it (and I am still teed off you didn't trust me enough to tell me what you were really doing). I need you to activate those now as a safety precaution for all of us.

So that's where that lost hour went. I continued reading.

Open the red envelope and memorize the words on the enclosed card. Put in the contacts, then look at yourself in the mirror and recite the words. The memories will unlock. Then open the final envelope.

I'll be checking your healing progress, so when I'm satisfied, you'll be back to yourself.



I opened the "Additional Info" envelope to find several additional items for 'Eduardo Ramos', as well as my (revised) NYPD ID, new credit cards, drivers license, library card and some other pieces of plastic and metal. My regular wallet was already at home, so I put these into the one that I had tucked into my pocket when I went to Dani's apartment yesterday.

Then I opened the red envelope and removed one of Zack's business cards. On the back were three words - "Aardvark", "Yahoo" and "Gunslinger". Easy enough.

I pushed myself off the bed and headed back into the bathroom. I hadn't bothered with the towel. I washed my hands thoroughly and slipped the contacts into my eyes. My vision blurred for a moment as I adjusted to the lenses. Zack was right - my eyes were now a soft, medium brown and they blended perfectly into my appearance; the deep sapphire blue color had been quite striking - and very memorable. Not something I really wanted to accomplish - for now, it was more important for me to just blend in until I was back to being myself. Now, someone looking at me would just see a muscular, handsome-as-fuck young Latino and think nothing of it.

 Here it goes. I looked at myself in the mirror. "Aardvark", "Yahoo" "Gunslinger" ...

"¡Carajo!" I gripped the sides of the sink as a barrage of memories flooded over and thru me. I was born in Cuba and came here (illegally) when I was two. My parents were dead; I was raised by an aunt and while I wasn't considered the brightest bulb in the chandelier, I was very strong and good-natured. I loved working out. And I loved getting fucked. I loved having a macho papi split me open or take a thick pija down my throat. I had never been arrested for anything - just some minor scrapes with the law and I worked at a local gym. I wasn't a criminal. I was a nobody.

"Dios!!" Maybe if I said the words again, I'd be back to normal. I couldn't remember them. 

"Chingame... what am I gonna do?" I ran back out to get Zack's card. I looked at the card and I saw words and the letters, but I couldn't make any sense of them. "FUCK!!!" 

At that moment, Benjie came back in. He was holding two big bags of Chinese takeout.  He had gone out wearing only his harness, Corcorans and a pair of shorts; a fine sheen of sweat now covered his dark skin and his bald head gleamed in the light. He saw the panicked look on my face.

"Wat's wrong, Eddie?"

"Papi, I'm really Eddie Ramos now! I got all these memories in my head! Growin up' in Cuba, comin' to the US, bein' brought up by my Aunt Teresa, livin' in Florida... All of this happened after I read Zack's letter..." I was also now speaking with a noticeable and thick Latino accent.

He put down the takeout. "Lemme see dat letter..." I handed him the sheet of paper and he nodded his head in understanding.

"You open da las' envelope yet?"

"No, I came outta the bathroom and I ..."

"It ain't nuthin', stud. Jus' sum proteck-shun fo' alla us... no need tah get upset..." He gave me a kiss and patted my ass. "Tell me... who you seen in da mirror las' Monday?"

"Charlie Hawke." Having that come out of my mouth quelled much of the panic I had been experiencing.

"See? Open da las' one."

I sat down on the couch and tore open the envelope.


If you're reading this letter,  you will have already followed my directions and spoke the control words in front of the mirror. For all intents and purposes now, you ARE "Eddie Ramos". You have all of his memories and experiences, while those of your original self are semi-sequestered away - present, but lacking any true basis in reality because the man you were no longer physically exists. Other than to the other officers at the Four-One and myself, you are completely unable to respond to your former name at all and you are unable to identify yourself as anyone else than the Latino you are now.  The only other exception would be anyone that you revealed yourself to after your Transformation but before you read the control words.

"Fuuuckk ..."


"Since I didn't tell Mattie what I was doin' with Dani an' I didn't tell him I was gettin' Transformed, Zack says I can't say nuthin' to him now. I can't tell no one that didn't know what I was gonna do and see me before I said the words. But me bein' 'Charlie Hawke' don't even seem real now - it's like he's someone I just heard about..."

I continued to read.

As far as your speech and mannerisms, again, similar rules as above apply.  You can only speak as the Latino you are now to anyone unaware of your Transformation, and you can only express your former identity with increasing difficulty to myself and the other officers at the Four-One the longer you remain "Eddie Ramos".

Enclosed you'll find some additional ID and passcards as well for your new job at the gym if you need them. 

See you in a few days,


"Well, dat ain't so bad ... Mattie wuzn' 'xpectin' you back fo' a few dayz, right?"

"Yeah, but Zack said it's gonna be at least TWO weeks..."

"Shee-it... Well, you can stayz here wiff me ... Ah cain tell Mattie you iz still undacovva..."

I grinned. "Thanks, Papi... I really appreciate it..."

Benjie sauntered over to the kitchen table and put the bags down. "C'mon ... letz eat. We gotz ta head ovva to da stayshun an' get you settled wiff Rico..."

* * *
A silence descended on the locker room when Benjie and I came in and a number of confused looks passed between the guys as I headed over to my locker. I grabbed the roll of masking tape and tore off a strip to cover my name and wrote "Ramos" in black marker. I opened my locker and stripped  down to my cock-ring and harness to put on my uniform.

I felt a light touch on my shoulder and turned around to see Donte McIntyre. His dark face was twisted in concern. "Wat da fuq happened to you, Charlie? Why iz you lookin' like dat?"

"My name's 'Eddie Ramos' right now, esse. Dani happened. I went with him to the Greasetank anoche and I got worked over. Almost got killed. By him. That shocked the fuck outta him. I think he's goin' to be okay now." I looked around. "Where is he?"

"Called in sick." He stroked the size of my face, sliding his fingers across my jawline and down my throat and stopped at the fake scar.  His jaw clenched in rage. "Did dat fucker cut you??"

I shook my head. "It's not real, but it can't come off. Yet. We can talk about it luego."

Donte gave me a bright white grin. "Goddamn... you iz one fuckin' HOT Latino, you know dat? Def'nitely jailbait. Mebbe you shood show da new you off tah Mattie an' you cain stayz dis way..." He chuckled.

"I didn't tell him 'bout last night or about the Conversion. So now I can't tell Mattie nuthin'... Zack set me up so I can't talk about what happened to me - or who I usta be - except to you guys and him."

"Shee-it... Ah'm sorry we putz you in dis pos-itshun, bruh."

I shook my head. "Shit happens, papi. I can't Change back neither 'til I heal up some."

"Who da fuq are you??" Rico Landry - the stone-cold muscle-brutha that had formerly been Sergeant Jamie Reardon - stood in the doorway to the locker room and glared at me. He looked past me to the open locker and his eyes grew wide. "Get da fuq in mah office!! NOW!!" When I hesitated, he strode over and in the blink of an eye, I was in a painful armlock and frog-marched away.

 * * *
I was shoved into the small office that the black thug shared with Sergeant Namisato and tripped; luckily I caught myself on the edge of his desk.

I turned around to face him. "Rico, I ..."

I didn't finish the sentence. I got a right uppercut and collapsed in a heap on the floor.

"So DIS iz wat'chu missed las' nite's 'Nitiation fo"? You went out az some fuckin' Latino bottum-boi?" I got a kick in the ribs and bit back a scream of agony. "An' you showz up t'day looking like you got da shit beat outta you? I hopez you had lotsa fun las' nite, 'cause you iz gonna git fuck'd an' fist'd like you nevva wuz befo' !!" He pulled off his shirt to reveal the black leather harness framing his massive and muscular torso.

I sat up - and bolts of pain shot through me - "Sarge, I ... I had to do something last night... an' I couldn't do it ... as ... as me..." I panted as I tried to explain.

