Monday, August 22, 2011

Mindfuck #3: The Boardroom

“My God, that was exhausting!” Peter Davidson sighed. “I didn’t expect to get the third degree from you Tom!”

Tom Horton gave the CEO of Arriflex a rueful smile. “Well, as the external auditor, it was better for me to divert attention away from your R&D division in the long run, wasn’t it?”

The two men at last sat alone in the dark-paneled boardroom; the lights from the metropolis below them twinkled in the darkness. The interior halogens had been dimmed to take full appreciation of the panorama.

Peter grabbed Tom’s tie and pulled him in for a hungry kiss. “What would I do without you, sweetheart? You think of everything!” He brushed soft lips across the squared jaw of the other man.
Tom responded. “Mmmmm, you smell so good … I’ve missed you terribly.” Davidson then straddled the other man so they faced each other; the chair squeaked under the combined weight of the two men.

Tom ran his hands through the soft, dark hair and gently stroked the whorls and lobes of the CEO’s ears; Davidson shivered under the delicate onslaught and settled into the embrace.

Horton tipped Davidson’s head up so their green eyes met. “Let’s see these toys your guys have come up with.” He kissed the full sensuous lips and stroked the muscular back.

Peter smiled and hopped off of the other man’s lap, opening the collar of his crisp white shirt and loosening his tie. “Start getting ready, love … the fun’s about to begin!” He opened one of the closets and pulled out a cardboard box. He placed the package on the table and removed the contents with a flourish.

“Oh, man …” Tom breathed. “... it’s incredible!”

Peter gave him a chuckle full of wicked promise. “I know.”

The CEO had removed two ebon black catsuits which glittered with a faint sheen, as well as several bottles of liquid and plastic bags containing some black strapping and silvery objects.

He shook out one of the suits. “It’s our new silicone-latex composite. We were able to dope the material with chromium. That’s what’s giving it that gleam. The process also increased the tensile strength and puncture resistance over a thousand percent while increasing the stretchability at the same time.”

He lifted up the sock to show the additional treads. “There’s also additional foam padding on the soles of the feet so no shoes are necessary. And additional micro-grips on the fingertips.”

He paused. “I think it needs some field testing, don’t you?” Davidson pulled off his tie and began to strip. In no time, Horton’s partner stood naked before him.

Tom’s mouth dried up at the sight. Peter was about 5’10 and his smooth, tanned skin was pulled tightly over a powerful and muscular physique. A steel cockring circled his engorged cock and balls and he gave his lover a bright white smile. Davidson glided over to the other man and began to disrobe him.

Tom was rigid with lust as his partner slowly removed his clothing. First, he slipped off the tailored Zegna jacket from the 6’8” frame and then unknotted the Canali tie. The belt was loosened and the unzipped pants slithered to the floor. Shirt, underwear and socks followed, until both men were naked save for the rings circling their straining cocks.

Peter opened one of the bottles and began to slather the fluid over the other man’s rangy physique. “This acts as both an adhesive and lubricant. The material actually shrinks about two millimeters after 10 minutes exposure to this stuff for a perfect fit.”

He slapped his lover on the ass and gave him a playful kiss on the tip of his nose. He smiled. “I also added some musculature to your suit to make up for that long and lean body of yours.” He shook out the catsuit and held it out for him. “Let’s get you into this.”

Tom steadied himself as he slid one foot into the material, then the other. The lubricant was amazing – the suit literally crawled up his body with the slightest of effort. Once it was around his waist, he sat down and Peter adjusted the toe socks. In a moment, all ten digits wriggled in their gleaming black covering. Peter motioned for him to stand up again to complete the transformation. Horton’s cock and balls were squeezed into the built-in sheath, and Peter continued to pull the material higher and higher. A thin plug was pushed into his ass to adhere the anal sheath properly and then removed. Soon the strong chest was covered in blackness, as well as the arms; fingers slid into gloves with ease, yet were so tight that the impressions of the nails could be seen through the material.

Shoulders were covered in the gleaming black material until only Horton’s head remained exposed. Davidson kissed the exposed neck. “Lean back, love.”

Horton moved his head backward and the CEO tugged the mask over his face. He then pulled the zipper down to the middle of his neck and then gently adjusted the mouth and nosetubes.

“Perfect!” He then pulled the lower zipper up to meet it’s mate.

A rubberized Horton smiled back at him. Micro-dot pepperpot openings gave the impression of an eyeless stare, yet provided full vision. The added musculature in the suit gave him an Olympian physique with well-defined, steel-hard pecs over an obscenely defined 8-pack with herculean arms and shoulders in perfect proportion. Brutal quads complimented the muscular ass and powerfully defined calves. The auditor moaned as he looked at himself in the floor length mirror and felt the suit tightening around him. He stroked his huge black rubbered tool. Davidson had also added small ribs around the circumference of the sheath which tingled beneath Horton’s ministrations. He could only imagine the sensation when Peter’s similarly sheathed and textured cock would split his ass (and throat) open.

“Oh, God … this feels so good!” He rubbed his slabbed chest and flexed his arms, watching the artificial muscles ripple and pop into obscene definition.

"They pick up your own nerve impulses. You're a lot stronger now too - you could probably break me in half."

Horton gave the other man a feral smile and trailed a black finger down the crevasse between Davidson's pecs. "That has some interesting possibilities..."

“My turn!” Peter laughed.

