Sunday, August 19, 2018

Photo Study #38: Masters of the Universe (and of anal probes as well)

Little green men. Aliens. Greys. The Asgard (if you're a SG-1 fan). The fellas from the big ship in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"

Enigmatic and shadowy, with a backstory no doubt longer than a few million years.

You know, those smaller-statured, big eyed sentients with no clothing and long fingers that love abducting people and subjecting them to medical experiments.

Just my type of guys!

Alien masks have been around for a while, and many of the other mask makers have them in some shape or form:

  • Composite Effects: "Gray The Alien"
  • Immortal Masks: "The Other"
  • ShatteredFX: "V'ok The Alien"
  • O'Neail FX Studios: "Mr. Gray"
  • Darkride Studios: "The Visitor"

But there was always something not "just right" ... on all of these that held me back.

Then Yves Gravelle came out with "The Grey"

THIS was the type of mask that really hit the nail on the head when you thought of grey aliens. There was a lot of R&D done on the lenses - materials, forming, durability and attachment into the mask.

The mask is a bit heavy since the back of the head is solid silicone, but it's fairly easy to adjust to the change in balance once it's on your head. I also have a demon with ram horns, and it took me longer to not bang into doorways than adjust to the balance of the mask.

The lenses are great - it's like looking through a pair of medium-dark sunglasses. There is a little bit of distortion in them, but nothing that affects normal activities - I definitely wouldn't drive a car with this mask on - and fogging is not an issue either. I use a mask defogger for scuba divers and it works like a charm.

Mouth movement is excellent - Yves' design has also been completely faithful to the proportions of the grey alien - smaller than normal, but still full movement available.

I'll admit ... I'm at a bit of a loss for the outfit, now that I have the mask... I was thinking somewhat of a military type costume, but now I'm having second thoughts. I do have a horror mask that makes an excellent alien soldier/mercenary, so perhaps this mask should represent something else. I had one person suggest the flowing robes that were in the original Star Trek pilot "The Menagerie".

I really would appreciate any suggestions from my readers as well!

Below is a quick movement video I did of the mask:

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