Rico was muttering to himself. "Ah'm gonna fuck you to da shoulda till Ah cain't lift mah arm ... an' den Ah'm gonna haul yo' ass ovva to da Greasetank... lock you in a fuckin' SLING fo' a week ... mebbe two... jus' so  you knowz you fuck'd wiff da wrong brutha..." He strode around the desk and picked up the phone.

I hauled myself up using the desk and reached out to him. "Papi ... please... no... I can't... I can't go b-..."

The muscle-brutha pulled back his arm to punch me again.

"Stop this shit, Landry. Right NOW."

Rico froze. Captain Tanner Morgan stood in the doorway, Benjie behind him.

He strode up to the gang-banger and shoved him backwards. He stumbled and landed in his office chair.  There was a look of shocked amazement on his dark features. Cap's face was a mask of rage. He turned his head to Benjie, emerald eyes blazing.

"Get him a towel or some clothes and bring him up to my office, Cantrell."

"Yessuh!!" Benjie rushed in and gingerly helped me out of the office. He closed the door and we got the hell out of there.

* * *
"What the hell do you think you're doing? I know you've got to maintain the image of a police officer who's taken his Transformation into a low-life, violent, thug all the way, but this is going too damned far. Cantrell ran into my office and begged me to come down here. He was terrified you were going to kill Hawke." He paused. "That was Hawke, wasn't it? You didn't authorize a Transformation for him, did you?"

Landry's expression cycled through rage, fury and then resignation. "Ah cain't help mahself, Cap. Ah ain't da man Ah wuz no mo'. It ain't like Ah cain turn dis b'havior off, y'know. Ah iz a black thug inside an' out now - bein' a cop jus' don' feel real tah me neither. Ah ree-act like da crim'nal Ah iz - itz hard t'act any diff'rent now. An' Hawke dissed me las' nite. Ah hadda beat hiz ass fo' dat."

The black man got up and paced the small room. "An' no, Ah didn't give Charlie p'misshun fo' no Transfo'mayshun. Ah wuz mad az hell las' nite when he miss'd da 'Nitiation an' Ah jus' lost it when he comez in here t'day looking like sum beat-up Latino bottum.." He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Jeesus ... Benjie wuz right gittin' you... way Ah wuz feelin', Ah cooda beat 'im ta death..."

"I'll deal with Hawke."


"Ramos, then. He's a wild card. We're going to have to do him what we did to McLaren..."

A wolfish grin split Landry's bearded face. He licked his thick lips in anticipation.

"Don't look so happy. Wait a few weeks and then have Zack Transform him into Rayshawn Johnson again." Morgan headed towards the door. "Your behavior today and what's going to happen to him soon is going to really shake up the men." He shook his head. "God... I hate doing this, but it's necessary. I'll let you know what I find out."

"Yessuh. Time fo' me t'do roll call..."

* * *


Charlie Hawke - or rather 'Eddie Ramos' was sitting at my conference room table in a pair of briefs when I reentered my office. I was still mad as hell at the situation the young cop had put me - and himself - into, but I was determined to get the details of the matter.

"Are you alright?"

He looked anxious and gave me a weak smile. "Sí, Jefe - thanks for savin' my life. I think Rico wouldda really beat me to death if you didn't show up. Zack did something to mi cabeza..." He pointed to his head. "... I'm more 'Eddie Ramos' than 'Charlie Hawke' right now. I can't even tell Mattie que pasó or who I am. Was. Zack said he can't change me back hasta que I heal up some."

Damn, he was stunning. Zack had done a magnificent job in transforming the young officer into a ruggedly handsome, but obviously submissive Latino. His skin was a velvet-smooth light brown and a large detailed cross was inked over one massive upper arm. A pair of chunky CZ studs glittered in his ears. His lips were kissably full and that slight gap-toothed smile had me hard and aching. And he was speaking Spanglish unconsciously with an extremely sexy and noticeable accent. He also looked all of seventeen years old now.

"I want to know what happened and why you look this way."

"Sir, I ..." He squirmed uncomfortably.

"Did you commit any felony as the man you are now?"

"No, Jefe, I didn't..."

"Then whatever you tell me stays in this room."

The young Latino swallowed hard. "Some of the bruthas asked me to talk to Dani - Dannell Stewart. He's always liked me. I mean, Charlie. They said he was gettin' outta hand - really doin' some Class A an' B felony shit, Cap. An' not bein' careful about it. If he got arrested, he could spill the beans about what Zack is doing to us. Seems that the conditionin' we get when Zack changes us didn't take all the way with Dani. Rico has been ridin' him hard - even sent him to Rikers tres tiempos. Didn't help. Made him even worse. He talked to me 'bout what he was doin' ... and it was even worse than anyone wooda thought..."

Dannell Stewart - the Nubian alter-ego of Robert Altshuler. I hadn't known that Landry had incarcerated him several times. This aberration in his conditioning could have serious repercussions. That goddamned sonofabitch was always a major pain in the ass - even when he was a white man...

"What was he doing, Eddie?"

Ramos scrubbed his face before continuing. "He's been doin' snuff films, Jefe. He's been pullin' guys off the street or off the floor of the Greasetank. He rubbers them up, then a bunch of guys get filmed beatin' an' raping him toda la noche. Then they go into another area. A different set of guys continue and at the end - either Dani or Adrian - blows their brains out."

"Dear God in Heaven..." I was stunned at what I was hearing. I knew Zack's personality implantation process was terrifyingly thorough... but I never believed anyone could go this far.

I watched as the Latino's powerful back and glutes tense as he stood and starting pacing the room.

"It's my fault, Cap! I started this! Dani was goin' to do another snuff film last night, so I had Zack make me into his boi and I set myself up t'be the main attraction para la película. I told Dani that I could vanish last night an' nadie but him would know what happened to me. I put mi vida in his hands - I was hoping that he'd snap out of it and get back to normal."

He took a deep breath. "It was a close call, Jefe. I got to the segundo rodaje an' I got blinded an' hooded. I thought it was the end. I was scared to death. Seemed Dani decided at the last minnit to use blanks. I heard the explosion right next to mi oreja an' passed out. Next thing I knew, I was ovva someone's shoulder an' got dumped on a bed. I fell asleep an' then felt people gettin' me outta the rubber I was sealed into an' then I saw it was Zack and Benjie."

I was still digesting what he told me when I noticed the raised scar with suture marks on his throat.

"What's that?" I pointed to his neck.

"I had Zack gimme a fake scar. It was cover for me an' Dani. I told him to say that since I was his property, he cut my vocal cords an' Zack gave me something that stopped me from talking for about doce horas..."

"You were a goddamned moron to do that, Charlie ...  Eddie..." Of all the men at the precinct, he was the closest thing I would ever have to a son. I was so furious at him for taking those risks, I didn't even know what to call him right now.

The young Latino clenched his jaw and gave me a defiant look. "Lo siento, Jefe... but I made Dani the way he is, an' I hadda drag him back from the edge. He's ain't doin' any more snuff films."

Goddamnit... this conscience of his makes it even more important to get him out of the way. We can't have him jeopardize the operation with the FBI and Landry.

"Well, you're in no shape for patrol right now. I'm putting you on desk duty for a few days. Get dressed and come back up after you're in uniform."

* * *

Cap had me doing filing and utilization reports. Like most cops, I hated paperwork, and having to check and cross-check multiple sets of documentation was driving me stir-crazy; by the time two hours passed, I was ready to slit my wrists. My new memories made it even harder for me to concentrate as well. Even if I had to travel via brick wall, I needed to get out and get back on the street.

"Jefe, I can't take this... please lemme go back out on patrol..."

"You're in no physical shape to go out right now, Ramos. Maybe by the end of the week." Tanner Morgan gave me a look that brooked no argument. "But since you're obviously not cut out for this type of detail work..." A faint grin crossed his face. "... go see if Patrick needs any help in the armory."

"Yes, Sir!!"

