Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Pinup Boys

Gregg sighed as traffic slowed and stopped ... again.

"Fuck it. I'm getting off at the next exit. We'll take the service road to the Queensboro Bridge..."

* * *
The van pulled into a gas station. Eddie Ramos got out and stretched as the photographer filled the tank. The young Latino rolled his neck and could hear the 'pop' of the bones realigning themselves. He had enjoyed his day "playing hooky" from the Four-One and being Transformed from his previous existence as the black-haired and blue-eyed police officer 'Charlie Hawke'.

"Greg!!" The dark-haired photographer turned around to be embraced by a tall, powerfully built man in a tank shirt and jeans.

"Uncle Rod! What are you doing here?"

"Same as you. Filling up before I head to the station." Eddie noticed the Maltese cross on the shirt over a well-developed pec and the large gasmask and helmet tattoo running down a powerful arm. Fireman.

"Johnny! Eddie! This is my uncle Rodrigo Torres! He's a Fire Captain. This is Johnny and Eddie - we were doing a shoot out at Westbury Gardens. Traffic was so bad, I just got off at the next exit I could." The men shook hands and the fireman gave both younger men a knowing grin as his eyes traveled over their well-developed physiques. And lingered on their bulges before moving up again.

"Having fun, I see... why didn't you stop by the station? You could have gotten some great shots there as well..." He gave Eddie another lascivious look. "We definitely have some gear for Eddie..." and chuckled as he winked at the smaller man. "...though we may be hard-pressed to find anything for this pipsqueak here..."

Johnny laughed. "Greg, let's do it. We're not going to get back into the city until late anyway, so what's another hour or two, right?"

"You've got a point." He turned to the older man. "You up for it?"

Rodrigo nodded. "As long as we don't get a call..."

* * *
Greg followed his uncle's car to the firehouse. It was a large brick building, and the firefighters on duty were as handsome and as well-muscled as their captain. Several were in the process of washing one of the large vehicles - the men were half naked and gleaming with a combination of sweat and suds.


"C'mon fellas! Let's get you kitted out!" Greg remained behind to set up the equipment and began chatting with several of the firemen on duty; obviously he was extremely well-known to them given the level of physical intimacy between them.

The captain moved over to the side of the building where the bunker jackets and pants were hung up. He moved through the rack and picked out a bottom and a top for the powerfully-built young Latino.

"Those should fit you fine - a little on the loose side to show off for Greg..." He looked down at the young man's sneakers. "Ten and a half?"


The fireman grabbed a pair of boots and a helmet. "Put those on." Eddie stripped down to this thong and sat down to slide on the bunker pants. Rodridgo stopped him. "Take off everything, son ... " He grinned. "...the pics will look better that way... plus the fellas here like showing off, too... Greg does an 'unofficial' calendar with them every year."

Then he turned to Johnny Kane. And shook his head. "You're just not big enough to be one of our firemen, stud... let's see what else we can do for you..."

* * *
Greg smudged a little bit of dark makeup on Eddie's face and then stood back to look at the results.

"Niiice... we're going to have some great shots here. Give me a serious look..."

"Perfect!!!" The other firefighters shouted encouragement and whistled in appreciation as Eddie posed for the camera. The muscular young Latino could see from the bulges in their shorts that they were as enthusiastic as he was about the shoot. Maybe we can get a little action with some of these guys before we leave...

The photographer continued snapping, as Eddie moved around the interior of the station. Greg motioned him to move towards the fire engine.

"Great, Eddie! Great! Now, take off that jacket and slide those suspenders off your shoulders..."

"But these pants are gonna slide off, Greg ..." He looked around at the other men in the station, who were grinning back expectantly at him.


One of the other fireman laughed. "Go ahead, bud! Ain't nothing we haven't seen before in the showers ...  or stretched over the rec room table!"

The catcalls increased in volume as the bunker pants slid down and exposed his smooth, muscular ass. Eddie chuckled and grew stiff as the encouragement amped up.

"Hey! Keep that serious face on... Yes!!! Keep it up!" The camera kept going. Several more shots were taken with Ramos posing with only bunker pants and helmet; with these, Greg allowed him to show a bit of a shy smile.

"Perfect!!! Now, let's get some with Johnny..."

One of the firefighters spoke up. Frank Delvano had intense brown eyes surmounted with thick sculpted brows and a razor-cut stubble on his chiseled face.

"We don't have anything small enough for him, Greg. I'm the smallest guy here..."

Another fireman piped up and fondled his crotch. "But not where it counts, Frank!!"

Frank chuckled and continued. "... but we can do some semi-FDNY shots of him..."

Greg quirked an eyebrow. "Hmmm ... show me..."

* * *
"Wider stance, Johnny ... perfect!" The smaller model shifted his feet and looked into the lens. Greg fired off a number of shots. Kane was leaning against one of the white emergency vans doing a front double-biceps pose using his knotted shirt as a way to tense his arms and increase the size of his guns.

"Dog shots next... Jeez, why didn't I think of that???" Johnny pulled on a pair of jeans and Greg sprayed the model's torso with some vegetable oil spray. Once he was satisfied with the gleam coming off the muscular body, he added some darker makeup to smudge both Kane's face and torso. The model held out his arms and gave a whistle.

"Harriet! Time for hugs!"

At that, a large pit bull puppy - nearly fully grown - gave a happy bark and jumped into his arms, joyfully licking his cheeks.

"Ooomph!!! You're heavier than you look!" Kane laughed and wiped the slobber off of his face and rearranged the dog in his arms.

Frank laughed - "She's a complete mush and still thinks she's a puppy... always wants to be on someone's lap... rub her stomach and she'll go completely still..."

Greg chuckled as well. "Okay, you two - give me some nice pics!" The camera whirred as model and mascot posed with pics. Johnny stroked the thick neck. Harriet turned her head and gave him a happy squeal, a big smile splitting her muzzle. Kane laughed and held her closer, giving her a kiss on the top of her head.

* * *

"Frank, you're amazing! You've got a fantastic eye!"

The firefighter grinned. "I try. I've had good teachers... being in your annual calendar for five years running has given me some idea of what gives the viewer a boner..."

Johnny was stretched out in the partially-filled vintage tub at the firehouse - he was soaking wet and wearing only a t-shirt that had become translucent on his powerful physique; he stretched it down to cover his package as he grinned at the two men. "After being out in this weather, being in a tub feels like heaven...."

"These will look great with the other bathroom shots of you and Eddie!" The camera kept shooting as Greg moved around the tub, capturing different angles and different patterns and planes of light on the prone porn star.

"Plus, it's a great way to cool off!" Eddie had stretched himself under the shower and let the cool water play over his naked body; despite the temperature of the water, he was engorged and swollen with lust. Greg spun around to take pictures of the naked young Latino as Johnny stepped out of the tub and began to dry off. After a few more minutes of shooting, the photographer motioned Eddie to towel off and get dressed as well.

He pulled Frank into a strong hug. "Thanks for the inspiration! It's about time we headed back to the city - the traffic should have lightened up by now. I have to work out with Uncle Rod when I can get all of you studs together for next year's calendar!"

* * *

I was thinking of a firehouse photoshoot in the original entry, but I felt that I was starting to lose myself (and the story itself) in the weeds, so I cut it out and finished up.

I did, however, want to explore the situation, so I figured I'd do an "add-on to the add-on" for that story.

I never get tired of looking at Raciel Castro (aka "Eddie Ramos") and the always sultry Johnny Kane!!

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