* * *

The process was duplicated until two ebon figures faced each other, the only flesh visible their full lips and wicked smiles.

Peter squeezed Tom’s rubbered balls. “A few more things, sweetheart.” He picked up a smaller container with a precision spout. “There’s a flap to cover the zipper. I want to seal that down.”

Horton shivered as the nozzle trailed down his back. Davidson manipulated the zipper pulls through a small opening and sealed the seam. Apart from the dark pulls, the suit appeared to be an unbroken expanse of midnight-black rubber. He handed Horton the bottle and the auditor followed the same procedure on the smaller man.

The ebonized CEO grinned. “And for the finishing touches!” He opened the bags and dumped them onto the table.

“Holy shit!” The rubberized giant exclaimed. If anything, his blackened cock grew even more engorged at the sight before him.

Arrayed on the table were an assortment of harnesses, restraints and locks.

“The R&D boys are such perverts. Once they fabricated these suits, they wanted some for their own! They kit themselves up first thing in the morning and stay in them all day! And then they came up with these! Productivity is down a bit with them fucking themselves senseless - but hell, it’s worth having those depraved souls happy!”

Davidson’s black-clad hand picked up a silver lock and a wicked smile crossed his blank, ebon visage. “Lock me in, Tom.”

Peter panted as he felt the lock slide through the pulls at the back of his neck and shivered as he heard the “snick” of it being closed. His rubber overskin was now a permanent part of him.

The auditor trembled with anticipation as the CEO first slipped a full body harness onto his slick ebon covering, followed by restraints around his neck, wrists and ankles. The CEO then secured each into place and then rotated them for the proper placement of the D-rings and locks.

The silvery locks on his restraints jiggled as he then proceeded to equip his lover in the same fashion – he first locked the suit at the neck, followed by slipping a three-point harness which strained over the taller man’s upper body. The CEO then strapped the neck, wrist and ankle restraints firmly onto his lover and like himself, locked them shut. Finally, a hinged steel ring was fastened around Horton's tool and locked in place. The auditor felt it mate perfectly to the other steel prison beneath his overskin. Peter then took a bottle of lubricant and handed another to his partner. They proceeded to rub themselves with the slick fluid until they gleamed like polished metal.

The tableau was complete – two harnessed rubbermen – slaves to their desires – faced each other and embraced. The locks on their equipage jingled as their hungry mouths devoured each other and slick, black hands caressed and fondled their dark bodies.

Horton lifted the smaller CEO onto the table and pushed him firmly onto his back. Rubber-clad legs were hoisted onto powerful black shoulders as the auditor’s thick ebonized tool thrust forcefully into the figure beneath him.

Davidson groaned as he was torn apart. The pheromones mixed into the lubricant were having the desired effect of heightening the experience and setting his nerves on fire. He gripped the powerful rubbered deltoids of the giant above him as Tom pistoned in and out of his hungry hole. He could also tell that the chemicals were also making his partner far more aggressive than ever before.

“Harder, Tom. HARDER!” The harness creaked and the locks shook as the smaller man was pounded unmercifully. His toes curled in ecstasy. Horton gripped the smaller man’s waist and forced himself deeper than ever before; he threw his head back and bellowed as a mind-ripping explosion tore through him and he unloaded a massive amount of his hot seed into the other rubberman. Panting, he fell back into one of the boardroom chairs, his massive cock still dribbling cum from the small tube at the tip. He was still hard as a rock.

Davidson got up on his elbows and grinned. His chest heaved with exertion and the every breath highlighted the erect nips beneath the dark material and the plateaus and crevasses of his 6-pack abs.

He reached out and grabbed the D-ring of Horton’s collar and pulled their lips together in a brutal kiss. Tongues dueled and fought for supremacy; neither won when they finally broke apart to breathe.

The auditor looked down at Davidson’s massive member surrounded by the cockring of the body harness. He looked up to the other’s blank face and hungrily licked his lips. A strong hand forced the willing mouth onto the rubbered prong and it’s partner joined it on the back of the other's smooth, ebon head for a punishing skull-fucking rhythm.

* * *

The orgy proceeded all night – the rubbermen were sore and exhausted when the sky finally began to lighten. As they had started, Horton reclined in one of the chairs, with Davidson straddling him. Tom’s rubbered hands stroked Peter’s powerful ebon back and toyed with the straps and rings of his harness. They continued to kiss. Horton’s massive prong was deep within the CEO’s rubbered chute and he squirmed in pleasure at the continual massage of his prostate.

“Mmmm … I never want this to end … but we should get cleaned up before anyone comes in. Where are the keys, sweetheart?”

Davidson snuggled deeper into the giant rubberman’s embrace.

He grinned. “What keys?”

* * *
You always wonder what goes on in an office building at night, don't you? Particularly conference rooms? Ones that have a massive table? Secret meetings? Assignations that cannot be made in the light of day? Unimaginable orgies of unspoken pleasures?

This is such an erotic tableau - not only for the full rubber enclosure over godlike bodies, but the fact that it is inescapable - and the frisson of danger of being discovered.

I want to thank my buddy Rubberfucker (GearFetish) for allowing me to use some of his pictures in the story. They really were spot on!


  1. Woo! hot story, mister. If only we could've been in that boardroom, or the product testers, eh? ;)

  2. It's early Saturday morning.. and I am all wet - and it's not just sweat!
    Wow ! Now I know why I always prefered working in the R&D departements.... Mindblowing story, mate !