* * *

Ellis Patrick was the civvie in charge of procuring and maintaining our firearms, assault weapons and tactical gear. He was soft-spoken with a deep, mellow voice, dark, soulful eyes, and a well-trimmed beard and stache; he was the person everyone went to when they needed a shoulder to lean (or cry) on and he was everyone's best friend and confidante. The Nubian armorer was lithe and muscled like a male stripper; while he wasn't as massively cut and jacked as us uniforms, he kept himself in damn fine shape. He also had been a white guy before undergoing a permanent Transformation himself. With Zack's help, 'Gerard Farantino' had vanished off the face of the earth and had been replaced with his dark-skinned counterpart.

I headed into the bowels of the precinct and used my passcard to get into the quartermaster's gated domain. I could feel some sweat starting to trickle down the small of my back and I realized that it was unusually warm this far below ground. I stopped at the vacant counter and noticed a bunch of table fans out and running.

"Ellis? You here?"

A faint voice answered me. "Be right out..."

The quartermaster came out of a corridor in back of the counter. He was naked from the waist up which highlighted the inked sleeve running down his arm and the skull with the indian warbonnet on his slabbed chest. His dark skin gleamed with a fine sheen of sweat.

"... sorry about that, the compressor in the A/C is acting up again..." He stopped and looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. Then one of his eyebrows quirked up and a wry grin spread across his countenance.

"Well, this IS a change from two days ago, Charlie... what's your name now?"

I smiled. He was the only guy that knew who each of the Transformed officers were right off the bat. And never said a word.

" 'Eddie Ramos'. I hadda do something to pull Dani back from the brink. He was doin' some real bad stuff at the Greasetank with Adrian. I put him on the spot - he had to do the right thing an' I got pretty banged up in the process. I'm too injured to go out on patrol, so Cap put me on desk duty. I couldn't take it no more so he said I could come down here. You need any help?"

"Always!" He pressed a buzzer to open the door that led past the counter. I came in and saw he was also wearing just a pair of shorts that highlighted his muscular legs and some Corcorcans with some slouched white socks peeking out of the tops.

"Hey, peel off your uniform. It's too hot down here right now for a lot of clothes." I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off, revealing my harness; sweat already glimmering on my skin - and I sat down to undo my patrol boots to get out of my BDU's.

"I've got another pair of shorts. Hopefully, they'll fit you. Be right back."

Ellis returned with a pair of rowers and I pulled them on. But just barely. I already felt cooler as I relaced my Thorogoods and following his example, scrunched down my socks down to maximize the warm air being moved across my skin by the fans.

I got an approving look on his face as I stood up. "C'mon. I have some new Sig Sauers that need to be inspected and test-fired... and then I have a load of Glocks and assault rifles to clean."

* * *

It felt good being nearly naked and working with the African armorer. I enjoyed spending the time with him as we checked out the Sigs and did the online registry and confirmations with the manufacturer. I talked to him about what had happened last night at the Greasetank and the events of this morning with mentally becoming the Latino I now appeared to be.

"It's definitely unsettling when it happens. Mine wasn't as abrupt as yours, though. I was getting acquainted with the new me for over twelve weeks, so when it actually happened, it didn't really feel like anything really changed." He grinned. "I was pretty much the same me - just black. And not being able to talk about the Transformation wasn't any big deal for me either, I wouldn't have done it anyway. But I feel for you and Mattie - it's got to be hard for you not to be with him."

"It is." We were cleaning rifles. Along with the company, the scent of the cleaning compounds and the gun oil was getting me aroused beyond words. I needed to get some meat up my ass.

"Ellis... I'm so damn horny right now... will you... will you fuck me?"

The black man gave me a thoughtful look. "I've been wanting to since you stripped down. But are you sure? How are Mattie and Benjie going to feel about this? I don't want to take advantage of you... and I don't want to hurt either of them..."

That's why everyone loved Ellis. Always the sweetest and most thoughtful lover you could ever ask for. "I'm not exactly the gringo I was, esse... they'll understand... it's not like you raped me or nuthin'; I asked for it. Hell, I'm so fuckin' cock-hungry all the time now since I unlocked the memories Zack gave me."

His eyes sparkled. "Well, since you put it that way..." He got up and motioned me to follow him.

* * *

Like everything else about him, Ellis was extremely gentle. His thick nine inches penetrated me slowly, and he slowly pumped his tool within my guts until I urged him to be more aggressive.

"I ain't gonna break, Ellis - you can go harder ... ahhhh, yeahhhh... damn, that feels sooo good..." His hands tightened on my hips and he rode me harder and faster. He kept up that pace until he groaned and I felt a load of his seed scald my guts. He kissed the back of my neck with his prong still embedded within me.

"Jeez... that was great, Eddie. Thank you for that." He continued to trail his lips down my shoulders and back up until he pulled out. I levered myself off the table and held his hips as I kissed him as well. Our lips explored each others' necks, nips, faces, shoulders and pecs. It felt so good to hold him in my arms and to be held in his in return.

"You should come with me to Sabroso. It's a quiet, low-key sex club. Nothing rough or extreme like the Greasetank. Just lots of sexy brown guys wanting a good time with each other..." He grinned. "... with lots of foreplay..." A dark hand caressed my forehead as his fingers stroked through my hair.

"Sounds real nice ... I never really liked going there, an' since I've been with Mattie, I ain't been back until last night."

"I'm going over to the club tomorrow. You want to come with me?" His sensuous mouth kissed me softly on the lips. I snuggled into his embrace and nodded.

* * *

At the end of the shift, I got dressed and headed back up to the locker room to take a shower; then I waited for Benjie. He came in a bit later and we went home together. The two of us got on the subway and after the heat on the platform, the icy, but overcrowded car felt like heaven.

"You feelin' better?"

I nodded. "Still real sore. Rico's beatdown didn't help. It was good bein' with Ellis most of the day."

"Glad tah hear it..." Benjie moved closer to me and nibbled my lip. Obviously, any inhibitions about making out in public were nonexistent with him becoming a black man again. And being the apparent Latino I was now, I figured, Why the hell, not?

I kissed him back, and slid my free hand onto his back to grind our crotches together. We spend the rest of the ride dry-humping each other in public. It felt wonderful.

* * *

Benjie made some steaks and after dinner, we went over to my old apartment to pick up some clothes. I lived with Mattie in his duplex now, but I kept my old place just so the PD didn't have my husband's address on file. Mattie's cousin Kristos had purchased the entire building - I had no idea that had happened until I received a stack of my rent checks - all uncashed - back with a "Happy Anniversary" card. From that point on, I never received a bill for anything.

When we got back to his place, he horsefucked me again. Several times. He had his steel cockplug embedded down his shaft and the sensation of that steel ball hitting my prostate had me clawing the sheets in  ecstasy. I returned the favor and he screamed obscenities as I pumped one, two, then three loads of cum up his ass. At that point, we were both exhausted and fell asleep for a little while. Then we took a warm shower together. It felt completely depraved soaping each other up while kissing each other under the water.

Finally, we dried off and climbed naked back into bed. Benjie spooned into me and wrapped his powerful, dark arms around me as he slid his stiff-again prong back up into my chute.

"You like dat, huh?" He gently pumped his hips.

"Mmmmm... Ellis asked me if I wanted to go a Latino sex club mañana. Picante or something..."


"Yeah, that's it."

"Dat's a real nice place. But dey don' let you do da shit we git away wiff at da Greasetank. You knowz Ah likez it real ruff. Dey iz mo' ro-mantic... if'n you likez dat kinda stuff..."

I fell asleep thinking of tomorrow with Benjie slow-fucking me and gently stroking my pecs and abs.

* * *

I woke up with the sun shining in my face. Sometime during the night, we had shifted around and Benjie was facing me. He was propped up on an elbow and had a soft smile on his dark visage.

"You look so fuckin' sweet when yo' iz, asleep, Eddie..." He stroked my face. "An' yo' shiner iz gone." I was surprised at that. He gave me a quick kiss, then stretched and got out of bed. "You workin' down wiff Ellis agin?" Seeing that powerful black body in all it's naked glory had my cock getting hard already.

I still felt a bit sore from Rico's unexpected pummeling. "Yeah. Cap said he wouldn't lemme back on patrol for a few more days. Anything es major que doing that damned paperwork - 'sides, I like being with Ellis."

"More'n me?" He grinned. His ebon horsecock was already stiff and dripping pre-cum onto the thin carpet.

I sidled up to my partner and pulled him close. I massaged his muscular ass with both hands as I kissed his neck. " 'Course not, papi... if I could, I'd want you to fuck me all day 'til I forget my name... both sets of 'em."

He laughed as he grabbed my ass as well. We were both now sporting massive hardons.

"Looks like we gotz sum bizness ta take ov befo' we getz ready..."

* * *

After I checked in with Sergeant Namisato, I headed downstairs to work with Ellis for the day.  I didn't change - I came into the station wearing some cutoff jeans with a leather jock underneath, a sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of Corcorans. The hours flew by, and before I knew it, it was lunchtime. I was doing some ammo inventory when the quartermaster popped his head around a corner.

"You've got some visitors..." He gave me a smile and a wink.

I marked off where I left off on the shelf and ambled towards the front service desk. Standing on the other side of the gate was Benjie and Zack.

Benjie gave me a mock leer and rubbed his steel-shod package that was making a massive bulge through his BDUs. "Dayumm... all hot an' sweaty like dat, you iz one goddamm FINE piece ov meat... Ah gotta fuck yo' ass befo' Ah goez back on patrol..."

Zack gave me an approving look as well. "Hey stud, wanted to see how you were healing up. I was around, so I figured I'd stop by."

I buzzed them in. Benjie pulled me to him and kissed me hard; his tongue slipped into my mouth and we fought until we had to come up for air. He chuckled as he let me go. But not before his dark hand slipped down the front of my shorts and gave my cock a squeeze.

Zack motioned for me to remove my shirt, and I pulled it up and over my head. His dark brows quirked at my surprising lack of bruising as his hands deftly examined every inch of my torso. My face was next; his fingers gently felt my neck and jawline, pausing momentarily at the site of Rico's uppercut, and softly stroking around my nose, mouth and eyes.

"You're healing up much faster than I anticipated, Eddie... I think I'll be able to get you back to the original you by next week."

"Take your time, papi. I was pretty beat up an' I want you to be sure." I still missed Mattie terribly, but staying with Benjie and working with Ellis made being 'Eddie Ramos' a more than tolerable diversion.

Benjie spoke up. "Ah text'd Mattie fo'  you... Ah sed, 'I'm OK. Taking longer than I thought. Love you, C.' ... figur'd dat he'd be worried an' dat wood make 'im feel better."

"Thanks, esse."

"You ain't cummin' home wiff me tonite, right?"

I shook my head. "Going out with Ellis. Don't wait up for me..." I winked.

My partner laughed. "Ah figger'd Ah go ovva to da Greasetank an' fuck an' fist me sum puppiez... seez you later!"

I embraced the two men and after they left, I went back to finish up the inventory.

* * *

Ellis and I left the precinct around 5:30pm and we took one of the cross-town buses to his apartment. After a cool shower together, the two of us got dressed for the Sabroso. I was wearing a pair of tight gray slacks with an open short-sleeved black shirt to show off my pecs and abs. Ellis went a bit more upscale - in addition to a pair of snug-fitting black pants, he pulled on a satiny red shirt which highlighted his muscular figure to perfection. Both of us wore thick steel cock-rings; I guess once you got used to metal around your package, it wasn't something you gave up easily.

The club was a relaxed, fifteen-minute walk from Ellis' place. When we got there, I was surprised to see a no-nonsense, heavily-built Latino with a bald head wanding down the customers waiting on line to enter. As I got closer, I recognized him as Rafael Santiago, one of the Los Brazos street gang. Wow... Tomas is really branching out...

We reached the front of the line. "Hey papi ... good to see you!" Rafael gave Ellis a beautiful smile and pulled him in for an embrace.

"Rafi, this is my buddy Eddie. I told him about the club and he wanted to come and have some fun." The wand squealed as it passed over the quartermaster's crotch. Rafael smirked and wormed his hand down the front of the tight black pants. "Gotta check what's setting this off, guapo..." Ellis returned the grin and was waved through.

My turn. I got a hungry once-over from the bouncer and got wanded as well. I also set off the metal detector in the same spot. A dark eyebrow quirked and his hand followed a similar path with me. I got a look of delighted surprise from the gang-banger as he felt the heft of my package. "I'll definitely be seeing you later, chingon... welcome to Sabroso!"

* * *

I passed through a short hallway and into the club proper. The first thing that hit me was the smells of freshly baking bread, spices and roasted meat wafting through the air. The next thing was the decor itself - clean, bright, with dark wood accents and ivory walls, with a large granite bar sweeping around a quarter of the interior. The final thing was that the entire place was done up in tinsel, lights and holiday decorations. I stopped in amazement with a silly grin speading over my face. Music was playing - not overbearingly loud, either - and conversation and laughter was present throughout the large main room.


Ellis pulled me over to unblock the doorway. "It's Christmas in July this week ... I thought you'd like it!"

I couldn't stop smiling. "I do, I do!! This is fantastic!!" As Benjie had said, this was definitely NOT the Greasetank. The men here were mostly Latino, with a few black and white guys thrown in - but all were handsome as fuck, plus cut and jacked as hell. There were a few that were as big as me, but not many. When I made my entrance, I got a number of grins and happy expectant looks from all present, but none of the-let's-beat-the-hell-out-of-you-and-then-fuck-your-brains-out ones like from yesterday. There was also little to no leather or rubber here - mostly fabric - but every man was showing off his smooth-as-silk body to perfection regardless of the actual amount of clothing being worn.

"Seems you've made an impression already..." His arm snaked around my waist and we sauntered up to the bar.

"Hiya Ellis, who's your friend?" The barkeep was shirtless with a snug pair of tan jeans riding low on trim hips. His light brown hair was gently streaked with highlights and a faint stubble shadowed his jawline. I got an appraising look from him; he was one of the bigger guys I had mentioned seeing - no doubt he could easily handle bouncing duties if the need arose and he was checking me out to see if I would be a potential trouble-maker.

"Carlos, this is Eddie. I told him about Sabroso and he wanted to see it for himself. And while he could break you in half, he's one of the sweetest guys I know."

The bartender grinned and poured Ellis a Glenlivet on the rocks and turned to me. "What'll you have, bud?" Obviously, Ellis' word was sufficient to remove any concerns about me.

I gave him a broad smile. "D'you have any Absolut Peach?"

"Absolutely!!" He turned around and walked down the bar, scanning the shelves of liquor. He came back with two; he mixed them together with a flourish and placed the glass in front of me. I took a sip.

"Mmmm... this is great!"

"I mixed in a little Absolut Vanilla as well..." He smiled and winked then excused himself as he bustled over to some other customers. I sat back and took in everything that was going on. I couldn't help smiling.

"You like the place, huh?"

"It's great! Nice to see Los Brazos running the place so well..."

Ellis gave me a puzzled look. "Who?"

"Rafael is a member of the Los Brazos street gang. 'Course he doesn't exactly recognize me at the moment... " I chuckled. "They're more like paramilitary. Much smaller than the Latin Kings an' they keep a very low profile. Very well-organized. Amazing group of fellas." 

I paused. That guy over there..." I pointed out another bald Latino greeting a bunch of newcomers. "... is he the manager?"

Ellis followed my finger and nodded. "One of them. That's Ethan... Wow... You learn something new every day..."

At that point, a gorgeous Latino crept behind Ellis and put a finger to his lips and winked at me. He had dark, wavy hair cut short, razor trimmed stubble on a face whose cheekbones could cut glass and amazingly sensuous (and mischievous) dark brown eyes. He was dressed all in black - including a black satin shirt and black bowtie - that draped a physique that had my package hard and aching.

The other man put on a stern face and said in a hard voice, "You cheating on me, Ellis? Is this guy even legal age?? "

The quartermaster had been in the middle of a swallow when he choked on his liquor and the other man thumped him on the back. Once he recovered, Ellis turned around and held the man's face in his hands and kissed him deeply. Then they both started laughing. God, I missed being with Mattie.

"Greg, this is my buddy Eddie. He works with me at the precinct. Eddie, this is my partner, Gregorio Sanchez - he's a photographer."

"Specializing in the male form..." He gave me a serious once-over. "And you are one absolutely breathtaking example! What bone structure! Do you model?"

Ellis chimed in. "He's done some... Zack Gauthier usually takes care of the details."

Greg's dark, sculpted brows rose several inches. "Hmmm... you must be special..." He paused. "I'm doing a shoot tomorrow with a couple of my favorite guys... you want to join? It'll be fun... you'll have a great time ... and you get fifty percent of any the pics I sell."

"I..." I didn't want to have another beatdown from Rico...

"I'll let Sergeant Namisato know you're running some errands for me..." Ellis grinned.

I felt like a kid playing hooky. "Okay..."

Greg gave me a big grin and a hug. "Dios... and he blushes too! This is amazing!" He rummaged through his pockets and pulled out a card. "Meet me here at 5am tomorrow - I want to get the early morning light for a bunch of shots." At that point, the lights flashed then dimmed. A small stage I hadn't noticed before lighted up.

"Felix Navidades, everyone!" Ethan was on the stage. "As a treat, we've got some holiday entertainment planned for you..." He gave a dramatic pause. "Here by special request... Maravilla3x!!" He swept his arm across and the curtains parted to reveal a young Latino in a Santa suit. The top was open, revealing velvet-soft mocha skin, slabbed, muscular pecs and rock-hard abs. He strutted forward and began to dance to the music.

I was spellbound - the noise in the club died completely. In a few moments, the red top was slid off to reveal a powerfully-sculpted torso and guns with an intricate tattoo sleeve running the entire length of his left arm. The stripper continued to bump and grind and every eye in the house was on him. Every move and look inspired raging lust in the audience. With a wicked grin on his face, he slid the pants down - slowly - to reveal a pair of tight red trunks. As the music built to a climax, the young Latino flashed another grin and pulled them down to reveal a shiny red bikini and then slid down onto the floor. A moment passed and then a wave of cheers, claps and whistles broke over him like a tsunami. He gave the crowd a wave and then blew a kiss to the room.

The stripper hopped of the stage, and to my surprise, headed directly over to us. Ellis gave him a quick hug, and Gregg pulled him into his arms and gave him strong embrace and a kiss on the forehead.

"My favorite porn star..." The younger man punched him playfully in the arm. "... and my most wanton boudoir model. Eddie, this is my baby brother, Logan."

"Hey! Nice to meet you! Damn, bro... you are BUILT!" The young man gave me a strong hug that lasted a little longer than I expected.

"I asked Eddie to join us on the shoot tomorrow..."

Logan's smile lit up his entire face. "Awesome! Greg'll make you a star!" He gave a small shiver. "I gotta get some clothes on... Ethan keeps the A/C way too high... Be right back..."

* * *
Logan disappeared and soon came back wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. He was still wearing his Santa hat. By that time, the music had edged up in volume as well as tempo, and I found myself doing an obscenely erotic mambo with the stripper on the dance floor. The temperature in the club had risen as well, so the two of us peeled off our shirts and gleaming with sweat, returned to the table with Ellis and Greg.

"Having a good time, Eddie?" Greg gave me a smile and I watched as his eyes traveled over my torso and down to my crotch.

"I haven't had so much fun in a long time!" The two had ordered some savory lamb stew for all of us; Logan had already filled a plate and was starting to eat. At that point Rafael came up to our table; he had stripped off his shirt as well, revealing a powerful chest and a rock-hard six-pack. His fingers trailed down my sweaty back and I shivered at the gentle touch. He tipped my head back and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

"Glad to hear that, guapo ... 'cause I wanna get a better look at what I felt when you came into the club..." His dark eyes held a wicked gleam of anticipation. Ever since I had been turned into a black man for my Initiation, there was something about a darker-skinned bald guy that redlined my sex drive. Having Eddie's memories and responses didn't help matters and I found myself pulling the gang-banger to me to return the kiss with increased fervor.

That got a happy grin and chuckle out of the other man. "C'mon stud, let's go an' do a horizontal meringue..." He grabbed me by the belt buckle and pulled me upright. He put an arm around my waist as we left the table.

Greg called out after him. "Don't wear him out, Rafi! He's doing a shoot with me early tomorrow morning and I don't want him looking like something the cat dragged in!"

The gang-banger waved his hand as we moved deeper into the building.

* * *
The two of us traveled further into the club and I was surprised when we hit an elevator bank. Rafael grinned. "Yeah, this used to be a small hotel … " He pressed a button, and in a few moments, one of the doors slid open and we headed up to the fourth floor.

Rafi and I traveled down a corridor until we reached room 407.  He opened the door and we went in;  the room was clean, but Spartan – a king-sized bed with an iron headboard, a few chairs, a desk and a small cube refrigerator.

"Strip, Eddie. Lemme see it all."
He stroked down my arms and gave me a soft kiss; but there was steel in his voice; Rafael was the type of man used to giving orders - and having them followed. Without question.

I pulled off my shoes and socks, then shucked my pants down and took them off. His sable eyebrows rose when he saw the overstuffed leather jock. "You like it a little kinky, guapo?"

I nodded. "Get on the bed…" I climbed on and propped myself up on my elbows. He pulled off the jock and whistled in admiration as my thick mocha-colored nine inches escaped from its confinement.

"Que pija…" He licked his lips. "Lie back on the pillows, Eddie…" I did and he went over to the desk, returning with two pair of handcuffs. They had heavy-duty neoprene grommets and before I knew it, he had fastened them to my wrists and pulled my arms out so they were outspread, then fastened the other ends of the cuffs to the railings of the headboard. The cuffs were firmly attached – not loose enough for me to get out of them without a key, but tight enough to know I was captive. I was wearing a heavy steel c-ring (which had set off the metal detector) and being cuffed only served to further enlarge my achingly erect cock.

He gave me another soft kiss and proceeded to strip himself. Like the other members of Los Brazos gang, he was completely smooth and a similarly thick circle of steel surrounded his manhood. Naked, the gang-banger climbed on top of me and held my face as he slowly trailed his lips down my forehead, across my eyes and paused to give me another gentle, but insistent kiss.

"Mmmm…" I closed my eyes in ecstasy.

Rafael continued. His kissed trailed down the crevasse between my pecs and down through the mesas and plateaus of my six-pack. Then he stopped.

I opened my eyes to see him grinning at me as scooted further down the bed and gave my cock a kiss. Then another. And another. Soon, he was licking my cock like an ice-cream cone. I closed my eyes again in enjoyment and started to writhe as bolts of pleasure shot through me. The handcuffs were also redlining my sex drive as he continued his ministrations on my dick. Suddenly, my eyes flew open as he took a deep breath and took me balls-deep into his throat.

God, what a cocksucker… Rafi’s throat was doing amazing things to my shaft, and when he slid my dick out to catch his breath, his teeth gently ground the sensitive skin as he swallowed me once more. He had an uncanny sense of just how far he could go – just when I was about to explode, he would stop for a few moments, and then start up again. This demonic edging of his continued for a while; suddenly, he opened wider – my cock went even further down his throat and my balls and cock-ring were sucked into his mouth.  His thumb then pressed hard on the sensitive skin between my balls and pucker and I bucked and screamed as torrents of cum exploded out of me.

"Oh… oh, Madre de Dios…" I was panting and rattling the cuffs as he sat up with a satisfied smile on his face.

"We ain’t done yet, mijito…" He grabbed a bottle of lube and slathered my still erect cock in a thick clear coating of goo and then shimmied himself down onto my shaft.

* * *
Despite the fact that it was my cock up his ass, there was no doubt who was in charge; Rafael’s butt muscles were as talented as those in his throat and I shot several more gallons of cum up his chute. By this time, I was completely wrung out; I lay panting on the bed (with my cock still embedded in his ass) as he stroked every inch of my body.

"Did’chu have a good time, nene?"

"Oh, hell, Rafi – this was best sex I ever had!" I meant it. Once I was back to being my original self, Mattie and I would definitely have to do this with each other.

"Good … now that you all relaxed, time for me to have some fun…" He pulled out of me and then poured lube onto his own cock, engorged and purpled with need. He grabbed my ankles and slid them onto his shoulders. Then the Latino grabbed my hips and thrust himself in…

* * *
I got back to Benjie's building around 11pm. Rafi had dropped me off, with a none-too-subtle offer for more of the same action I had received, whenever I wanted. I headed up to the apartment and found it empty - my partner's sexual needs were off the charts now as a black thug, and I probably wouldn't see him until 3am or later. I took a long, warm shower and slipped naked into the bed.

* * *
My G-Shock woke me up around 4am - the sky was still dark as I washed up and got dressed in a sweatshirt, thong and a pair of light black jeans. I also stuffed some other pieces of clothing into a shopping bag; I didn't know what Greg had planned for me, so I figured I'd give him some variety ... and being the oversexed Latino I was now, I also was hoping he'd be doing some shots of me naked as well. I was lacing my sneakers when I heard a key turn in the lock and Benjie limp in. He was obviously trying to be quiet and not wake me; he gave me a surprised look.

"Dayumm, you iz up early, Eddie - wat's up?" He unzipped his warmup suit to show off his harness.

"I got a photoshoot with Ellis' partner. He's gonna be coverin' for me at the station today."

As he stripped off his clothing, he gave me a tired grin. "Playin' hooky, huh? Me 'n Rico had a real good time at da Greasetank las' nite... Ah fuck'd 'bout ten white boyz an' fisted 'nother twenny. Afta dat, Rico locked me inna sling an' sold ticketz fo' my ass. Thirty brothas took turns fistin' an' fuckin' mah brainz out. Rico finished up wiff him fistin' me to da shoulda an' d'en pluggin' my ass. Ah'm beat. Ah'm gonna call in sick since you ain't gonna be on duty neither an' dat givez me some time to ree-cooper-ate."

I pulled him in for a deep kiss. "Have a good rest, Benjie - I'll see you later."

* * *

I got to Greg's place about 4:45am as the sky was just starting to lighten. I pressed the button for his studio and headed up to the eighth floor once the security gate buzzed open. I knocked on the door and my eyes grew round as I recognized Johnny Kane, the fitness model and porn star.
He was about five-foot-nine and muscular, with thick and shiny dark brown hair cut in a fade. He had medium green eyes and a light stubble on his face. The guy was wearing a black t-shirt which only accented his amazing physique and a highly detailed celtic cross covered one inner forearm. The guy gave me a big smile.

"You must be Eddie! C'mon in!" I got a thoroughly obscene once-over.

"Damn, you ARE big! Greg is doing some boudoir shots of Logan right now. I'm Johnny." The two of us traveled deeper into the huge studio (it must have taken up the entire floor) and I heard Greg's voice and the clacking of a camera's shutter.

"Move your right hand down a little more, Logan... no, no, the other way..."

Johnny and I entered a large bedroom with Greg's baby brother on the bed. He was naked except for a box of Valentine's chocolates covering his crotch. Greg gave me a quick wave, and continued snapping pictures.

"Nice! Okay ... open the box..." The camera continued snapping.

"... and eat one..." Logan pulled open the box, still keeping it covering his cock and balls; he took a candy from the box and popped it into his mouth. Then, the tip of his tongue licked his lips.

"Perfect!!! I love this!"

Logan stretched his arms behind his head and gave his brother (and the camera) a sultry look.

"Damn, Logan ... this is sooo good!"

Greg straightened up from the camera and gave me a bright smile. "Eddie, this is my buddy Johnny Kane... Johnny, this is Eddie Ramos - he's a friend of Ellis'."

Logan bounced off the bed and gave me a quick hug, then headed into the bathroom. "I figured we do some early morning shots in here, and then we'd do some outside shots around the city."

Greg's brother returned with a white towel wrapped around his waist and draped himself around one of the large windows. The photographer moved the camera to continue shooting. "Take off your clothes, guys... this light is perfect!"

Johnny and I stripped, and we both admired our physiques without any clothing to distract us. I also got an approving smile and nod as my cock began to thicken and twitch within my overpacked thong. He lightly stroked the pouch and gave me a smirk. "I definitely want some of that later on, Eddie..."

"We'll do some window shots first, then some bed shots of the two of you."

"Together?" Johnny grinned.

Greg made a rude noise and chuckled. "You first, Johnny."

Johnny pulled the towel off of Logan, revealing a pair of tight micro-briefs, and wrapped it around himself. He then settled into the window alcove, and gave Greg a wink. As the camera fired off multiple shots, the porn star moved around to provide the photographer a variety of poses.

"Pull off the towel, bud..." Johnny obliged as the camera continued to whir.

Greg reviewed some the last pics on the camera and made a face. "Light's getting too bright... Eddie, move to the other window, please... we're going to do some bed shots after that..." I started walking towards the other large window and passed a floor-length mirror. "STOP! Stay RIGHT there for a minute, Eddie!!! Take the towel off... take everything off!!!" I stripped naked and nuzzled the mirror.

"This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!" Greg took a number of shots of me and my reflection. The I wrapped the towel back around my waist and headed over to the window.

 After a thumbs-up from the photographer,  I put the thong back on and climbed onto the mattress.

"Great! Absolutely great! Scoot up a little more and grab your junk with both hands..."

"Excellent! You're a natural! Now, let's go a little shy ... cover your face with a pillow..."

"Great work, Eddie! Now, get on your elbows and give me a look like I'm Rafi !"

Greg laughed "This is soooo good! Johnny, switch places with Eddie... gimme that look that you want to fuck..."

Kane stretched his arms over his head. "Yeah... if I did that, Ellis would gut me.." 

Greg chuckled. "Perfect! Give me another!"

Greg put the camera down. "Whew! That was great, guys! Let's have some breakfast ... then I want to do some bathroom/shower shots with both of you."

The four of us went into a large kitchen to face a spread worthy of a five-star hotel. My stomach rumbled and Logan gave me a big grin. Johnny took a muffin and spread some butter on it. "Where are we going today, Greg?"

"I was thinking going over to the Intrepid at Pier 86 and doing some shots around the docks, then heading over to the Highline...." He poured all of us some coffee; I could smell cinnamon and hazelnut and my mouth started to water.

"That sounds great, Greg. I've never been to the Intrepid - can we go in, too?" Logan had poured himself some oatmeal and sprinkled it with some raisins and brown sugar.

"YOU aren't coming. You have school today." His tone brooked no argument.

"Oh, c'mon, Greg... please???" Logan looked pleadingly at his brother.

Greg kissed his brother on the forehead. "No. School is more important. I promise I'll take you this weekend, okay?" 

Logan slumped. "Okay..." He picked at his oatmeal.

Johnny stroked through the younger Sanchez' wavy, ebon hair. "I'll clear my schedule on Sunday and come with you, how about that?"

Logan's face broke into a beautiful smile.

* * *

Johnny and I had just as much fun inside a massive bathroom set Greg had created as we had had doing the shoot in front of the windows; studio lights were all set up and we did a number of poses at Greg's directions.

Once he was satisfied with the shots, we got dressed and headed out. Johnny and I helped Greg carry the photographic equipment (and some extra clothing) into his van and we headed off to the West Side. I was having a field day showing myself off with the two of them and if I didn't concentrate, there were moments that I forgot that I wasn't the sweet, but simple Latino I appeared to be. I could almost see myself staying Eddie Ramos and becoming a model and porn star like Johnny, but I didn't know if Mattie would want someone like me... as Eddie... to really consider it.

We arrived at the docks and rather than go directly to the battleship, we headed to an unused pier nearby for a bit more privacy - after all, we were going to be naked (or nearly naked) and Greg didn't want us to get arrested. That was something I definitely could NOT afford at the moment. We parked the van in a lot nearby and unpacked the equipment.

At this location, Greg decided to focus on me.

"Let's do some strip shots, Eddie... t-shirt off... give me a little bit of a scowl... tilt your head..." I complied and leaned again the gate.

"Tilt you head.... a little more... Niiice.... Damn, bud ... you are one HOT Latino, you know that?" The camera clacked as Greg took multiple shots.

"Okay, let's move over to that concrete retaining wall..." He grabbed some chains and put them around my neck. He moved back to stare at me, then came back and removed a couple, rearranging the ones left.

"Lean back straight, Eddie... head up... let's see a smirk... YES! I love it! Put a hand in your pocket... PERFECT! Now touch your jaw with the other one... Oh, this is great!..."

"Okay, let's get down and dirty now ... unbuckle that belt .... yeah.... nice.... and peel down those jeans. SLOWLY... YES.... Give me a little smile now... you like showing off, don't you?"

I did. I was having the time of my life exposing myself like I was and getting photographed. I saw Johnny's cock growing and leaving a noticeable impression through his onionskin pants. I grinned and gave him a wink.

Greg stopped for a moment. "Okay... strip. I've got a white bikini that'll look great on you." I took a quick look around and shucked my jeans down all the way and then stepped out of my C-IN2 briefs. He threw me the swimwear and I barely managed to get them on.

Greg licked his lips. "Fan-tastic..." and motioned me to go over to one of the concrete walls covered with graffiti. "Drape your t-shirt over your head ... stretch your ams forward... uh-huh ... grab your wrist and flex for me...."

"Damn, Eddie - you're a natural!" Johnny was grinning as well and winked back as he rubbed his crotch. My cock was aching for release. Jeez, I wanted to fuck him so bad right now....

Greg tossed me a black bikini. "Slip that on and bend over that railing... down a little more... twist towards me.... good... give me a serious look..."

Greg paused and looked at his watch. I looked at mine. "Damn! It's 11:30 already! Okay, last few shots... let's see you commando in your jeans."

"You've got a real dirty mind, Greg...." I grinned as I yanked down the bikini and pulled on my jeans, leaving them low enough to show off my butt and grabbed the chainlink fence.

"My, you're cheeky..." He tossed me a white cap and I pulled it on backward. The camera took more shots. "Perfect!... Move over to the wall... let's see you rub that aching crotch of yours..."

Greg handed me a blue cap and a scarf. "Have some fun with these now..."

I did a number of poses with the cap alone and then with the scarf. The camera never stopped shooting. "Damn, this was a great shoot, Eddie! I mean it! You're terrific! Let's stop for lunch and then we'll pick up with Johnny!"

* * *
We packed up the equipment and locked up the van. After a short walk, we arrived at an outdoor bistro with big red umbrellas. Obviously, the photographer knew the owner as we were seated quickly despite a moderately long waiting line. Greg opened a bottle of Pelegrino and poured out large glasses for each of us as we gave the waiter our orders.

"I think I want to shoot Johnny in a more natural surrounding... let me see..." He pulled out his phone and dialed a number. "Jerry? Hey, it's Greg Sanchez, how are you? I was wondering if I could take some pictures in the gardens today..." He paused. "Of course, they're handsome! One of them is Johnny..." He winked at me. "And Eddie has the most beautiful eyes and smile in addition to being over 180lbs of muscular glory... we're having lunch right now, so we'll see you in about 2 hours? Great! Thanks, bud!"

He disconnected and put the phone back in his pocket and turned to Johnny. "We're going out to Westbury Manor. It's a big wedding venue and you'll look great with a little bit of chiaroscuro with the foliage."

Johnny rolled his eyes and gave me a rueful grin. "Well, never let it be said that I interfere with Greg's inspiration..."

* * *

It took us about an hour on the Long Island Expressway to get there. Westbury Manor is a huge Victorian-style house on about five acres of gardens which made it a perfect place for weddings and receptions; in fact, when we arrived there, one was already in progress. Greg parked the van in the back lot and the three of us - and equipment - went in through the service entrance.

The first person we met was a harried looking busboy. "Excuse me... we're looking for Jerry...??"

"He's upstairs in the Oak Room. Third door on the right."


We headed up a polished wooden staircase and Greg knocked on the door before opening it. The room was a whirlwind of activity as tables were being set up, tablecloths laid, flowers arranged and chairs being covered and tied in material. In the center of it all was Jerry Scotto.

Jerry was a tall, slim, well-muscled man with dark brown hair swept back and over the side. His blue eyes missed nothing and his sensuous lips were surrounded by a mustache and short beard. Thin gold hoops gleamed in his ears and he wore silver and steel rings on each finger. He was wearing black jeans and a snug white t-shirt that was covered by an unbuttoned sweater. At the sound of the door, he had turned to us and gave Greg a huge smile. Once everyone was busy at work, he strode over and embraced the photographer in a strong hug. Then he turned to us.

"Wow... you weren't kidding, Greg ... they ARE gorgeous..." His voice was a mid-tenor with a slight Long Island twang. "C'mon, let's go to my office. We just had to switch reception rooms for an unplanned dozen guests. Plus, I've got to get dressed for schmoozing with the bride and groom in a little while."

In a few moments, we arrived in his office and he gestured for us to have a seat. "So you want to take some pics of these guys in the gardens?"

Greg nodded. "Particularly Johnny."

Jerry licked his lips and Johnny gave him an evil wink while arranging himself on the chair like a very large and very amorous cat. "I assume that you're going to be wearing considerably less than what you have on now, right?"

Greg nodded. "Okay, not a problem. Go into the west gardens. Don't want to have you giving the bride fainting spells."

Johnny chuckled. "We're more interested in the groom, Jerry..."

We all laughed at that. "Send me some copies of the pics?"

"Of course! Let me catch the afternoon sun and we'll stop by when we're done."

* * *
The west gardens were beautiful. Everywhere you looked there was mossy walking stones, flowers, decorative shrubs and small streams running everywhere with benches and miniature bridges to add to the ambiance of the surroundings. There was a myriad of flowery scents in the air, and the quiet was broken by the songs and chirping of birds. All in all, it was an amazing place for a photoshoot.

Greg pulled out his camera and fitted a lens. "OK, stud ... let's see you in all your carnal glory..."

Johnny stretched out onto a bench and gave the two us a smoldering look.

"Excellent!!! More! More!" Johnny pulled off his tank top and sauntered into the middle of the footpath. He grabbed one of Greg's bags in one hand and his shirt in the other.

"Oh, yeah ... this was a great idea getting you out in the open..." Greg's camera took rapid-fire photos of the sultry model. "Now, give me that SNL 'Sprockets' look...."

 Johnny pulled off his woven belt (letting his cargo pants droop sinfully off his hips) and draped it around his neck, grabbing both ends and flexing; he then cocked an eyebrow and pursed his lips into a sarcastic smirk.

I laughed at Greg's directions and Johnny's response - for that, the porn star stuck his tongue out at me and crossed his eyes, but both photographer or model continued the shoot without missing a beat. We moved further into the gardens and found a secluded spot with some worn cypress fencing and a garden shed. Johnny looked around, then stripped off his clothing and positioned himself against the greyish fencing. Greg gave him a critical look and then handed me his camera; he took out a squirt bottle and dampened the model's hair, then finger-styled the dark locks. I handed the camera back to him and the shoot continued.

"Mmmmm...." Greg moved in for a closeup.

"You've got such beautiful eyes, bud..."

Johnny gave him a smirk. "I know..."

Greg laughed. "You vain sonofabitch..."

The model licked his lips and smiled. It was amazing to see the complete transformation his face made when he wasn't giving that sulky, sexy look. "Vanity is great motivation, to be fair ... and vanity IS one of my favorite sins... I owe you everything, Greg... thanks for taking a chance on me..."

Greg stroked his face and gave him a gentle kiss. "Let's move over to the shed..."

While Greg and Johnny took a few shots, I did a little reconnaissance in the area. As I went around the back of the shed, I made a discovery. "Hey!! There's an outdoor shower on this side!"

"WHAT??" Both guys rounded the corner and huge grins split their faces. Greg pulled the chain to start the water running and Johnny slipped under the rainfall spray. He made sure his torso was completely wet and slicked his hair back. Greg stepped back and fired off a volley of shots.

"Great find, Eddie! This is PERFECT!!!" He continued taking the soaking wet model from various angles. "Turn off the water for me?"

The photographer stepped away and rummaged through one of his bags. "AHA!!!! I knew I had some left!" He victoriously displayed a pack of Marlboros and a lighter. He shook out a cigarette, lit it and handed it to Johnny. The model took several drags and exhaled slowly, letting the smoke swirl and gather around his lips.

"Woo-hoo!!! Can't make up my mind if that look is suggesting 'Did I fuck you?' or 'Do I fuck you?' "

We continued the shots until the cigarette was all ash. Greg looked up at the sky and motioned for us to get dressed and pack up.

* * *

After we packed the van, Jerry invited us back to the main manor for some leftover wedding cake (red velvet with mocha and vanilla bean fillings and coffee-flavored fondant) and some cappuccino. We thanked our host and headed back to the city. The sun was setting over the horizon and Greg turned to me.

"So, Eddie - did you have a good time?"

"The past few days have been great, Greg! Thanks for inviting me to the shoot."

"Well, you're a natural, you know... any time you want to do this again, just give me a call. In addition to being handsome as fuck, you've got an amazing combination of innocence and sexuality - that's not something I see very often..."

Hmmmm... I wonder if he'd want to do this with me as my non-Latino self...

* * *

It took a lot longer for us to get back into city than out of it - there were several accidents on the Expressway that forced traffic to a crawl. By the time I got dropped off and then headed back to Benjie's apartment, the streetlights were on and it was already dark. I was whistling through my teeth when I came through the door and I was pleasantly surprised to see Zack with my partner.

"You have a good time t'day, Eddie? You seemz happy az a clam..." Benjie was sprawled on the sofa and grinned at me; he stood up; his dark hands cradled my face and gave me a deep kiss. He was in a pair of torn jeans, a cap and nothing else. Zack was in a white shirt with dark pants and a thin, black tie. The sleeves were rolled up to show off the musculature and ink of his arms. He smiled at me while giving me a professional once-over.

"I think I can do the Reversion process tomorrow morning, Eddie - looks like you're all healed up, which is amazing in itself, given the bruising and swelling I saw only a few days ago. I'm sure you can't wait to get back to Mattie." 

Obviously, Zack had no idea of whatever Benjie had given me, but it had worked wonders. And I wasn't going to say anything either.

When I didn't respond immediately, Zack quirked a dark eyebrow. "Unless you're thinking of staying this way for a while... or permanently...? There's some additional trigger commands that will make you forget you were ever anyone but who you are now..."

That scared the hell out of me, but also got me hard in a second. "No, no... I wanna be 'Charlie Hawke' again... but bein' a seventeen-year old Latino muscle-puppy has been a lot of fun... d'you think I could do this además sometime? Maybe with Mattie as well? Gemelos identicos? Identical twins?"

Zack chuckled. "Well, never say never... but I want to focus on the here and now, okay? Let me give you a checkup..."

"Sounds like a plan, guapo..." I stripped out of the shirt and shorts and presented myself to the transformation artist. His fingers and hands gently checked my face and body and he nodded to himself in satisfaction of my physical condition.

"Everything checks out - I'll see you early tomorrow - around 7:00am - and you'll be back to your old self by the end of the day." He gave Benjie and me a strong hug and then left.

Benjie licked his lips and his dark hand stroked my flanks. "Dayumm ... Ah gonna miss havin' you here wiff me, Eddie... mebbe Rico'll let me getz mahself a Latino bottum boi fo' good. Ah'm gonna miss fuckin' yo' brainz out ev'ry chance Ah getz..."

I knelt down before him and unzipped his jeans, sliding them off his massive quads to display his thick, steel-ringed horsecock. My mocha hands stroked his ass and I gave his ebon tool a long lick from the base of the shaft to the weeping tip. Then I looked up into his dark face.

"Same here, papi. I hope you still let me do this when I'm a white boy again?"

Benjie gave a low chuckle and grabbed my head, ramming his cock down my throat. "Wat d'you think?"

* * *
I arrived at Zack's warehouse early next morning and he was as good as his word; The nano-dye was neutralized and I was glad to see original skintone with my lion and my alpha/omega once again on my arms. He then applied the plasticity compound and put me back into the mold press. I was even happier to see my old mug smiling back at me in the mirror and knowing that my prints were once again my own. Finally, when I was completely myself again, Zack had me face the mirror and spoke another control phrase; just like that, my original memories reasserted themselves - I remembered everything that had happened to me while I was the young Latino bottom, but those memories were now in my head for reference only.

"How do you feel, Charlie?" 

"Great! I can't wait to see Mattie!"

"I'm sure he can't wait to see you either." He grew serious. "Charlie, promise me you'll never do anything that stupid again? You know you can trust me..."

I gave him a strong hug. "I promise." Then I pulled on my clothes and headed over to the Kriatos building.

* * *

By the next day, everything was back to normal. Even Rico wasn't mad at me any more. Life continued that way for a few weeks until the day I came home to find Zack with Mattie in the living room - my husband looked downright furious and Zack ... Zack looked guilty as hell...

Oh holy shit...

", dropped off your royalty check from Greg and the uh.... prints and calendar... jeez, look at the time... I gotta go..." He literally ran out of the apartment.

Mattie turned his green-eyed glare on me. "So THIS was what you were doing when you said you had to help out Dani? You turned yourself into some goddamn παθητικός  (bottom, ed.) that nearly got killed and then you go out and do a photoshoot acting like some dirt trade male whore?"

"Mattie, I ..." He swept his arm back and slapped me so hard I fell onto the couch.

He was breathing hard and he looked even angrier.

"I guess I had that coming. I didn't tell you about the Transformation and the snuff film because I didn't want to worry you. And when I activated Zack's post-hypnotic safeguards, I couldn't tell you. I couldn't tell anyone except the guys at the Four-One and anyone who knew who I was after I became 'Eddie Ramos'  but before I kicked in the safeguards. Even if I wanted to tell you - and God knows, I did - I physically couldn't. I was a seventeen-year old Latino bottom to the rest of the world - including to you - if I had the guts to even see you."

He let out a deep breath. "Fuck!!!!" And tears formed in his eyes.  

"How do you think I would have felt if something happened to you? You knew you could've DIED that night and no one would have had any idea what happened to you? Goddamnit, Charlie - how could you treat me like that?"

I got up and pulled him into my arms. "I'm so sorry Mattie, I should have told you. I'm so, so sorry... I make you worry enough being a cop..."

We held each other for a long while. Mattie sniffled and then pulled away. A small smile creased his lightly bearded face. "You got a $50,000 check from the photographer.... and the proofs were excellent... the calendar was even better... He said that the residuals would be coming in later..."

"C-Calendar?" Oh Christ, Greg made a calendar?

He pulled a large 18-month wall calendar off the table. "See?"

I looked at myself - at 'Eddie Ramos' on the cover. The calendar was titled "Spanish Eddie"

"Oh shit..." I felt my neck and face turn crimson.

Mattie's smile blossomed. "The look on your face right now is priceless, amor... you really do make one HOT Latino, you know that...??" He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the bedroom. "Now, I want you to tell me everything that went on. From. The. Beginning...."

* * *
As I was re-reading some of the "Maelstrom" entries, something began to bother me. 'Why did Rico Convert Charlie?' and at that point, I didn't have an answer to that question. That's the way my mind works ... and that's why this story got written.

In some ways, having a fully developed "secondary world" can be limiting - things just can't "happen" without a reason - and unless you explain or uncover said reason, there's a big, ugly question mark floating around. At least for me.

And for this piece, I wanted it be a bit lighter than my recent entries - I DO realize I've been running on fumes with the "Conversion" concept and I have been a bit more ... brutal ... in my stories as well. I promise I will try to get some new and exciting themes going as part of the new year!